I would like to thank the Officers and Committee for their kind invitation and for their hospitality on the day. Sadly, as is common these days, there were a considerable number of absentees. However, I was very fortunate to be able to go over some very fine examples of the breed and found both limit and open classes in both sexes of great quality and very challenging. A few exhibits were lacking in confidence and others needed more ring training, both of which cost them placings.

MPD (3,2a) – 1. Field-Enticott’s Valrussan Bayou Midnight, very raw B/W/T six months baby, standing alone and a little overwhelmed by the occasion. Head and muzzle appeared narrow but balanced with moderate stop, lovely dark eye of good almond shape. Neck of adequate length, angles moderate and balanced, forechest coming, needs more bone, depth of chest and ribbing, short couplings, good width of upper thigh and bend of stifle with tight feet. Movement difficult to assess today.

PD (6,1a) – Liked both these B/W boys of differing styles 1 Eyeington’s Meadowdale Storm Trooper, up to size 11 months lad, masculine head of balanced proportions with lovely eye shape and colour, reachy neck with slight arch into good shoulder, well boned, good front assembly, a little more spring of rib needed, level topline, good set of tail and super feet. Presented a smart picture on the stack with plenty of rear angulation and muscle which he used well on the move although, to be hyper-critical he toed in slightly behind, BPD & BPIS;
2 Ternant’s Hunterheck Turn Back Time, 9 months, a more compact short-coupled dog with lovely head and eye, strong neck, well boned, good forechest, plenty of depth in brisket, shorter in second thigh than 1, good feet, not the maturity of 1 but an equally exciting prospect. Moved well;
3 Hancock’s Donarden Dream Lover from Hanknight;
4 Bashforth’s Jorobaden Legatissimo
VHC Field Enticott’s Baudelaire Black Dragon

JD (1) – 1 Glendinning’s Beaters BStylish, stood alone unfortunately, very smart B/W sired by the veteran winner who can certainly put his stamp on the head of all his progeny. This one a very masculine version, balanced head, lovely eye and expression, quite defined stop, deep in flew, moderate length of neck, great lay back of shoulder and front angulation with good depth of body spring of rib and level topline. Can look slightly straight in stifle on the stack but not evident on the move which was light, purposeful, covered the ground well and was a joy to watch.

YD (2,1a) – 1 Such’s Trimere Ticks The Box at Mujascal, another on his own but a classy dog who presents an elegant outline, well, boned and angled boy with good front, excellent neck into well laid back shoulder, very slight slope to the topline, decent spring to the rib, good set on of tail, well-developed muscle on broad thighs and lovely feet. Moved out very well with good front extension and back legs driving well under the body. Although an attractive head, I would have liked a fraction more length to the muzzle & a slightly more almond shaped eye.

ND (2,1a) – 1 Meadowdale Storm Trooper (repeat)

GD (No entries)

PGD (4,1a) – 1 Glendinning & Boole’s Plaiglen Beaters BTrue, another B/W sired by the best veteran, short coupled dog with great bone, well sprung rib and tightest of feet. Loved his head and beautiful eye and expression, lovely straight front with good depth and decent forechest, elegant, arched neck of length into well laid-back shoulder with excellent front angulation. Sturdy backside, well angled rear with good bend of stifle. Covered the ground easily, nicely parallel behind, but would have liked to see a bit more enthusiasm on the move;
2 Happs’ Clentonian Soloman’s Seal, upstanding dog, bigger than my ideal, but balanced. Masculine head with kind eye of good shape and colour, strong muzzle,would prefer less depth of flew, nicely arched neck of good length. Good bone and depth of chest although would have preferred a little more forechest, strong, level topline into well angled rear with tight feet. Moved out well.
3 Field-Enticott’s Valrussan Dressed To Thrill for Baudelaire.

LD (10,3a) Excellent class with some lovely dogs. 1 Holt’s Bethryn Devil Moon Ir Jun Ch, JW, short coupled dog with excellent angulation and strong bone. Masculine head with a very defined stop, markings not to advantage but nicely moulded around the eyes which were a good shape with excellent soft expression. Strong, lengthy neck into laid back shoulder, straight front and good forechest. Slight slope to the topline, short loin into excellent rump, nicely set on tail. Liked his well-muscled rear assembly and bend of stifle. Moved out freely with power and propulsion;
2 Whittock’s Merrywater Minstrel at Kingsheath ShCM, a favourite of mine with a very refined dark head and expression to die for. Lovely, reachy neck into excellent lay back of shoulder. Longer cast than 1, sufficient bone in relation to overall size, good angulation and muscle tone, carrying just a tad more weight than when I have seen him previously but it did not prevent him from moving out with a light elegance showing plenty of reach and drive;
3 Jackson’s Mompesson Devonshire.
4 Taubman’s Meonstoke Hawthorn
VHC Whitworth’s Freworth Polar Express

OD (7, 1a) What a privilege to see such quality! Totally spoiled for choice. On another day the line-up may well have been different. 1 Bott and Savell’s Sh Ch Art-Waves Standing Ovation for Allenie (Imp Swe), I have admired the presentation of this dog from ringside & was very impressed when going over him. Good length to height proportions, compact without being overly square, good bone, moderate in angulation, nothing overdone in any way. Flowed well from the tip of his nose to the end of his well-set tail. Nicely arched neck, good lay back of shoulder, well-muscled rear. My only criticism would be a very slight roll in the topline when he moved but there was plenty of extension in front and drive from behind. Liked his balanced head very much but it was his melting expression that tipped it for me. Delighted to award him the DCC and RBIS;
2 Calvert’s Calvdale Night Court JW ShCM, different style to 1, standing higher on the leg with shorter couplings. Beautiful, balanced head, another who passes this attribute on to his progeny, long neck with elegant arch, moderate in angles, excellent depth of chest and brisket, topline, bend of stifle and feet. Moved happily and with drive but without the precision of the winner, RDCC,
3 Eyeington’s Sh Ch/Ir Sh Meadowdale Chaos JW ShCM.
4 Cokell’s Sh Ch Carlyquinn Can’t Wait JW ShCM
VHC Jackson’s Sh Ch Mompesson Winchester

VD (5, 2a) Three lovely boys. 1 Glendinning’s Sh Ch Plaiglen Hustle, a favourite of mine with a stunning head and super eye. Moderate neck, excellent front assembly, compact in body length, good bend of stifle and tightest of feet. Shown in the hardest of condition and moved like a rocket, belying his 7 ½ years, which ultimately won him the class, BVIS;
2 Wildsmith’s Trimere Time Trail with Sandiebeck, another really pleasing head with a gentle eye of great shape, liked his moderate outline although not quite as balanced in angulation as 1. Handled to perfection and moved easily as one around the ring;
3 Happs’ Sh Ch Jorobaden Alderniti of Emianna JW.

SBD (2,1a) – 1 Long & Leeming’s Tryhard Walter Raleigh, not much wrong with this well shaped, powerful looking dog, excellent angles front and rear, deep chested, nicely boned legs with really good bend of stifle. Attractive masculine head with a moderate length of neck with arch, strong topline, well-muscled rear and nicely rounded rump. Moving a little flat today.

MPB (2, 1a) – 1 Keely’s Alhambian Diana Dors – absolute baby of 6 ½ months still at the slightly leggy stage but with strong bone and pleasant shape with very good hind angulation. Pleasing head, eyes darkening and of good shape, lovely arched neck, good length of upper arm. Would prefer more depth of body right through and am sure this will come with time. Excellent feet. Moved out confidently and true for one so young. BPB.

PB (4,2a) – 1 Calvert’s Beresford Night Spell, loved the style of this bitch, compact, well boned B/W young lady with lovely, feminine head with chiselling coming, deep chested with good spring of rib, short couplings, well rounded backside, lovely rear angulation, neat feet and happy, wagging tail. Sympathetically shown by her young handler. Not entirely confident on the move but did enough to win this class. Unfortunately, this was more obvious in the challenge and she lost out for BPB;
2 Hancock’s Meadowdale Jedi of Hanknight, litter sister to winner of PD, beautiful headed B/W with lovely eye shape and colour, well boned, deep in brisket, slightly longer cast than 1 with good spring of rib, moderate angles and good feet. Improving in confidence from when I last saw her;
3 Eyeington’s Donarden Dream Queen of Meadowdale.

JB (3) – 1 Delanty’s Plaiglen Beaters BMagic, sweet headed bitch of dainty proportions, kindly expression and lovely eye shape, nicely arched neck and great forechest, needs to drop a little further in brisket. Well angled young lady who moved out easily. Feet could be tidier;
2 Joyce’s Kingsheath Total Diva at Felltops, longer cast bitch, very well boned and beautifully presented, slightly less feminine in head than 1 but with kindly eye of good colour, excellent rear quarters with good bend of stifle and strong feet, moved erratically today;
3 Gregory’s Arcadia Avon.

YB (5) – 1 Corbett’s Sh Ch Trimere Ticket Maid, ultra-feminine bitch presenting an impressive outline, beautiful balanced, well chiselled head, lovely shaped eye almost there colour-wise, lengthy arched neck into great lay back of shoulder, sufficient depth of chest, well boned legs with broad thighs, excellent angles and tight feet. Moved out purposefully with extension on an easy stride, handled to perfection. If I was ‘nit’ picking would prefer a little more substance but thought she was gorgeous. No hesitation in awarding her RBCC;
2 Conrad’s Peasblossom Rumours at Strathnaver, really attractive bitch with plenty of bone and depth unlucky to meet 1, great forechest, good neck into well laid shoulder, level topline and good bum, more moderate angulation and good feet. Liked her well balanced head and expression but found her eyes a little round. Moved well with drive;
3 Glendinning’s Plaiglen Dazzled.
4 West’s Grosbruil Abricot Regal
VHC Hipgrave’s Ternspringer Jazz Singer

NB (4, 1a) – 1 Large’s Plaiglen Razzle Dazzle is Madaza, sweet, well-moulded head with lovely eye and almost apologetic expression which I loved. Straight front, deep brisket, strong topline, nice turn of stifle and very neat feet. Would have liked a tad more length in second thigh but moved well;
2 Eyeington’s Donarden Dream Queen of Meadowdale, third in puppy class, longer cast bitch with strong boned legs, plenty of depth in chest, good angulation and tidy feet. Head not overtly feminine and a little deep in muzzle for me but was balanced. Moved freely but her tail was limp which spoiled the overall picture;
3 Gregory’s Arcadia Avon.

GB (4, 3a) – 1 Holt’s Plaiglen Beaters Bjewel to Bethryn JW, liked this bitch, feminine head with well-shaped eye with good chiselling, good front, moderate length of neck, nicely sprung ribcage, short coupled with excellent, balanced angulation and tight feet. Really powered her way around the ring with plenty of reach and verve.
PGB (13, 4a) A really good class. I would have liked more prize cards.
1 Clarke’s Jorobaden Teal at Syferspring, one of the surprises of the day, sweet liver tri bitch with beautiful head and melting expression from lovely dark eye. Nothing overdone in bone, angles or depth and presented a very attractive picture. Moved out happily and freely;
2 Jackson’s Mompesson Myway, I really liked the symmetry of this bitch although not quite as feminine as 1. Well boned, slightly more compact than 1 with strong, excellent depth & angulation and best of feet. Strong mover who covered the ground well;
3 Ternant’s Hunterheck Under A Spell.
4 West’s Meonstoke Cherry Blossom at Grosbruil
VHC Gibson’s Calvdale Rag Nymph

LB (15, 3a) Excellent class – 1 Calvert’s Calvdale Hot Pink, beautiful bitch with the loveliest balanced head, again sired by the RDCC winner, snootiest of expressions from well-shaped, darkest of eye, elegant arched neck, well sprung rib, short couplings, plenty of substance all though with strong boned legs and good feet. Moved happily with drive and extension. Loved her, close up for top honours. Best B/W;
2 Nicholson’s Loxbourne Disco Diva at Kingsheath JW, best mover of the day with happy, wagging tail. Strongly made bitch I have always liked, longer cast than 1 with powerful rear quarters and excellent muscle used to great effect, balanced angulation, good length of neck, preferred head & eye of 1;
3 Eyeington’s Flaming Whirlwind of Meadowdale JW.
4 Cokell’s Carlyquinn Mama Mia ShCM
VHC Richardson & Terry Richardson’s Cherishym Chara

OB (12,4a) Two high spirited ladies headed this super class – 1 Calvert’s Sh Ch Calvdale Diamond Heist JW, stunning dark bitch I last saw as a promising puppy and she did not disappoint as the finished article. Beautiful, feminine headpiece with plenty of chiselling, dark eye & disdainful expression which made me laugh, lovely arched neck, good front, super bone, strong topline and well sprung rib, in hard condition, well developed powerful rear quarters & tight feet which she used accurately and purposefully on the move. BCC & BIS;
2 Corbett’s Olliwa Ruthless with Trimere (imp), another pleasant surprise, very feminine bitch with a lovely balanced head & muzzle, darkest of eyes & kind expression, well angled, possibly a little more at the rear than I would normally like, plenty of reach and an elegant mover. Gave her handler a hard time but a pleasing picture when she settled.
3 McCourt’s Ir Sh Ch Woodspa Royal Ascot ShCM.

VB (5, 1a) – 1 Holt’s Sh Ch Tranquiliser to Bethryn ShCM, 8 ½ years attractive bitch with very refined head, lovely clean throat, long, arched neck and great front assembly, very well-muscled rear, strode out on strong pasterns like a dog half her age;
2 Dunsdon’s Seaspring All At Sea, 7 ½ years dark bitch with appealing head with plenty of definition though shorter in muzzle than 1, getting a little throaty with advancing years, moderate everywhere with compact frame, good, strong topline held on the move, well boned with good feet. Moved freely with gusto on loose lead; 3 Taubman’s Peasblossom Geisha at Meonstoke.

SBB (No entries).

Special Award Classes – Judge Neil Woods (Helenwood)

Class A – Junior Dog or Bitch (9, 4a)
1 Ternant’s Hunterheck Turn Back Time
2 Glendinning’s Plaiglen Beaters BStylish
3 Keely’s Alhambian Diana Dors
4 Joyce’s Kingsheath Total Diva at Felltops
Vhc Delanty’s Plaiglen Beaters BMagic

Class B – Post Graduate Dog or Bitch (11, 6a)
1 Glendinning & Boole’s Plaiglen Beaters Btrue
2 Dunsdon’s Seaspring Becalmed
3 Happs’ Clentonian Soloman’s Seal
4 Large’s Plaiglen Razzle Dazzle is Madaza
5 Wildsmith’s Trimere Tickle Me Fancy

Class C – Open Dog or Bitch (8, 5a)
1 Cokell’s Sh Ch Carlyquinn Can’t Wait JW ShCM
2 McCourt’s Ir Sh Ch Woodspa Royal Ascot ShCM
3 Lillie’s Eastriding Cavalli at Freeway