BEST OF BREED : 7762 CASEY, Mr E & CAVALLO Mr C Aust Ch Sandicam Royal Escort (Imp) Aus

Dog CC : 7762 CASEY, Mr E & CAVALLO Mr C Aust Ch Sandicam Royal Escort (Imp) Aus

Res Dog CC : 7810 TOPLISS Mrs T E Sh Ch Beresford Night Train

Bitch CC : 7760 CALVERT Mr & Mrs M & N Calvdale Beautiful Romance

Res Bitch CC : 7785 JENKINSON Mrs K Eastriding Glam Princess

Best Puppy : 7793 MITCHELL Mr & Mrs D & J Peasblossom Xanti

Best Veteran : 7800 REYNOLDS Mr R & Mrs J Mompesson Royal Flush

Best Special Beginner : 7799 REYNOLDS Mr R & Mrs J Clentonian Picture Perfect 


                                                                                 Judge: Mrs P Hollings



I enjoyed this breed and found real quality in my winners.


MPD (3) 1 House’s Gleadsbury Gunpowder Plot. 8 month smart chap with good balance throughout. Very pleasing head, with width for brain room, good stop and eye placement and shape. Has clean neck, needs to come in front, but that should happen with maturity. Ribs lead well back, width to rump and sound behind.

2 Willey’s Speeton Sea Captain. 6 month with lovely overall shape and outline. Pleasing neck, decent forehand, correct spring of rib for age. He has a short loin with width. He should grow on well. Extends easily on the move.

3 Thomas’ Tigerrock Ocellatus.


PD (2) 1 Mitchell’s Peasblossom Xanti. Masculine 10 month, with clean lines. Appeals in head, having slightly rounded skull, good ear set and clean cheeks. He has good stop and strength in muzzle with correct flew. Strong clean flowing neck through well proportioned body. Good rump firm hock, made for good drive behind on the move. In lovely condition and coat. BPIB & P GROUP

2. Notice how well he went in the group ring and pleased he was rewarded, well done. 2 House’s Gleadsbury Gunpowder Plot. Repeat.


JD (4,1) 3 good ones. 1 Jenkinson’s Eastriding Royal Mayfair. What a super clean, well made Springer. Has masculinity, but nothing overdone. Beautiful head, clean skull, Almond eye, long, well placed leathers, with good muzzle and open nostril. Dry arch to elegant neck. Has forechest from correct shoulder angulation. Spring of rib to short muscular loin. Width to bum and developed thigh, to strong hocks. Super coat and attitude. True Springer action. Close up for higher honours.

2 Keely’s Alhambian Bon Scott. Whilst not in his best coat, he presents a masculine, balanced outline. Lovely to go over and can really move when he concentrates. Presented in good body and has muscular definition. Has to be gone over to be appreciated.

3 Havard’s Trimere Ted Baker With Annavah.


PGD (3,1) 1 Glendinning’s Plaiglen Beaters Bstylish. Sweet expression and shapely head. Clean shapely outline with corresponding angles both ends. Quality bone and stands on good legs and feet. Obviously has exercise, as he is muscular and firm in outline. He goes on well with lively gait.

2 Ternent’s Hunterheck Turn Back Time. Pleasing type and is masculine and well made throughout. Decent head with correct stop and strength through foreface. Could be cleaner through throat and neck. He has good bone, firm flexible pasterns and balance of depth to leg. Presented in good order. Did his job on the move.


LD (5,1) 1 Eyeington’s Meadowdale Storm Trooper. Really well constructed, which is evident on the move as he covers the ground with typical forward action and drive. I would like a little more refinement in skull and more definition of stop, well set, clean almond eye. Strong through neck, good bone and sprung ribs to firm loin. Works well with handler and presented in good muscle and body.

2 Lauchlan’s Lochbride Thunderstruck. Lovely head, masculine and clean through skull and cheeks. A touch steep in shoulder blade. Balance of bone and decent body properties. Presents a picture of type. Good presentation and condition.

3 Such’s Trimere Ticks The Box At Mujascal Sh.CM.


OD (2) 1 Casey & Cavallo’s Aust Ch Sandicam Royal Escort (Imp) Aus. I understand he has just arrived in this country and what a useful dog he must be for the breed. I notice he is by a dog, which previously came from this kennel and has won here. Whilst I never had the opportunity to lay hands on this ones father, I have heard reports about his head being untypical. Well four of his progeny won today, when I look in the catalogue, and each had gorgeous typical heads! This boy is all you could ask for, correct skull, clean cheeks lovely expression and good nasal passage to open nostril and width to jaw. Clean muscled arch neck, through classic shoulder angulation. Quality bone, legs and feet, balance of depth to leg. Good ribs and muscular loin to well set tail, used efficiently. He has power behind to give drive. He has carriage and personality on the move holding his shape with typical forward propulsion. Worked the big ring with his quiet handler to advantage. CC, BOB & Group 3.

2 Topliss’ Sh Ch Beresford Night Train. Beautiful headed 2year old dog. Easy to see why he has his title as he is full of type and presented in super condition and coat. His outline shows style and balance. He has character and personality working with handler to put up a sparking performance to snatch the Res CC from the young dog. Well deserved.


SBD/B (4,1) 1 Reynolds’ Clentonian Picture Perfect. This bitch had a really shapely head with sweet expression. She presents a balance of outline. A touch steep in shoulder blade, but has return of upper arm so the elbows are neat. Just right for body, good behind and presents a good picture on the move, with pleasing deportment. Has lots going for her. SB.

2 Barnett’s Glenbrows Had To Be. Of pleasing type and a well made dog, presented in good body. He has a lovely personality and on the move keeps a firm outline. Just right for body and good condition and presentation of coat.

3 Thomas’ Tigerrock Super Ted.


MPB (3) 3 promising bitches.

1 Topliss’ Beresford Guiding Light. By my Res CC winner and can certainly see him in her, a lovely youngster. Feminine all through but not lacking. Pretty head with shape and strength. Dark well fitting eye, good set and length to ears. Has elegant filled, clean neckline flowing through well laid shoulder, with return of upper arm, therefore neat elbow. Has bone straight front and firm pasterns with give. Good depth and spring of rib, firm loin and width behind. Goes with impulsion and carriage.  

2 House’s Gleadsbury Dynamite. Type and balance on first look. To go over she has pleasing head, correct skull and stop with well fitting eye. Neck flows through developed body with good coupling. Very composed on the move with good foot fall and tail carriage.

3 Willey’s Speeton Sea Grace.


PB (4,2) 1 Glendinning’s Plaiglen Encore. Sweet feminine, lovely shapely, typical head. Has elegance of neckline fitting smoothly through good lay of shoulder. Stands on well boned legs to compact feet. Balance of body with good coupling. As with the previous winner from this kennel in fit hard muscular body. Moved on with personality, typical front action with good footfall and drive. Presented in lovely coat.

2 House’s Gleadsbury Dynamite. Repeat.


JB (3,1) Lots of promise in these two.

1 Jenkinson’s Eastriding Glam Princess. Sweetest of heads with clean skull, lovely shape to eye and correct ear placement with length. Arch to her long filled neck, that flows through good lay of shoulder. Has return of upper arm and well fitting elbow. Quality bone, straight front, with good legs and tight feet. Has forechest and balance of depth to leg. Fits the bill for construction and goes with long positive front, swinging forward with good footfall and drive from behind Res CC.

2 Calvert’s Calvdale Stowaway Magic. Shapely strong coupled with femininity. Just need to break in head to finish. She has correct skeletal construction with quality bone and just right for body, with good coupling. Positive, typical gait.


GB (6,1) 1 Casey & Cavallo’s Eastriding Sheer Love For Sandicam. Now realise that this is sibling to previous class winner and bears the same stamp of quality. Elegance coupled with substance and so typical all through. Gorgeous head piece, muscular clean neckline, through well angulated forequarters with correct forechest. Good leg to depth, well ribbed and width to loin. Good bum and filled thighs. Strong behind. She stood away in this class, in the challenge; her sister just put that bit more in on the move.

2 Reynolds’ Clentonian Picture Perfect. 1st in SB.

3 Mitchell’s Peasblossom Whisper.


PGB (4,1) 1 Hancock’s Meadowdale Jedi of Hanknight. Feminine, strong, sound bitch. Lovely almond eye, head is balanced with decent muzzle and just the right amount of flew. Has arch to clean neckline, good bone and body with developed ribs. Width to rump, would not want any more length to hock. Goes with good attitude and stride. Liked her a lot.

2 Joyce’s Kingsheath Total Diva At Felltops. Touch strong in head and deep in flews for me. Muscular neck, good spring of rib and well covered. Firm back to well set tail. In lovely condition and has personality which shows on the move, presenting a lovely picture going round.

3 Wallis & Levene’s Pendarlow Tiana.


LB (10) Decent class.

1 Topliss’ Beresford Night Class. I did like the ones that handler showed today, she has an eye for the breed. Lovely head, sweet expression and feminine with balance. She has clean, elegant lines throughout and is structurally well made. So shapely and sound. Has typical carriage with style and covers the ground easily with lovely tail action.

2 Keely’s Shipden Alhambian Diana Dors. Very close up to winner and is so sound and typical throughout. A quality Springer in all departments. Classic head, flowing neck, strong bone, yet still feminine. Presented in fit muscular condition, with lovely coat. Her action is sound and typical, with impulsion; just felt winner gave a little more going round.

3 Mitchell’s Peasblossom Vienna.


OB (9,1) Lovely class, as one would want in an open class.

1 Calvert’s Calvdale Beautiful Romance. Didn’t stand out on first appraisal, as she seemed to be in a corner. However when you go over her, she absolutely fulfils the requirements of the breed. Whilst feminine, she is strong and healthy. Lovely head, clean, strong neck through good lay of shoulder and return of upper arm. Has depth to leg and well sprung ribs, with short muscular loin. Her proportions are balanced giving typical outline. Good tail set, width of muscled thighs to strong short hocks. She has forward reach with typical action and drive from behind. In the challenge she really went on to take the CC.

2 Calvert’s Calvdale Heritage Of Folly. Good sort with lovely eye and long well placed ear. Well-formed head finishing at good muzzle. Just not quite the carriage of winner, through neck line, but gained her place on her quality construction, with balance of correct angulation both ends. Lovely size and balance. Handled to advantage. JW.

3 Clark’s Jorobaden Teal at Syferspring.


VB (3,2) 1 Reynolds’ Mompesson Royal Flush. 8 year, honest typy bitch. Very satisfying to go over as is balanced, with good body and clean lines. She was presented in good order, lovely coat and performed her task with delight. Very worthy of her win and delighted to send her into the big ring. BV.