2011 11 06 - Midland Ch Show final line up


2011 11 06 - midland ch show dog line up

Many thanks for the quality entry and to the committee for their hospitality - I enjoyed my day with you all. Thanks also to my stewards; they were on the ball and kept the ring organised and the tea flowing for me. On the up side a lot of the dogs were of the correct size and eye colour has improved since I last changed. Presentation was on the whole good but in some cases coats were over trimmed leaving no undercoat. On the down side although eye colour has improved there were quite a few dogs with round eyes which spoils the soft expression of the Springer. Also I think that feet need to be looked at because some of the feet were quite hare footed. Movement was mostly acceptable although there were some who were close behind.

MPD no entries

PD 3
1 Eyeingtons Meadowdale Banjo
Well grown young man with nice head, correct eys, lovely length ofn eck and enough body for his age. Good hindquarters and moved with the correct stride.
2 Eyeingtons Meadowdale Chaos
another nice pup from this kennel in lovely condition. Just preferred the head of 1.
3 Larges' Meadowdale Riot is Madaza

JD 5 (2)
1 Long & Leemings' Tryhard Panning for Gold
balanced with super depth of body, masculine head with good eye. Well muscled and moved out well.
2 Glendinnings Plaiglen Hustle
Beautiful head, good neck and shoulders. Neat feet and in lovely condition. Just needs to body up a bit more.
3 Smiths' Plaiglen Dream at Edensor

YD 4
1 Dunsdon/Woodbridge Seaspring Shipwrecked JW
Super young man with correct proportions. Loved his head and kind expression. Well muscled behind help him move with pizzazz. Really caught my eye and although young, I think he deserved the RCC.
2 Kirks' Laceby Jack In The Box
Another well bodied boy wtih a good head and correct eye colour and shape. Moved correctly with enthusiasm.
3 Morgans' Plaiglen Dream Dancer
4 Harris' Waterswarren Back to Black

ND 3 (1)
1 Eyeingtons Meadowdale Banjo
2 Eyeingtons Meadowdale Chaos

GD 5
1 Dunsdon/Woodbridge Seaspring Shipwrecked JW
2 Morgans' Plaiglen Dream Dancer
Nice headed with a good eye. A little unbalanced at the moment but is all there when he gets it together. Played his Mum up on the move but was sound.
3 Marris Brays' Helenwood Gotcha
4 Woolhouse Cherisham Outlaw
5 Addisons' Peasblossom Eclipse

PGD 13 (1)
1 Greens' Anacapa Spring Festival at Kennair
compact dog with a pleasant head, kind eye and good lines. His dark coat colour and markings are deceiving and he needs going over him to appreciated what is underneath.
2 Linton's Rosannoch Ansuz
slightly taller dog with good depth, shoulder placement and level topline. Feet could be tighter. Moved out well.
3Gregorys' Arcadia Atomic Force
4 Tattasalls' Alanea Defender
5 Thornhills' Chelmeress Peter Pan at Inthor

LD 10 (2)
1 Topliss' Peasblossom Escape to Beresford
with a lovely head and eye. Good length of neck, depth of chest, strong hindquarters which he used on the move. In super body condition with a gleaming coat. Pushed hard in the challenge.
2 Tracz Meadowdale Alabama Slammer at Acregate
slightly strong in head for me but apart from that a very nice dog. Good body proportions, strong hindquarters and he was one of the best movers in the show.
3 Lillies' Tryhard Tempest of Freeway
4 Mitchells' Peasblossom Chance JW
5 Happs Jorobaden Aldernitiof Emianna

OD 8 (3)
1 Jacksons Sh Ch Mompesson Cavendish
a great looking dog. Masculine head with correct fluting that we don't see very often now. Lovely soft expression with correct shape and colour of eye. This dog is not overdone in any way or over trimmed. A true Springer with good ribbing and depth of body. On the stand has a good outline which he kept as he powered around the ring. CC & BIS.
2 Guys' Sh Ch Calvdale False Arrest
another good dog with correct eye colour giving the Springer look. Well placed shoulders, deep body and strong quarters. Neat feet. Another strong mover using the ring well.
3 Jacksons Sh Ch Mompesson Striker
4 Mitchells' ShCh Nord Ch Barecho Hold Your Horses for Peasblossom JW (Imp Swe)
5 Rose's Roseannoch Eihwaz JW

VD 1
1 Calverts' Sh Ch Calvedale Softly Softly JW
lovely type with a good head and eye colour. Compact strong body and hindquarters. In great condition and moved sprightly. BVIS>

1 Linton's Rosannoch Ansuz
2 Larges' Mompesson Flawless is Madaza
nice size dog with pleasant head. Topline fine and in good condition.
3 Joyces' Shelcasrie Head Over Heels
4 Drinkalls Mompesson Tribute to Esscroft
5 Woolhouse Cherisham Outlaw