BEST OF BREED : MITCHELL, Mr & Mrs D J & PAYNE Mr K Sh Ch Peasblossom Jester

Dog CC : MITCHELL, Mr & Mrs D J & PAYNE Mr K Sh Ch Peasblossom Jester

Res Dog CC : EYEINGTON Mr & Mrs S & J Sh Ch Meadowdale Storm Trooper

Bitch CC : CALVERT Mr & Mrs M & N Calvdale Hot Pink JW

Res Bitch CC : CONRAD Mrs D B Peasblossom Rumours At Strathnaver

Best Puppy : WOODBRIDGE Mrs C M Ccrackerjanne Cleo Laine

Best Veteran : MITCHELL, Mr & Mrs D J & PAYNE Mr K Sh Ch Peasblossom Jester


                                                                                          JUDGE: MRS M STOWE



In 1982 I was given the honour of giving C.C. for the 1st time at Manchester Ch: Show and so in 2020, again at Manchester Ch: Show it seems only appropriate to make this my last time to have this privilege, in the breed I had come to love. The breed in these years has changed, some would say for the worse and certainly I had several different types under me to-day, which made my job very challenging. Having said that I was delighted with my final line up. I wish all my Springer friends good luck in the future, just take care of our lovey breed.    


Minor Puppy Dog. No Entries.


Puppy Dog.(3.1.) 1st Eyeington – Meadowdale Daisydale Lighting Bolt. Very mature striking B/W with a lot to like. Good head and expression, neck and shoulders, deep chest , well ribbed and strong hindquarters. Movement was enthusiastic but could forgive that. Far better that way than the other. Would not want him to grow on much more.

2nd Frusher – Eastfalla On Time At Shersons. L/W  not as far forward in maturity in body as 1st but pleasing head and eye, reach of neck, also a good steady movement.


Junior Dog (5) 1st  Smith- Melverly Flyingbolt. Well he certainly lived up to his name today, trying to fly around the ring but had to balance this with his other attributes. Lovely outline, balanced with depth of body,  strong quarters and good bone and angulation. Head not overdone, with dark eye and neck of good length.

2nd Willey – Speeton Sea Captain. Another mature young man, stronger in head than 1st but still with a good springer gentle expression .Excelled in bone and hindquarters, used to drive out around the ring.

3rd Mitchells – Peasblossom Zanti.


Yearling Dog (5) 1st Smiths – Melverly Flyingbolt.

2nd Jenkinson,s Eastriding Royal Mayfair .A L/W not as mature as 1st.a masculine head, dark well shaped eye and a good depth of rib, giving a balanced picture when stood. Moved out from well proportions quarters.

3rd Topliss- On The Road Again Tamaam To Beresford (Imp: Pol) .


Post Grad: (7) 1st. Jenkinson – Eastriding Declaration. B/W. Well  proportion male presenting a good outline when stood, decent bone, good rib and fore-chest with good angulation. Best Mover in this class.

2nd Topless – Pink Panther Tamaam To Beresford ( Imp: Pol). Masculine, slightly longer in the body than 1st but a good shape, with correct depth and width of chest and reach of neck. Al-though good strong rear, he did not use it to advantage to-day.

3rd Gregory – Arcadia Alfa Romeo.


Limit Dog (6.1.) 1st Ternent – Hunterheck Turn Back Time. A stylish B/W, a great compact body, with a head and expression which was “melting”. Strong neck and shoulders, good bone and tight feet. All adding up to a great top-line. Perhaps a tinge overweight, these B/W al-ways seem to show it more.  His movement was a bit loose to-day.

2nd Clarke – Ternspringer Band Man at Reulemell. L/W a longer cast than 1st but again a super expression from an excellent refined head Good bone and feet , with strong hind quarters and width of stifle, all used to drive out well.

3rd Glendinning – Plaiglen Beaters Bstylish.


Open Dog (4) 1st Eyeington – Sh: Ch: Meadowdale Storm Trooper. A glorious  B/W , masculine ,but still a gentle soft expression from a correct proportion head, going into a strong neck and well placed shoulders. Stood he makes a glorious picture, helped by good presentation and his pleasing markings. Drove out, keeping his top-line, from strong  quarters. R.C.C.

2nd Taubman – Meonstoke Hawthorn. Mature L/W , well bodied if a little longer cast, good bone, angulation and moved out well. 3rd Glendinning & Boole – Plaiglen Beaters BTrue.


Veteran Dog (4).1st Mitchell & Payne – Sh: Ch: Peasblossom Jester. Well what remains to be said about this “ Youngster”. A showman but it is not all show ! Some Liver Tri,s can be harsh in expression but not this Boy. It enhanced a masculine gentle, alert expression, with well - set ears , in-line with a dark eye. A well proportion neck, no throatiness ( some  had a little to-day ) ,flowing into  correct shoulders, which draws attention to an outstanding balanced top-line. From well boned, strong, muscular quarters, he powered out and owned the ring, to take D.C.C. and B.O.B.

2nd  Glendinning – Sh.Ch. Plaiglen Hustle. Well I gave this young--man 1st in Post Grad: at Crufts 2013 and hear he is a Sh.Ch.and a Veteran . Time flies when you are having Fun . Still in excellent condition, a shame to come up against my winner but he held his own. Moving around the ring he presented a picture of true Springer  type and movement.  

3rd Tracz – Melverly Desert Strike Over Acregate J.W. Sh. CM.  


Minor P. Bitch (5.1) 1st Woodbridge – Crackerjanne Cleo Lane . I understand that this was this 8 month old B/W first show, hard to believe ,as she was so confident and poised. Correct  shaped head, with feminine expression, which melted my heart and brought back many lovely memories. A neat  neck and shoulders ,good bone, with tidy tight feet. Movement was firm and true, holding her  top-line at all time. Good Luck for the future Best Puppy.

2nd Calvert. - Calvdale Lil Grey. Another cracking baby, L/W with many of the winner,s attributes, nice size, with depth of rib cage and strong quarters, which she used to her advantage, when settled. A bit more time will see her in wnning ways, I am sure.

3rd. Twilley – Donarden Sweet Whispers.


Puppy Bitch (6) .1st Woodbridge – Crackerjanne Cleo Lane.

2nd.  Ainsley, Miss L & Nicklin - Daenerys Song Of Ice And Fire (Taf)  9 month old bitch not quite as mature and settled as 1st but a pleasing head, balanced, with moderate angulation. Moved well, just needs a little more time.

3rd Allen & Bott – Allenie's Rewrite The Stars.


Junior. (7). Cokell – Carlyquinn Kisses of Fire.J.W. Stylish Miss who pressed hard in the challenge. Well developed body but still feminine, as was head and expression. Great depth of rib and chest for her age and held her top-line at all times. The movement was very good, helped by neat strong quarters. One to watch !

2nd  Harrison – Hunterheck  Who,s That Girl at Glenbrows. Pretty feminine B/W , still needing a little more time but everything going for her. Well ribbed and shapely body, all in proportion. Moved well when settled.

3rd  Smith- Melverly Lil Dancer.


Yearllng (5) 1st Eastwood – Eastfalla See The Stars N.A.F. Lovely compact B/W,  gorgeous  head, nothing exaggerated about her, what you see is what you get. The correct amount of substance, shown off well when stacked. Good turn of stifle and quarters, all aiding good movement.

2nd Jenkinson – Eastriding Glam Princess. Different type to 1st but  never the less, very feminine.  Lovely length of  neck and correct lay of shoulders, good depth of body. Not quite as strong behind as 1st but still moved out well.

3rd  Smith – Melverly Dancer.


Post Grad: (9) 1st Holt – Plaiglen Beaters Bjewel at Bethryn. L/W. With pleasing sculptured  head, expression and dark eye. Well constructed, with good reach of neck, going into a good top-line, which she held stood and driving out around the ring.

2nd Fairgrieve – Peasblossom Shimmer At Alkaruss. Possessed a lovely head and expression, correct neck and shoulders, all with good bone, making a complete picture. Only her movement let her down, a bit erratic.

3rd Reynolds – Clentorian Celance.


Limit (12.3) 1st Conrad – Peasblossom Rumours at Strathnaver. Ultra feminine  headed bitch, a lovely size, dark eye and substance through- out. Looks lovely in profile, emphasizing depth of body and rear angulation, moved out with drive and precision.R.B.C.C. 2nd Wildsmith – Trimere Tickle Me Fancy Once Again. Another good bitch , perhaps a  bit stronger head than 1st  but did not spoil overall picture. A good size, lovely tight feet and again when stacked gave a complete picture of balance. |This all helped to give a good driving movement.

3rd Allen & Glendinning -  Plaiglen Dazzled  by Allenie.


Open Bitch (10.5) 1st Calvert – Calvdale Hot Pink.J.W. Very surprised to learn that this bitch was not made up, so was delighted that I had given her, her “Crowning  Glory”. Her owner called her a “Diva” but not to-day, as she pulled out all the stops. A very stylish B/W, super head and melting expression ,Graceful neck, flowing into clean shoulders ,  with good depth and width  of body. Never stopped showing as she flew around the ring, from neat, strong rear quarters. B.C.C. & R.B.O.B.  

2nd Green – Kennair I Am I Said. Well  made and proportion bitch. Good head and body, with everything as it should be, apart from leaving her “Sunday Coat” at home. Carried herself around the ring with power and accuracy.

3rd  Clark- Jorobaden Teal at Syferspring.










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