I would like to thank the committee for asking me to judge this show, it was a great privilege and pleasure. Thanks to all the exhibitors for their entries. My only criticism would be that heads are not what they should be and we are losing flat cheeks and fluting also many were too full between the eyes with no stop and round eyes. Presentation was very good, movement in general was good my top winners movement was excellent which pleased me very much.

1 Topliss' Lordsett Unforgiven at Beresfored (imp Pol)
Nice type of puppy with good neck and shoulders. Good back end and nice short hocks. Good shaped bone, nice legs and feet. When he kept four feet on ground I saw enough to see he was sound in front and rear. Best puppy dog.
2 Harris Magic OD Stroupinskeho Potoka (imp Cze)
A bit leggy at the moment, not the bone and style of winner. A bit upright in shoulder and narrow in rear movement with no drive.

PD 4
1 Topliss' Lordsett Unforgiven at Beresfored (imp Pol)
2 Glendinnings' Beaters Btrue
Black & white, nicely bodied. Nice shaped head and eye. Good bone, nice neck and good shoulders a little erratic on the move. Will improve with time.
3 Halls' Eastriding Quantum
4 Happs Clentonian Solomons Seal

1 Calverts' Calvdale Costa
Nice head and eye with good neck and shoulders. Super body good spring of rib short coupled. Strong topline. Moved soundly, very promising.

YD 1
1 Long & Leemings' Tryhard Discovery
Nice shaped dog. Good bend of stifle. Nice feet and bone. I would prefer more work in head. A bit narrow in skull. Lacking in furnishings.

ND 2
1 Long & Leemings' Tryhard Discovery
2 Wrights' Anacapa Just William
Black white & tan. Head and eye ok. A little bit too short in length of body. Poor movement. Is not balanced.

GD 4
1 Brough & Walkers Riselawrod No Deal
Lovely type, nice head and good dark eye. Good depth of chest strong clean neck, correct set shoulders. Very nice bone, legs and feet. Moved very soundly with great action. Will watch his progress with interest one I really liked RCC.
2 Happs' Jorobaden Ballabrigas
Different type to winner. Nice clean outline. Nice head and dark eye. Would prefer a bit more bone. Moved ok.
3 Harri'sons' Glenbrows Meddler
4 Long & Leemings Tryhard Walter Raleigh

PGD 7 (4)
1 Jacksons' Mompesson Winchester
Nice short coupled liver & white. Good body, bone legs and feet. Nice head & eye, Super neck and shoulder moved well.
2 Elliots' Peasblossom Nemesis with Jonabar
Longer cast body. Not the bone of winner. Moved close behind
3 Harris' Waterswarren Back to Black at Costaglows

LD 8 (3)
1 Cokells' Carlyquinn Can't Wait JW ShCM
Nice head and eye. Clean neck and shoulders. Super depth to chest. Strong well angulated back end. Lovely type. Very sound stylish mover. Well deserved CC & RBIS
2 Calverts' Calvdale Night Court JW ShCM
A black & white dog I like. Nice type, good head and eye. Not the free flowing movement of winner. Best B&W.
3 Wrights' Anacapa Just Jack
4 Geddis' Tryhard Privateer at Debanza

OD 4 (1)
1 Keely's Aus Ch Alhambra Simon Cowell (Imp Aus)
Upstanding dog. Nice head, neck and shoulders. Good bone, great depth body . Moved well good strong drive behind sound front movement presented well.
2 Topliss' Swe/Dan Sh Ch Sanque's Cut To The Chase
A nice headed black & white. Good depth of body. Nice bone, legs and feet. Didn’t move with style of my winner. Well presented.
3 Sh Ch Plaiglen Hustle

VD 3
1 Happs' Sh Ch Jorobaden Alderrniti of Emianna JW
Nice headed dog. Good shape. Carried himself well. Presented in nice condition retains his style and elegance.
2 Downwards' Sh Ch Reubens Silent Reflection JW
Nice head and super body. Moved well. A credit to his owner.
3 Bashforths' Alanea Warrior of Jorobaden

Black & white with nice head, neck and shoulder. Good spring of rib, depth of chest and nice Bone. Moved ok
Longer cast than winner. Would like more work in head. Not as free in movement as winner.

MPB 6 (2)
1 Clarks' Jorobaden Teal at Syferspring
Liver, white & tan baby. Nice head and eye. Nice bone and good body shape. Moved well. Presents a nice picture standing. Very promising.
2 Weymans' Spuffing Molly's Secret
Black & white pup. Nice shape. Good bone and legs. Feet a bit flat, needing a bit of roadwork
3 Topliss' Lorsett Uptown Girl at Beresford (imp Pol)
4 Bashforths Jorobaden Charlebelle

PB 7 (2)
1 Ternent's Hunterheck Under A Spell
Lovely black & white bitch. Nice head, neck and shoulder. Good depth of chest. Nice bone, legs and feet. One with a bright future. BPB & BPIS
2 Holts Plaiglen Beaters Bjewel To Bethryn
Nice head, neck and shoulder. Clean outline. Good bone, legs and feet. Did not move as well as winner.
3 Glendinnings' Plaiglen Zee Zee
4 Topliss' Lorsett Uptown Girl at Beresford (imp Pol)
5 Jenkinsons' Eastriding Lady Million (AI)

JB 5 (1)
1 Mitchells' Peasblossom Ophelia
Nice type. Super neck and shoulder. Nice bone. Lovely front and rear very well balanced with a lot of quality. Moved soundly.
2 Woodbridges' Crackerjanne Penelope Cruz
Nice clean outline. Eyes a little on the light side. A little long cast for me. Good bone, legs and feet. Not the furnishings as winner.
3 Dunsdons' Seaspring Becalmed
4 Jenkinsons' Hollivera's with Eastriding (imp Swe)

YB 2 (1)
1 Gregory's Arcadia Autauga
Nice type. Good head neck and shoulders. Out of coat and tended to pace.

NB 2
1 Holts Plaiglen Beaters Bjewel To Bethryn
2 Keely's Alhambra Paloma Faith (imp Aus)
Nice shaped bitch. Very nervous. Good head and eye. Couldn’t get her to move properly. Time is on her side.

GB 5 (1)
1 Cokells Carlyquinn Mama Mia
A striking bitch with nice head, neck and shoulders. Good depth of chest. Strong back end. Moved well.
2 Brough & Walkers' Riselawroad Famed In Time
Strongly made bitch, just lacking the overall balance of winner Nice front. Good head and eye. Moved well.
3 Gregory's Arcadia Autauga
4 Whitleys' Plaiglen Florin

PGB 12 (4)
1 Rose' Rosannoch Fortuna JW
Nice headed bitch. Moved well. Nice neck and shoulders. Good bone and substance. Nice tight feet. Well presented and handled.
2 Harrs' Rosannoch Alexandrite at Coastaglows
Litter sister to winner. Strongly made bitch. Good neck and shoulders. Moved well. Preferred head of winner.
3 Woodbridges Crackerjanne Call me Maybe
4 Bashforth's Jorobaden Mon Mom
5 Willys' Melverly What Sytle

LB 7 (1)
1 Addoos' Trimere Truly Scrumptious at Reulemill ShCM
The star of the day. Lovely headed bitch. Nice dark eye. Good neck and shoulder. Nice bone, legs and feet. Super body and coat . Moved very well with style and elegance, so sound really owned the ring today could not be denied BCC & BIS her third and crown.
2 Topliss' Calvdale Duty Calls
Lovely type of black & white. Lovely neck and shoulders. Great depth of chest . Preferred movement of winner today.
3 Weymans' Spuffing Rioja
4 Dunsdons Seaspring All At Sea
5 Richardsons' Cherishym Celaneo

OB 9 (2)
1 Jacksons' Mompesson Royal Dancer
Super body. Great back end. Nice tight feet. Correct neck and shoulders. Moved well. RES.CC.
2 Smiths' Sh Ch Melverly Sophistique
Nice headed bitch. Good neck and shoulders. Slightly longer cast than winner. Moved well.
3 Mitchells Sh Ch Peasblossom Moonstruck
4 Calverts Calvdale Material Witness
5 Cunliffs Sh Ch Calvdale My Girl at Fallenleaf

VB 2 (1)
1 Glendinnings Sh Ch Roqfolly Ell's Belle
Nice head and eye. Nice legs, feet and bone. Moved well.

1 Richardsons Cherisham Bright Star JW
Good body. Moved ok. Presented well.
2 Whitleys' Plaiglen Florin
Black & white. Moved close behind. Not keen on head. In nice condition.