LKA 19

BEST OF BREED : MITCHELL, Mr & Mrs D J & PAYNE Mr K Sh Ch Peasblossom Jester

Dog CC : MITCHELL, Mr & Mrs D J & PAYNE Mr K Sh Ch Peasblossom Jester

Res Dog CC : WALKER Mr S P & Mrs W M Sh Ch Dexbenella Atticus Finch

Bitch CC : CORBETT Miss S J Sh Ch Trimere Ticket Maid

Res Bitch CC : COKELL Mrs H Carlyquinn Kisses Of Fire

Best Puppy : CALVERT Mr & Mrs M & N Calvdale Lil Grey

Best Veteran : MITCHELL, Mr & Mrs D J & PAYNE Mr K Sh Ch Peasblossom Jester

Judge: Mrs C Woodbridge



My thanks to the Society for the invitation and to my efficient stewards for their invaluable assistance.

Overall, I was pleased with the entry and there were some lovely examples of the breed. I noticed  quite a few ‘fat ladies’ on otherwise well-conformed bitches and this affected their movement also. Doubtless the lack of exercise cost them higher placings.

MPD (3, 2a) – 1. Ainsley & Nicklin’s Daenery’s The Night King TAF, compact 7 mths L/W, attractive, masculine head with pleasant expression in nicely darkening eye of good shape, muzzle could be slightly longer for perfect balance. Excellent front, good depth of brisket, short coupled,  broad in thigh and nicely angled and great back end . Front feet need to tighten. Moved happily with slightly rolling gait he will hopefully grow out of. Promising puppy.

PD (3)

1.Eyeington’s Meadowdale Lightning Bolt, 9 mths B/W, pleasing youngster with balanced head planes and strong muzzle although would have liked a little more definition in stop. Lovely eye shape and colour, good length and strength in neck, well laid shoulder into a compact, deep body with good angulation and splendid tight feet. Would like a little more forechest. Was well controlled, yet powerful on the move with plenty of drive. BPD

2.Aisley & Nicklin’s Daenerys The Night King

3.Holman’s Roqfolly Jumpin Jack Flash

JD (3)

1.Havard’s Trimere Ted Baker with Annaveh, quality L/W exhibit of pleasing shape with good bone, angulation and depth, head a little plain for me at present but time to refine further, nicely arched and lengthy neck. Good front and feet. Came into his own on the move with excellent reach and drive. Handled to perfection; 2. Ganarin’s Berkenbar Giovanni,  preferred the more typical head of this boy to 1, loved his eye and expression, more moderate in every department with good front and feet, would like a little more length in upper arm, moved well but not quite the drive of the winner.3, Thomas’ Tigerrock Ocellatus

PGD (8, 2a)

1.Graham’s Peaslossom Valentino, my surprise of the day easily heading  what was a slightly disappointing class bar my winners. Handsome L/W with nicely balanced, refined head with excellent definition, dark, well shaped eye and melting expression. Liked his bone, forechest, depth, backend, angles and length of leg which presented a very pleasing outline. Moved happily with purpose. Considered seriously for higher honours and thrilled to discover he was a son of my BOB.

2.Dunsdon’s Meadowdale Luther Vandross at Seaspring JW – have judged this B/W previously in his teenage ‘awkward’ stage and find him much improved. A longer cast dog than 1, seems to have settled into his larger frame . Attractive masculine head with kind expression,  great forechest and depth of chest, much more enthusiastic on the move than our on last encounter, covering the ground easily and happily with his substitute handler.

3.Holman’s Roqfolly Endeavour for Artycreath

LD (4, 1a)

1.McGovern’s Baxbalach Rumour Has It, really liked this chap, lovely head piece, good front and shoulder assembly, topline and back end, to nit pick, his rear angles were just a tad over for me but used them well to move out very positively.

2.Such’s Trimere Ticks The Box at Mujascal ShCM, a more compact dog with much to like, head not quite as balanced as 1 and a little rounder in eye. Slightly sloping topline but a quality exhibit who made a pleasant picture stacked. I would have preferred a little more enthusiasm on the move.

3.Happs’ Clentonian Solomons Seal

OD (7, 3a)

1.Walker’s Sh Ch Dexbenella Atticus Finch, a close competition between 1 and 2, both worthy champions of great quality. This neat, well boned L/W just had the edge on the move, flowing easily round the ring. Beautifully balanced masculine head, meltingly soft expression, scored in his compact frame, excellent front assembly and strong rear which he used very effectively on the move with plenty of reach and drive. Pleased to award him RDCC.

2.Eyeington’s Sh Ch Meadowdale Storm Trooper, slightly larger well-boned B/W,  a  little longer cast who I liked very much as a puppy and he has more than fulfilled the promise he had then. A little stronger in head than 1 and undoubtedly male, fills his frame well with plenty of depth and strength in construction. Moved with purpose but not quite as parallel behind as 1.

3.Stevenson’s Gaolachcara Oghma ShCM

VD (4)What a class! Such a pleasure to witness the lasting qualities of these older gentlemen.

1.Mitchell & Payne’s Sh Ch Peasblossom Jester, a comparative youngster of 8 years, today this L/W/T was on fire! Presented a beautiful picture on the stack with noble head, kindest of expressions, reachy neck, compact body with depth, standing on well-boned legs and well-muscled quarters. When he moved it was as if someone had flicked a switch and off he went with a toss of his head and look at me attitude. Could not be denied DCC and later BOB and a shortlist in the group. Such a deserving champion, put down to perfection.

2.Glendinning’s Sh Ch Plaiglen Hustle, another lovely example of the breed in B/W, now 9 years old and wearing it well. A gorgeous head, beautifully balanced with alert but gentle expression in the darkest of eyes, another compact frame with nothing overdone. Moved well but could not match the showmanship of 1.

3.Twilley’s Mompesson Royal Dreamer


GCD (2)

1 Holman’s Roqfolly Endeavour for Artycreath, honest ESS with attractive head, good topline, decent shape with moderate angulation and neat feet. Moved soundly but without much enthusiasm.


2. Barnett’s Glenbrows Had To Be, well constructed dog of pleasing outline with had nice depth of brisket, shorter coupled, decent back end with strong rear pasterns used to good effect. Preferred the head and eye shape of 1.



MPB (6, 2a)


2.Calvert’s Calvdale Lil Grey, loved this little dark 6 months L/W munchkin enjoying her first outing in the show ring whose confidence grew with every challenge of the day. Absolutely exquisite head which would melt the hardest of hearts and beautifully shaped dark eye one should expect from this kennel, good strong neck into substantial body with plenty of rib and depth of brisket. Stood on well-boned straight forelimbs with just the right amount of angulation and lovely feet. Moved soundly and very controlled for one so young.

3.Fairgreave’s Alkaruss Forget Me Not, admired this pretty, well trained, 7 months B/W also and these two were close! Different style with a little less substance but more maturity but almost as delightful making a very pleasing picture on the stack with her lovely neck and neat outline. Strode out on the move with elan and great composure.

4.Dobbin’s Gin Fizz

JB (2, 2a)

1 Cokell’s Carlyquinn Kisses Of Fire, my biggest surprise of the day as this youngster just out of puppy and I liked everything about her! Simply beautiful head, totally balanced, correct make and shape of eye and the gentlest expression. Great front assembly, good bone,  angulation and feet, plenty of heart room and strong pasterns. She powered around the ring and it was a privilege to award her first RBCC. Should reap higher honours as she matures.

2 Corbett’s Trimere Taylor Swift, a very elegantL/W/T with very pretty head and pleasing outline who would benefit from a little more time to fulfil her potential, also very stylish on the move. I would just like to see a little more substance all over.

3 Glendinning’s Plaiglen Encore


PGB (7)

1 Ganarin’s Peasblossom Orianna, lovely feminine head of pleasing shape and style, elegant neck, good spring of rib with just a tad more covering than I would like, good bone and angles. Moved happily with good extension and drive.

2 Reynold’s Clentonian Picture Perfect, another quality bitch, not quite as feminine as 1 but still very attractive, great bone and substance, lovely topline and strong backend which she used to good effect on the move.

3 Eastwood’s Eastfalla Sea The Stars NAF


LB (11, 3a) Three beautiful bitches headed this hotly contested class.

1 Wildsmith & Brown’s Trimere Tickle Me Fancy, neat and sweet and demonstrating perfectly that quality can often be found in a smaller package. Another oozing femininity without losing the strength in body to do a day’s work, she has good bone, lovely outline, plenty of heart room and a powerful rear clearly demonstrated on the move where she covered the ground with ease. Topped by the sweetest of heads and melting expression.

2 Walker’s Beresford Night Nurse at Dexbenella, a truly lovely B/W with beautiful eye and kindest demeanour, slightly rangier than 1 with great bone and substance, well angled and moved happily around the ring. Unlucky to meet 1 today.

3 Hancock’s Meadowdale Jedi of Hanknight


OB (9, 2a)

1 Corbett’s Sh Ch Trimere Ticket Maid, I awarded this gorgeous bitch the RBCC when I judged her previously as a youngster, having admired her from a puppy. Now she has matured she has more than fulfilled my expectations and she turned on the charm that has brought her so much success. Lovely head with gentle eye, elegant neck, great front and rear assembly, strong topline and beautiful feet. Today, she was happy and stylish on the move. Delighted to award her the BCC but even she could not match the showmanship of the dog in the final challenge.

2 Calvert’s Calvdale Hot Pink JW, another beautifully headed bitch, slightly heavier in build  1 with great bone and substance, good angulation and obvious quality. She moved out really well.

3 Clark’s Jorobaden Teal at Syfersrpring


VB (6, 1a)

1 Cunliffe’s Sh Ch/Ir Sh Ch Calvdale My Girl of Fallenleaf JW ShCM, and the mature ladies were even better than the older gentlemen! This 10 year old is a favourite, having followed her career from her first outing and loved her all this time. She cannot accept her age and never slows down, no greying around the eyes and still in tip top condition. A compact bitch with great bone, lovely head and eye, deep, well muscled body and strong with short, rear pasterns enabling her to power her way round the ring. Hugely successful as a veteran, I was a little sad that I was unable to see her take on the DCC.

2 Corbett’s Olliwa Ruthless with Trimere (imp Cze) TAF, I have met this one before also, a really feminine 7-year old who just gets better and better with age and ran 1 close on all fronts. Really pretty head and neat all through retaining her youthful figure and moving like a train.

3 Ainsley & Nicklin’s Carlyquinn Candy Kisses


GCB (3, 1a)

1 Hydon’s Clentonian Pandemonium JW, another very stylish, lovely headed B/W bitch put down in perfect order, like the balance of her frame, good neck, forechest, depth of brisket, angulation and firm topline, had plenty of bone and strong pasterns enabling plenty of drive on the move.

2 Williams & Toublic’s Cobhay Fancy Phlox, a more compact stronger looking bitch who excels on the move with very parallel rear pasterns she uses to good effect. Preferred the head and height to length ratio of 1.

Class MPD (3 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: AINSLEY, Miss L & NICKLIN Mr L Daenerys The Night King TAF













Photo: Kay Woodward