MESSS Champ Show 19

MESSS dogs


MESSS Bitches


BIS - Aus Sup Ch Sandicam Royal Escourt (IMP AUS)

RBIS -Sh Ch Beresford Night Train
BOS - Calvdale Heritage Of Folly JW
BPIS - Speeton Sea Captain
BMPIS - Bethryn Sea Of Tranquility
BVIS - Sh Ch Plaiglen Hustle
BB&W - Sh Ch Plaiglen Hustle
Judge: Mrs C Coode

MPD (2, 1 Abs)
1. Bethryn El Toro De Cayo Coco

PD (2)
1. Speeton Sea Captain
2. Gleadsbury Gunpowder Plot

JD (3)
1. Meleverly Flying Bolt
2. Eastriding Royal Mayfair JW
3. Alhambrian Bon Scott

YD (3)
1. Tamaam Pink Panther To Beresford (IMP POL)
2. Acradia Alfa Romaeo
3. Eastfalla Next Step

ND (4, 1Abs)
1. Melverly Flying Bolt
2. Arcadia Alfa Romaeo
3. Gleadsbury Gunpowder Plot

GD (1)
1. Arcadian Aston Martin

PGD (3)
1. Arcadian Aston Martin
2. Plaiglen Beaters Bstylish
3. On The Road Again Tamaam To Beresford (IMP POL)

LD (4)
1. Clentonian Solomans Seal
2. Tryhard Discovery
3. Hunterheck Turn BAck Time
Res. Baxbalach Rumour Has It

OD (5, 1Abs)
1. Aus Sup Ch Sandicam Royal Escourt (IMP AUS)
2. Sh Ch Beresford Night Train
3. Ir Sh Ch Bethryn Devil Moon JW IrJun Ch
Res. Plaiglen Beaters Btrue

VD (3)
1. Sh Ch Plaiglen Hustle
2. Goalachcara Somhlth ShCM
3. Beaters Baron JW ShCM

SBD (0)

MPB (2, 1Abs)
1. Bethryn Sea Of Tranquility

PB (3, 1Abs)
1. Gleadsbury Dynamite
2. Speeton Sea Grace

JB (7, 2Abs)
1. Melverley Little Dancer
2. HunterheckWhos That Girl at Glenbrows
3. Eastriding Glam Princess
Res. Avonbury Moonligh Senorita
VHC. Eastfalla Time To Tango

YB (2)
1. Calvdale Stowaway Magic JW
2. Freeway Fortune

NB (5, 2 Abs)
1. Melverly Lil Dancer
2. HunterheckWhos That Girl at Glenbrows
3. Gleadsbury Dynamite

GB (5)
1. Eastriding Sheer Love For Sandicam
2. Clentonian Picture Perfect
3. Tigerrock Strike A Pose
Res. Freeway Rememberence
VHC. Tryhard Glenmorangie

PGB (3, 1Abs)
1. Eastfalla Sea The Stars (NAF)
2. Beresford Night Spell

LB (11, 1Abs)
1. Calvdale Heritage Of Folly JW
2. Plaiglen Dazzled By Allenie
3. Meadowdale Jedi Of Hanknight
Res. Boardacity Dark N' Delicious
VHC. Miss Bones Tamaam To Bethryn (IMP POL)

OB (6, 1Abs)
1. Jorobaden Teal At Syferspring
2. Sh Ch Beresford Night Class
3. Ternspringer Harmone
Res. Sh Ch Bordacity Honey Rider
VHC. Cherishym Chara

VB (5, 1Abs)
1. Sh Ch Ir Sh Ch Calvdale My Girl Of Fallenleaf
2. Melverly What Style
3. Mompesson Royal Flush
Res. Trenspringer Melody

SBB (3)
1. Clentoian Picture Perfect
2. Bordacity Frget Me Not
3. Avonbury Moonlight Senorita