My thanks to Manchester Dog Show Society for the opportunity to judge at their well run show. A special thank you to my excellent stewards, Susan Joyce, Preston and Averis.
A couple of points to watch out for are length of leg, they are becoming shorter so not giving the correct breed balance of “highest on leg and raciest in build…” Heads on some were too strong, with flat wide skulls. However, I was delighted with my winners and I thank everyone for entering.

MPD 1. Jenkinsons’ Eastriding Royal Mayfair. 7 month old l/w, such a happy, outgoing disposition. He presents a balanced picture for his age on the stand. His head is heavier than I would prefer at this age but his eye is a good colour and decent shape. He is well boned with lovely thick full padded feet, with good depth and spring of rib for age and short coupled. I would have preferred more throw and reach from the shoulder but he moved steadily.

PD 1. Eastwood and Truemans’ Eastfalla Next Step. 9 month l/w. Lovely size and well boned. Such a kind dark, well shaped almond eye and head maturing well. Good length of neck to lay of shoulder and good strong topline with enough depth for age. Found him to be a little unbalanced today and would have preferred more strength in movement. Absolutely beautifully presented.

JD Absent.

YD 1. Topliss’ Beresford Night Train. 23 month, attractive l/w dog, good size and well balanced stacked. I liked his eye shape with a decent colour, well shaped masculine head, straight front, on well boned and shaped feet. Lovely forechest, strong neck of good length onto well placed shoulders. Strong, well angulated hindquarters and well muscled. A good ratio height to length which won him the class.
2. Clarkes’ Tigerrock Radio Ga Ga. 19 month b/w dog with the most beautiful head and dark almond shaped eye. I liked his tight compact feet and good forechest. He had a good length of neck with slight arch but found him a little upright in shoulder. Good spring of rib and well coupled. He is shorter on the leg than I would prefer but well muscled. Just needed to tighten up his front movement.
3. Thomas and Thomass’ Tigerrock Super Ted.

PGD 1. Happs and Marriotts’ Clentonian Solomans Seal. Up to size 3 year old l/w male, he presents a balanced picture standing with a balanced head which is a good shape and well developed with a kind dark eye. Enough bone and moderately angled hindquarters with good second thigh. I just found him a little narrow all through. He moved soundly fore and aft and showed a good driving movement.

LD 1. Glendinning and Booles’ Plaiglen Beaters BTrue. Beautifully constructed and presented b/w. Super kind, dark eye and such a beautiful springer head. Has so many pluses as you go over him, lovely straight front and beautiful thickly padded, well shaped feet. A strong, good length of neck into well placed shoulders, excellent spring of rib with a lovely depth of chest. A well muscled, broad rear. For me, I would prefer more length of leg to complete the picture. He moved out with purpose, drive and soundly.
2. Barnetts’ Glenbrows Had To Be. Well someone had their naughty pants on today! This l/w is a good size and symmetrically built. Moderate in all aspects with decent bone and depth of chest with enough angulation. Difficult to assess his movement today as he was really enjoying his day out!

OD 1. Bott and Savells’ Sh Ch Art-Wave’s Standing Ovation For Allenie. An impressive dog on the stand, this l/w dog catches your eye immediately, he is so well balanced and beautifully handled to appreciate his qualities. His head is masculine with no coarseness with a kind eye and good chiselling. Excellent length of neck on well placed shoulders, well bodied with a good spring of rib and excellent depth. Moderate rear angulation with lovely short hocks and well muscled. He moved well but just lacked the sparkle of the veterans today.
2. Broughs’ Riselawroad No Deal. This dog really catches your eye on the move, he has strength and drive and that lovely springer forward reach. He tended to be a little too exuberant at times but better that than hating it! On the stand the word that springs to mind is moderate. A masculine head with a lovely almond shape eye of good colour, a good length of neck onto well placed shoulders and a level, firm back. A good height to length ratio with lovely broad thighs and he is very well muscled. Just lacked the finish of the class winner.
3. Smiths’ Sh Ch Melverly Buona Notte.
4. Shields' Meonstoke Thistle

VD. My absolute favourite class of the day. Spoilt for choice, I would have been happy to award all 3 a CC today.
1. Mitchells and Paynes’ Sh Ch Peasblossom Jester. A stallion of a dog who demanded my attention. He got it. He is full of quality, I loved his size and so balanced. He definitely proves, as all three in this class did, that English Springers are like fine wine. His head was masculine with no trace of coarseness, I loved his expression and beautiful dark hazel eyes and excellent chiselling His front is straight with a good depth of chest and the lovliest of well shaped, well padded feet. Good length of neck with that lovely slight arch to it onto well laid shoulders. Well developed and sprung ribs. Muscular broad rear in excellent, hard condition. On the move he absolutely comes to life and you cannot take your eyes off him, driving from his hocks and that fabulous swing from the shoulder, on top of that he has a strong, hard topline and never stops wagging his tail. A well deserved CC and BOB (and Best Veteran!)
2. Glendinnings’ Sh Ch Plaiglen Hustle. 8 year old b/w who was unfortunate to meet 1 in such good form today. Ants in their pants sprang to mind when he was standing, although I use that word loosely… He is such a standard, moderate dog, full of quality. The most beautiful and handsome of heads with a beautiful tight almond eye which is so dark I could have melted and the most lovely chiselling. I loved his front, great depth of forechest, straight, well boned legs and the most fabulous feet. Well ribbed, muscular loin, lovely fat bum in hard condition. On the move he moved soundly, with drive and attitude. RCC.
3. Happs and Marriotts’ Sh Ch Jorobaden Alderniti Of Emianna JW.

MPB. 1. Jenkinsons’ Eastriding Glam Princess. Headed a class of nice bitches, beautifully presented and sympathetically handled to win this class. 7 month l/w, loved her size and so balanced for age, I thought her head lovely, well shaped, enough fluting for age, tight, well shaped eye, excellent forechest well boned legs onto tidy, well rounded feet. Well ribbed, good depth for age. Moved out well and steadily, I shall watch her with interest, very promising.
2. Corbetts’ Trimere Taylor Swift. 6 month l/w/t, lovely shape showing a balanced outline. Sweet headed and a lovely dark eye. Very good front angulation, I particularly liked her shoulder and return of upper arm. Well sprung ribs and well coupled. Just needs to tighten up on the move, a lovely baby.
3. Eastwood and Truemans’ Eastfalla Rock My World.
Res. Crouch's Trimere Timeless With Kassan

PB. 1. Calverts’ Calvdale Stowaway Magic. 10 month quality l/w/t bitch, such a promising baby, loved her size, outline and shape. Well shaped head onto a good length of neck, another with a lovely arch to her neck onto well placed shoulders. Lovely straight, well boned front and the most gorgeous feet. Very good depth of chest for age and loved her excellent spring of rib. Lovely fat bum with excellent second thigh. Best Puppy.
2. Glendinnings’ Plaiglen Tweedledee. Different type to 1, but nonetheless an attractive l/w, beautifully presented, lovely size and moderate throughout, good angles front and rear. Feminine head, decent bone and again, gorgeous feet. Wasn’t being overly co-operative on the move but showed enough to see she was sound front and rear.
3. Corbett and Hills’ Trimere Time To Shine.
Res. Crouch's Trimere Timeless With Kassan

JB. 1. Macleays’ Potrail Shape Of You. A well balanced 14 month l/w/t. Loved her on the move, very sound with super reach and drive. Not quite as feminine as I’d like but has a well moulded skull with good fluting and eyes are a lovely dark hazel. A deep chest that is well developed with elbows set well to body. A strong, broad, well muscled rear completed the picture.
2. Mitchells’ Peasblossom Whisper. Very promising l/w, loved her size and shape on the stand. Her eye is a good shape and super colour. Very good length of neck onto well laid shoulders, excellent height to length with a lovely spring of rib. Well developed, broad hindquarters and lovely short hocks. Kept her topline on the move.
3. Shovels’ Tiverstone Petit Muscat.
Res. Lillie's Freeway Remembrance
VHC. Lillie's Freeway Fortune

YB. 1. Wilsons’ Potrail Turns The Swag On For Pinereoch. I really liked this l/w bitch and caught my eye on the first go round. Symmetrically built and moved with power, drive and fluidity. Enough work to her well shaped head but would prefer her slightly more feminine. Good reach of neck onto decent shoulders. Well bodied for age and a good spring of rib. Well coupled with a moderate bend of stifle and in muscular condition. Her presentation was first class.
2. Toplisss’ Beresford Night Class. Another lovely bitch that grabbed my attention. A different type to 1st and loved her on the stand. Her head is balanced with a dark eye and good chiselling. Good length of neck onto well laid shoulders, excellent depth of chest and well bodied. I just preferred the movement on 1 today.
3. Keelys’ Shipden Alhambian Diana Dors.
Res. Adoo's Reulemill Annie Power
VHC. Hydon's Clentonian Pandemonium JW

PGB. 1. Conrads’ Peasblossom Rumours At Strathnaver. I fell hook, line and sinker for this beautiful, classically outlined l/w of quality. Beautiful head, with excellent chiselling, fluting, a well shaped dark eye that defied you not to love her. A good length of neck which is strong and muscular. Shoulders are well laid with a firm level topline. Good spring and length of rib. Moderately bent stifle and lovely short straight hocks, well set tail carried beautifully and happily. It was a pleasure to watch her on the move, so sound showing the correct reach and drive on a loose lead. I was delighted to award her speechless handler the CC.
2. Dobbins’ Donarden Dream Baby. Attractive l/w/t bitch, I liked her type, balance and very pretty head but I would have just preferred a slightly better eye shape. Excellent angulation front and rear and particularly liked her lovely front, straight well boned legs and tidy well shaped feet. Good depth of chest and well ribbed. She moved very well and had excellent drive from that lovely muscular rear. Unfortunate to meet 1 today.
3. Wallis and Levenes’ Pendarlow Tiana.
Res. West's Grosbreuil Abricot Regal
VHC. Gibson's Calvdale Rag Nymph

LB. 1. Greens’ Kennair I Am I Said. A l/w bitch of good height to length proportions. She is very much what you see is what you get in the terms of nothing flashy or over coated, just a nicely made moderate bitch. Her head is very typical, correct and feminine with a dark, well shaped eye. Plenty of neck into well laid shoulders with a strong level topline. Good ribs and short loin. She has a super side gait, and controls her movement beautifully to see an excellent free easy movement, I would just prefer her to not move quite so wide in the front.
2. Allen, Allen and Glendinnings’ Plaiglen Dazzled By Allenie. A smaller more compact bitch that caught my eye on the stand. I liked her balance and outline, a very pretty head with a beautiful eye colour and almond shape, plenty of chiselling but would have preferred a little less stop. On the stand her front is straight with well boned legs and the neatest of feet. Her neck is of good length with a lovely arch to it and flows onto well laid back shoulders. Well sprung ribs and short loin. Her rear is well developed with moderate stifle and lovely short hocks. Just didn’t match 1 on the move today.
3. Corbetts’ Trimere Ticatboo.
Res. Jenkinson's Hollivera's Verona With Eastriding (Swed Imp)
VHC. West's Meonstoke Cherry Blossom At Grosbreuil

OB. 1. Corbetts’ Sh Ch Trimere Ticket Maid. A beautiful l/w who is balanced height to length. She screams femininity from the tip of her nose to her tail. Attractive head with good chiselling and fluting, excellent eye shape and colour. Super length of neck which is strong and muscular into well laid shoulders, well developed chest and good spring of rib, well coupled and level topline. Moderately angled rear and short hocks. Moved with reach, drive and style. So sound front and back, beautifully presented and handled, RCC.
2. Calverts’ Calvdale Hot Pink. Such a beautiful b/w I thought would be my winner but I just preferred the movement of 1. I loved her make and shape. She stands on the best of legs and oh, those feet, gorgeous. Love her pretty head and her dark, dark eyes stared into my soul. Excellent front angulation with good forechest, very good spring of rib and depth of body, a strong rear end with good second thigh, well muscled. Her condition and presentation were first class.
3. Lawler and Watsons’ Bordacity Honey Ryder.
Res. Green's Kennair Like A Diamond
VHC. Richardson & Terry Richardson's Cherishym Celaneo

Beverley Nicholson (Judge)