Leeds Judge: Mrs Kelly Jenkinson

Dog CC & BEST OF BREED : Sh Ch Art-wave's Standing Ovation For Allenie
Res Dog CC : Mompesson Devonshire
Bitch CC Calvdale Hot Pink
Res Bitch CC Trimere Ticket Maid
Best Puppy Meadowdale Storm Trooper
Best Veteran & VG2 Sh Ch & Ir Ch Calvdale My Girl Of Fallenleaf JW Sh

I would like to thank the Society for the invitation to judge and my two ring stewards who did a sterling job. Thank you to all the exhibitors for their entries.

Two years ago, since I last judged the breed and again biggest concern is on movement. Many not possessing the correct swinging gait from the shoulder and many lacking muscle-tone behind required to drive them forward. A few untypical heads creeping in and the occasional light eyes need to be addressed,

Minor Puppy Dog: (5): Nice to see a full class of young male puppies, first of the year I think. 1st – Eyeington’s– MEADOWDALE STORM TROOPER – upstanding b/w 7mth old with nice overall outline when stacked still at the baby stage as he should be and a lot to like about him. Appealed for overall type and balance. A masculine head & kind expression with correct ear set. Lovely length of neck and a well-placed shoulder. Excellent bone & feet. Correct front angulation. Body developing nicely for his age with a firm topline. Moderate rear angulation with a good bend of stifle and second thigh. Moving out soundly and positively. Presented in 1st class condition. Promising youngster. BPIB
2nd – Ternent’s HUNTERHECK TURN BACK TIME – 6mth old b/w who still is very much a baby but still lots to like about him. Lovely overall breed type. Lovely masculine head & dark eye. Decent length of neck into a lovely lay back of shoulder. Excellent bone and feet. Lovely depth of chest and well-developed body for one so young. Firm topline correct length of loin. Just hope that he continues to grow & develop and makes the size. Well angulated rear with good muscle tone. Turned out in lovely coat & condition. Moving very much as a baby with front needing to tighten up but positively from behind. Enjoying his time.
Res: 2301 LAUCHLAN Mrs J & Miss D Lochbride Thunderstruck
VHC: 2290 HANCOCK Mr G & Mrs L Donardon Dream Lover From Hanknigh

Puppy Dog: (2,1):
1st – Hancock’s DONARDON DREAM LOVER FROM HANKNIGHT – 8 mth old l/w up to size puppy with a masculine head which is slightly on the heavy side, his eyes need to darken to soften his expression. Good reach of neck and well-proportioned front makeup. Ample bone and tight feet. Well-developed body for his age. Correct length of loin. Moderate angulation to the rear. Just needs to settle on the move, as his movement tended to be erratic. Shown in good coat & condition.

Junior Dog: (1): 1st – Bjorkman’s BARECHO YOU ROCK MY WORLD – 14mth old l/w who stacked makes a pleasing outline. A beautiful masculine head with correct eye shape and colour. Correct fluting under the eyes which many are lacking. Super reach of neck into an excellent shoulder placement and layback and correct return of upper arm. Good bone and feet. Lovely depth chest and straight front. Good spring or ribs and correct coupling. Well bent stifle with good muscle tone which propelled him around the ring, moving so soundly and elegantly. Turned out in 1st class condition.

Graduate Dog: (4:1Abs): 1st – Topliss’s BERESFORD BLACK TIE - 17mth b/w of nice breed type & size. Unfortunately, suffering from dead tail today. A masculine head on this lad with correct eye shape and colour. Ample reach of neck into moderately proportioned front make up. Would prefer slightly more return of upper arm. Lovely bone and neat feet. Great depth of chest. Well-developed compact body with excellent ribbing. Firm topline. Well let down hind quarters with good muscle. Turned out in the best of coats and condition. Moving soundly fore & aft, just hampered by his lack of tail use, but still a lot to like about this boy.
2nd – Eddleston’s CALVDALE NASH BRIDGES – 23mth old b/w of lovely type with a masculine head, good eye colour providing the soft expression required. Correct earset. Good length of neck. Would prefer more depth of chest and more length of upper arm. Lovely bone and feet. An excellent spring of ribs and a mature body. Correct couplings with super bend of stifle and second thigh. Level firm topline which he held on the move. His furnishings are abundant and could do with shortening to provide a more balanced outline when stood.

Post Graduate Dog: (3,1): 1st – Topliss LORDSETT UNFORGIVEN AT BERESFORD (IMP) 2yr old l/w of overall appealing type. A super head that showed his masculinity with kind dark eyes and lovely fluting below the eyes and square muzzle. Super reach of neck into a well-proportioned front assembly. The best of feet with ample bone. Correct straight front and depth of chest. Well sprung ribcage with a lovely developed body and correct couplings. Super substance on him carried throughout. Excellent rear angulation with good turn of stifle & good muscle tone. Tailset is a little low if being critical and he needs to use it more when on the move. Moving soundly. Turned out well just a little out of coat today.
2nd – Roses’s WESTAWAY DREAM ANGUS OF ROSANNOCH (IMP) 2yr old l/w different in type to 1st. Stacked he makes a balanced outline of correct size. Masculine in head, but with a hard expression, that detracted from the soft kind expression required and earset to high. A good length of neck into a lovely lay back of shoulder. Straight front and stood on well boned legs with neat feet. Good depth of chest. Well sprung ribs and well-developed body. Lovely length of loin. Level firm topline and correct tailset. Well-proportioned rear assembly with correct bend of stifle and second thigh. Well-muscled quarters. Moving soundly around the ring. Turned out in 1st class condition as always from this kennel.

Limit Dog: (7,1): 1st –Jackson’s MOMPESSON DEVONSHIRE – 2yr old l/w/t who presented a lovely balanced outline when stood. He appealed for overall breed type and quality. There is no denying his masculinity, a‘doggy’ head with correct eye colour and shape providing soft expression. Lovely work and fluting below the eyes and correct square muzzle. Correct ear set. Ample reach of neck into a very well made front assembly. Beautiful deep chest leading into a well-developed body with excellent spring of rib and correct length of loin. Well put together rear assembly with good turn of stifle and a great width of thigh. Excellent muscle tone. Turned out in the best of coats and
condition. He moved fluently & soundly around the ring showing true springer gait. RCC
2nd – Clarke’s BEATERS BARON JW Sh.CM – 5yr old l/w of old fashioned type. Stacked he makes a typical springer outline of correct size. He is unassuming in his stance nothing showy or exaggerated and is balanced throughout. He has a masculine head that is not overdone, with correct eye shape and colour. Lovely reach of neck and correct layback of shoulder. Good depth of chest stood on well boned legs with neat feet. Nicely proportioned developed body and good length of loin. Firm topline and correct tail carriage. Well let down muscled hindquarters. Turned out in lovely coat & condition to finish the picture. Moved with good drive from behind.
3rd –Brough’s & Walkers RISELAWROAD NO DEAL
Res: 2270 BULLOCK Mr J E Trixhund Talking Obsession JW Sh.CM
VHC: 2292 HAY Mr J & Mrs M N Tralay Blackjac

Open Dog: (7,1): A lovely class of quality exhibits. 1st – Bott & Savell’s SH CH ART-WAVES STANDING OVATION FOR ALLENIE (SWED IMP) – 2yr old l/w who presented a clean flowing outline of correct size. Still only a young dog and one who will get better over time. He appealed for his overall type and demanded my attention. His head is masculine without any coarseness and kind expression, correct square muzzle and work beneath the eyes. Great reach of neck. Lovely depth of chest and well boned legs. Nice neat feet. Correctly proportioned front assembly with lovely body development. Middle piece needs to continue to mature further to finish the ‘ideal’ picture. Lovely angulation to his rear with good width of thigh and well-muscled. Firm level topline and correct tail set. Such a stylish dog who moves so soundly & effortlessly around the ring with true springer gait. Turned out in his best bib and tucker to take the CC & BOB & Group shortlist.
2nd –Casey & Cavallo’s AUST SUPREME CH SH CH SANDICAM THE LOOK OF LOVE (IMP AUS) - l/w dog of different stamp to 1st but still alot to like about him. He has to be handled to fully appreciate his many qualities. Stacked he fills the eye for balance. His head is full of masculinity, although on the heavier side for me, but his eye shape and colour provide the kind expression required. Correct ear set and deep muzzle. Fantastic reach of neck into excellent front makeup. The best of bone and neat feet. Lovely depth of chest with well sprung ribbing. Correct length of muscular loin into and well made up rear assembly. Level firm topline with correct tail set, which he held beautifully on the move. Good muscle tone which allowed him to power around the ring effortlessly, definitely one of the best movers of the day. Turned out & presented in tip top condition.
Res: 2272 CALVERT Mr & Mrs M & N Calvdale Night Court JW Sh.CM
VHC: 2264 AKERBOOM - VAN DER SCHAAF Messrs J & K NL Ch Trimere Total Mahem

Veteran Dog: (1)
1st – Stevenson’s GAOLACHCARA SOMHITH Sh CM- 9yr old of l/w turned out in great condition for his age. A lovely head and kind dark eye. Good reach of neck into well-proportioned front angulations, stood on ample bone and lovely neat feet. Good solid topline. Nice depth of body and great rear angulations with good muscle tone throughout. Moved soundly with drive around the ring. Enjoying his day out.

Minor Puppy Bitch (2): 1st – Cunliffe’s CALVDALE I SAY OF FALLENLEAF – 7mths l/w who stood makes a pleasing shape of correct size. A pretty feminine head with soft melting expression, if being picky would like slightly deeper muzzle and foreface. Correct ear set. Super length of neck into a well placed shoulder. Nice depth of chest for her age and an excellent well developed compact body and correct ribbing. Well angulated rear with good width of thigh. Level topline. Shown in lovely coat & condition. Moving out soundly & very merrily with her handler. Please to award her BPB.
2nd – Hancock’s MEADOWDALE JEDI OF HANKNIGHT - 7mth old b/w baby littermate to the Best Puppy winner. She had the sweetest of heads and kind dark eye. Good reach of neck and well proportioned front. Good depth of body for her young age. Lacking in confidence to be handled which cost her dearly. Once settled she did move with confidence. In lovely coat.

Puppy Bitch (2): Only two in this class but both promising puppies. 1st – Calvert’s CALVDALE HERITAGE OF FOLLY – 9mth old l/w bitch of nice breed type, a pretty head although slightly on the heavy side for me. Kind dark eye & expression. Well-made front assembly. Straight front stood on lovely bone and feet. Good depth of chest and well sprung ribs for her young age. Excellent rear angulations with good width of thigh. Level topline and correct tailset. Presented in lovely coat & condition as we have come to expect from this kennel. She moved around the ring with good rear drive once she settled. Promising puppy.
2nd – Delanty’s PLAIGLEN BEATERS BMAGIC – 10mth old l/w of nice breed type. A sweet head with a super dark eye and kind expression. Decent reach of neck into a well placed shoulder. Correct return of upper arm. Good bone and neat feet. She seems to be at the ‘adolescent stage’ at the moment, as she is bum high and needs to develop and drop into her ribcage and balance the picture. Good turn of stifle with enough width of thigh. In nice coat. Moving fore & aft soundly.

Junior Bitch (2,1): 1st – Bjorkman’s BARECHO WHAT DREAMS ARE MADE OF – l/w/t 17mth old stood alone but lots to like. Her frame is all there she just needs to mature in her body and fill out and time will be her friend. A feminine head and dark eye. Excels in neck and excellent front makeup. Good depth of chest and lovely bone. Body developing nicely. Lovely well let down muscled quarters and strong loin. Level topline turned out in the best of coats. Moving beautifully around the ring with such extension, lovely to see.

Graduate Bitch (4,2): 1st – Gibson’s CALVDALE RAG NYMPH – 2yr old l/w of overall good balance. Pretty feminine head and a nice dark eye providing a kind expression. A good reach of neck and adequate shoulder placement would prefer slightly more lay back of shoulder. Good depth of forechest with straight front and great bone. Well-developed body with good spring of ribs. Good angulation to the rear with decent width of thigh. Turned out well in good coat & condition. Moving soundly.
2nd – Topliss’s LORDSETT UPTOWN GIRL AT BERESFORD (IMP) – l/w 2yr old of different type to 1st. A super feminine head with melting expression. Good length of neck into an excellent front assembly with a lovely depth of forechest. Nice bone and neat feet. Well sprung and developed body with good couplings. Slightly over angulated to the rear which unbalances the picture. Level topline and presented in hard condition. Just not happy on the move today which cost her the win.

Post Graduate Bitch (9,1): A nice class of bitches. 1st – Calvert’s CALVDALE HOT PINK – 23mth old b/w which appealed to me on entering the ring, just what I was looking for. Stood she fills the eye with overall ‘old school’ breed type and quality with clean flowing balanced lines and no form of exaggeration. A super elegant & feminine head and melting expression that is required from a springer bitch. Lovely eye shape and colour, excellent fluting below the eyes. A good reach of neck into lovely lay back of shoulder and correct return of upper arm. Stood on excellent bone and great neat feet. Good depth of forechest with well sprung and developed body. Great short couplings providing a compact body. Level hard topline into a well angulated and rounded rump with moderate rear angulation. Good width of thigh. Correct tailset. Turned out in fabulous coat. Moving out soundly around the ring to take her first CC. Still only a youngster so a lot more to come from her I hope.
2nd – Mitchell’s BARECHO ODD MOLLY AT PEASBLOSSOM (Imp)- l/w bitch of good size. Stood in her solid liver jacket she presents a dark and modest flowing outline. A bitch that needs to be handled to be appreciated. She defiantly appealed for overall type. On further inspection, her dark head presented a beautifully feminine head with super dark eye and correct earset. Good length of neck into a well-made front assembly. Excellent depth of chest and well developed body with good spring of ribs. Correct length of loin and well let down hindquarters. Great width of second thigh. Carrying slightly too much weight. Moving beautifully around the ring with great front extension. Turned out in good coat.
Res: 2276 CHANDLER & CUNLIFFE Mesdames A R & J Chanangel Falling Leaf JW
VHC: 2262 AINSLEY Miss L Carlyquinn Candy Kisses

Limit Bitch (7): Quality class of exhibits. 1st – Corbett’s TRIMERE TICKET MAID – 18mth old l/w bitch who stacked makes a clean outline with the sweetest of heads although slightly on the fine side with a kind expression. Lots to like about her. Fantastic reach of neck into the best of shoulder placements. Correct bone with tight neat feet. Straight front. Strong topline leading into a developing body and excellent ribbing. Still only a youngster and more maturity will favour her. Good turn of stifle and width of thigh. Turned out and presented in first class condition. Adequate muscle tone. Moving soundly both fore & aft. RCC
2nd – Eyeington’s FLAMING WHIRLWIND OF MEADOWDALE – 3yr old l/w of overall nice balance. Feminine head and dark eye. Super reach of neck into a good lay back of shoulder. Lovely deep forechest and straight front. Great bone and feet. Good depth of body leading into a nicely coupled hindquarters. Presented in top coat and condition. Moving around the ring soundly with drive from behind.
Res: 2299 JACKSON Mr & Mrs R & F Mompesson Words
VHC: 2307 RAMSHAW Mr & Mrs G G & J Calvdale Classic Blend

Open Bitch (4,1): 1st – Jackson’s SH CH MOMPESSON LEGACY – l/w/t who when stood makes a pleasing outline. A nice feminine head and kind expression. Decent length of neck into a well placed front structure. Well off for bone & lovely neat padded feet. Ample heart room with well sprung and ribcage. Short coupled and compact body with great rear angulations. Level topline with correct tailset. Turned out in fantastic coat & condition to finish the picture. Moving with great drive from behind.
2nd – Scorgies’s BERKENBAR CASSANDRA AT ARDTALLA – l/w bitch of ‘old fashioned’ type. True springer bitch head and expression, lovely length of neck and superb front angulation. Great bone. Great spring of ribs and nicely developed body into a well-muscled loin leading into well let down quarters. Turned out in good coat and condition. Moving soundly around the ring.
3rd: 2324 WILLEY Mr K E & Mrs W J Melverly What Style

Veteran Bitch (3:1): 1st – Cunliffe’s SH CH & IR CH CALVDALE MY GIRL OF FALLENLEAF JW Sh CM - 7 year old l/w/t of nice type. Loveliest of feminine heads and melting expression. Adequate for length of neck. Well placed shoulder. Lovely bone and feet. Good spring of ribs and short compact body. Well let down muscled quarters. Level topline correct tailset. Moving soundly & effortlessly around the ring. Turned out in first class condition to win BVIB. Please to see her win 2nd in the Veteran Group.
2nd – Stevenson’s GAOLACHCARA CLIODNA JW – 9yr old l/w whom I have awarded a RCC to in the past. Now in her later years and still remains a quality bitch with lots to like about her. Lovely feminine head carrying her age well, kind expressive eye. Lovely reach of neck and a well made front. Good depth of body and well angulated rear angulations. Turned out in lovely condition with decent muscle tone.. Moving soundly and covering the ground well/

Judge: Mrs Kelly Jenkinson (Eastriding)