Class 2032 MPD (1 Entries) Abs: 1

Class 2033 PD (5 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 7772 TRACZ Miss J J Melverly Desert Strike Over Acregate
well developed puppy, masculine throughout without coarseness, well laid back shoulders & level topline, moved very soundly. BP
2nd: 7763 SMITH Mr R J Melverly Missionaire
overall smaller & more compact dog, good head shape which should develop well with time, moved out happily;
3rd: 7711 EYEINGTON Mr & Mrs S Meadowdale Cassapple Manhattan
Res: 7777 WILLEY Mr K E & Mrs W J Melverly Bullit Train
VHC: 7749 RAE Ms B Melverly Golden Strike

Class 2034 JD (8 Entries) Abs: 3
1st: 7768 TOPLISS Mrs T E Forest Fruit From Tamaam To Beresford (imp Pol)
loved this dog’s head, well defined & masculine, excellent bone, front construction true, good topline, moved out well covering the ground with true gait;
2nd: 7708 DOWNWARD , Mrs M C & MERRY Mrs H J Reubens Razzle Dazzle
well developed compact dog, good overall construction, would like a slightly darker eye but this may come with age; 3 Lockhart’s Chetruda Secret Asset.
3rd: 7735 LOCKHART Mrs V Chetruda Secret Asset
Res: 7736 MACLEAY Mrs H & Mr S Bordacity By Request At Potrail
VHC: 7771 TOWELL Mrs T Glenbrows Have You Heard

Class 2035 GD (8 Entries) Abs: 3
1st: 7719 GRAHAM, Mr T & LAWLER, Mr G & GRAHAM Roqfolly For Your Eyes Only At Nyliram
well balanced young dog, good head shape, not overdone in any respect, good bone, & shoulders & topline, doesn’t need to carry any more weight;
2nd: 7750 RAWDING Mr R & Mrs R Dukedel Dream Of Mine
lovely compact young dog, refined head with true expression, good spring of ribs, has all the essentials just needs a little more confidence on the move to complete the picture;
3rd: 7741 MITCHELL Mr & Mrs D Barecho Gold Fever At Peasblossom (Imp)
Res: 7709 DRINKALL Mr P. W & Mrs K.A Mompesson Tribute To Esscroft
VHC: 7733 LILLIE Mr & Mrs J M Eastriding Cavalli at Freeway

Class 2036 PGD (6 Entries) Abs: 3
1st: 7730 JENKINSON Mrs K Eastriding Armani Diamonds
correct size & construction, good bone & condition, good rib & length of loin, moved soundly although I would have liked a little more muscletone
2nd: 7751 RICHARDSON, Mr P & TERRY-RICHARDSON Mrs Y Alanea Juke For Cherishym
well balanced b/w dog, masculine head, good bone, good rib to loin ratio, a little erratic on the move;
3rd: 7731 LARGE Miss S D Mompesson Flawless Is Madaza

Class 2037 LD (7 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: 7717 GLENDINNING Ms F Plaiglen Hustle
lovely dog, the right size, presented a very balanced picture, super head with a melting expression, good reach of neck into well set shoulders, good depth of rib & loin, moved very true & sound, pushed hard for the challenge;
2nd: 7712 EYEINGTON Mr & Mrs S Meadowdale Chaos JW Sh.CM
another very pleasing dog, good head & expression, good bone & sound throughout;
3rd: 7740 MERRY Mrs H J Anacapa Pipers Song For Tingvelle
Res: 7732 LARGE Miss S D Meadowdale Riot Is Madaza
VHC: 7734 LINTON Mr & Mrs F Rosannoch Ansuz

Class 2038 OD (5 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 7744 NICOLSON Mr & Mrs R S Lochindorb Chief O'the Clan Sh.CM
beautifully balanced dog who I have placed well previously & didn’t disappoint today. One of the few with a true Springer gait, who is the right size. Excellent balanced head, good eye colour & chiselling, covered the ground well. CC
2nd: 7769 TOPLISS Mrs T E Sh Ch Peasblossom Escape To Beresford JW
another lovely dog, very sound in all respects, moved with drive & purpose. RCC;
3rd: 7706 DOWNWARD Mrs M C Alanea Smax JW
Res: 7713 EYEINGTON Mr & Mrs S Meadowdale Banjo JW Sh.CM
VHC: 7721 HAPPS Mrs A C Jorobaden Alderniti Of Emianna JW

Class 2039 VD (4 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: 7707 DOWNWARD Mrs M C Sh Ch Reubens Silent Reflection JW
8 years dog looking really well, presented in top condition, good bone, correct topline, moved out well. BV
2nd: 7699 BASHFORTH Mrs L Alanea Warrior Of Jorobaden
l/w/t dog, balanced, good bone, & rib & topline, not so positive on the move as the winner.

Class 2040 MPB (1 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 7747 OZANNE Mrs L K Peasblossom Love In A Mist At Lyntonridge
stood on her own in this class, raw baby at the moment but as a reasonable frame to grow into, good level topline, moved out well enough.
Class 2041 PB (4 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 7778 WILLEY Mr K E & Mrs W J Melverly What Style
compact bitch, just the right size for a bitch, pleasing head shape & expression, presented in excellent coat & condition, covered the ground well;
2nd: 7753 RICHARDSON, Mr P & TERRY-RICHARDSON Mrs Y Cherishym Celaneo
very pleasing young bitch with a very feminine head & expression, compact & correct throughout, would benefit from carrying a little less weight. I thought this would be my winner when she entered the ring but unfortunately her erratic movement lost her the top place;
3rd: 7752 RICHARDSON, Mr P & TERRY-RICHARDSON Mrs Y Cherishym Chara

Class 2042 JB (7 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: 7718 GLENDINNING Ms F Beaters Bedazzled
well balanced young bitch, loved her type & overall shape, very feminine refined head. Correct size for a bitch, shown in excellent coal & condition, one which should have an excellent future
2nd: 7722 HARRISON Mr T D & Mrs H L Glenbrows Hearsay
another well constructed bitch, feminine throughout, good layback of shoulders, good rib & loin, nice turn of stifle, moved very soundly;
3rd: 7755 ROSE Mrs E Rosannoch Fortuna
Res: 7767 TAIN Mr C G & Mrs L A Chetruda Royal Pagent
VHC: 7723 HIPGRAVE Mrs L Ternspringer Hamone

Class 2043 GB (4 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 7722 HARRISON Mr T D & Mrs H L Glenbrows Hearsay
2nd: 7724 HIPGRAVE Mrs L Glenbrows Honesty
litter sister to the winner, similar in type, good overall shape, compact with reasonable bone & substance, initially a bit erratic on the move, but moved correctly once shown a little slower
3rd: 7725 HODSON Mrs A Beresford Mocha At Thornyridge

Class 2044 PGB (5 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 7770 TOPLISS Mrs T E Beresford Don't Tempt Me JW
one I have admired from the ringside, not disappointed when handled. Very honest & well balanced bitch, good head shape & very feminine expression. Good shoulders, correct turn of stifle & very sound on the move;
2nd: 7727 JACKSON Mr & Mrs R Mompesson Royal Dancer
close up to 1, nice headed bitch, well balanced with a good topline, rear action not quite as positive as winner;
3rd: 7748 OZANNE Mrs L K Dexbenella Sariska At Lyntonridge
Res: 7700 BASHFORTH Mrs L Jorobaden Prima Donna

Class 2045 LB (6 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: 7742 MITCHELL Mr & Mrs D Peasblossom Aria
standing she presents a lovely profile, nice balanced head with a super dark eye, good shoulders & spring of ribs, firm topline & good bend of stifle. Moved out in style to take the RCC;
2nd: 7726 HOLT, Ms K & HOLT Miss B Trimere Tranquiliser At Bethryn Sh.CM
one I have placed well previously, beautiful head shape & expression, good overall body shape, moved well, just not in her best coat;
3rd: 7728 JACKSON Mr & Mrs R Mompesson Mischief
Res: 7754 RICHARDSON, Mr P & TERRY-RICHARDSON Mrs Y Cherishym Bright Star JW

Class 2046 OB (5 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 7762 SMITH Mr R J Sh Ch Melverly Sublimity
this lady stood out head & shoulders above the rest, not difficult to apply the Standard here, she meets it in depth in all departments. Superb feminine head, excellent layback of shoulders, & topline & strong rear assembly, moved true & sound. Delighted to award her the CC & BOB;
2nd: 7729 JACKSON Mr & Mrs R Mompesson Gypsy Spice
another well balanced bitch, unlucky to meet 1 on top form. Good compact body shape, very sound on the move;
3rd: 7703 CUNLIFFE Mr G & Mrs J Sh Ch Ir Ch Calvdale My Girl Of Fallenleaf JW Sh.C
Res: 7760 SAVELL Ms C P Petranella Just Perfick JW

Class 2047 VB (2 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 7745 NICOLSON, Mr & Mrs R S & SCOTT Mrs D M Sh Ch Elimvek Early Landing At Lossiedoon
stood alone but worthy of her place, feminine head with good ribs & topline, good turn of stifle, moved very soundly for a 9 year old.

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