MESSS Open Show Judge: Mrs Kath Holt

BD & Best in Show Melverly Top Geezer
RBD & Res Best in Show Mompesson Devonshire
BB & Best Veteran ShCh/Ir ShCh Calvdale My Girl of Fallenleaf JW ShCM
RBB Lordsett Uptown Girl at Beresford
BP Eastriding Declaration
BB&W Calvdale Hot Pink JW

MESSS open

Kay Woodward

eastriding declaraion

Firstly I would like to thank the officers and committee of the society for inviting me to judge the Open show. It was a real honour and I thoroughly enjoyed my day. Thank you also to all the exhibitors who brought their lovely dogs under me for my opinion. I was delighted with my main winners. BIS Smith’s Melverly Top Geezer, RBIS Jackson’s Mompesson Devonshire, BOS, Best Veteran Sh Ch Ir Sh Ch Calvdale My Girl of Fallenleaf JW ShCM, BPIS Clavert’s Calvdale Love Letters, Best B&W Calvert’s Calvdale Hot Pink JW

Veteran Dog or Bitch
1 Cunliffe ShCh/Ir ShCh Calvdale My Girl of Fallenleaf JW ShCM
a bitch I have judged before. Nobody has told this young lady she is a veteran and let’s hope it stays that way! She belies her 7 years in both attitude and looks. She has an exceptionally feminine head with a lovely dark eye with the requisite chiselling below it which combined provides the most wonderful melting ESS expression. She has a strong arched neck of medium length that leads to a fabulous shoulder placement and good return of upper arm. She is well off for forechest and has a good deep body. She is well angled front and rear which enables her to have a wonderful side gait. Moves a little close behind for me but does not detract from the overall picture of a well worthy champion. Shown in lovely coat and condition. Best Bitch, Best Opposite Sex and Best Veteran in Show

1 Jenkinson Eastriding Declaration
Black and White of 8months. He has a masculine head with a beautiful dark eye. Lovely reach of neck which is strong and arched. Well off for forechest and deep body for a youngster, short coupled and strong over the loin. He has moderate bone and stands on beautiful tight feet. Well angled behind. He has overall balance. Needs to tighten on the move but I am sure this will come with maturity. Best Puppy Dog

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1 Jenkinson Eastriding Invictus
Masculine dog whose eye needs to darken. Well off for bone. Needs to drop into his chest. Well angled behind. He was a little erratic on the move but when settled moved well with drive behind.

1 Smith Melverly Top Geezer
and he is a real Top Geezer of top quality! He flows from his fabulously masculine head to the tip of his well set tail. To be really picky his eye needs to darken but this will come. He has the most balanced head with good eye and ear set. From his head we go to a strong arched neck of good length into well placed shoulders and excellent return of upper arm. He has super bone and stands on tight feet. He has a deep chest with plenty of forechest. He is compact in body and has a good level topline. He may be a little over angled behind for some but not for me. He is balanced front and rear which enables him to use this to his advantage on the move. His forward reach and drive behind make for a lovely picture going away, coming towards and side profile. Would love to see him really flow around a ring that gives him room to use his wonderful power to his advantage. He was shown in lovely coat and condition. He really couldn’t be denied top honours today and I was delighted to award him Best Dog and Best In Show. An exciting prospect for the not too distant future.
2 Jackson Mompesson Devonshire
Bigger build than 1 but still balanced overall and a super dog. Again a masculine head with a darker eye than 1. Lovely strong arched neck and well laid shoulders. Tremendous bone and stands on tight feet. Excellent depth of body, strong level topline with good tail set. Well angled behind. He has a wonderful side gait but moves a little closer behind than 1. Again would love to see him in a ring that can really show off his fantastic true ESS movement. Again I couldn’t deny him Res Best Dog and also Reserve Best In Show
3 Willey Melverly Top Spot

1 Calverts Calvdale Keelman
A dog I have judged as a youngster and many of my comments still apply. He has a masculine head with lovely fluting which is lacking in so many these days. If I am being picky I would like a little more work in his head. His neck is of moderate length and is strong and well arched. He has good shoulder placement. He is well off for bone and stands on fabulous tight feet. What a forechest this boy has!? Certainly plenty of heart and lung room on this boy. He has good depth of body and strong over the loin. He makes a very balanced picture overall. Moved well. Just lacks furnishings at the moment but what you see is what you get and what you get is an overall quality dog who I am sure will continue to develop to maturity.

1 Long & Leeming Tryhard Walter Raleigh
Black, White and Tan dog of substance. Excellent head shape of correct proportion with dark almond shaped eye. Well set ears. Moderate length of neck but well-muscled. Well off for forechest. Excellent bone and standing on good tight well-padded feet. Lovely depth in body and spring of rib. Moved well with drive and reach to win the class today
2 Glendinning & Boole Plaiglen Beaters Btrue
Smaller framed dog than 1 but makes a balanced outline. He excels in head with a true melting ESS expression. The darkest of eyes of almond shape and well set. He is masculine in his head but has a soft look that really draws you in. Preferred his head to 1. Strong length of good length into okay shoulders. Excellent bone and the most wonderful feet. Well angled behind. Shown in excellent coat and condition. Just felt he didn’t move his best today and lost out to 1

1 Merry Anacapa Just Jack
He has a lovely dark eye which gives him a really soft expression. Not the strongest of heads but has good fluting. Good forechest with deep body. Well off for bone. Very well-muscled and shown in excellent coat

1 Sh Ch Plaiglen Hustle
What a fabulous expression this black and white boy has. Like his son shown in the earlier class, he has the most melting of expressions which draws you in and has you hooked. The darkest and kindest of eyes that are well set on the most masculine but not overdone of heads. He has a moderate length of neck which leads into well placed shoulders. He excels in bone and the most delightful tight well-padded feet. He has a deep body with good spring of rib. He is short coupled and is strong in the loin. Well angled behind. He was shown in fabulous coat and condition with good hard muscle tone. A very worthy Champion. Unfortunately he must have pulled something as he had to be withdrawn from competition which was to my loss in the final challenges.

MPB 1 (1)

1 Calvdale Love Letters
What a beauty she is! I loved her as soon as she came in the ring. So feminine and what overall balance? Her head is pretty and feminine with lovely dark well set eye placement. She has a strong well arched neck that leads into fabulous shoulders. She has good return of upper arm. Again so well off for forechest which I have said before is a trademark of this kennel but lacking in so many. Sufficient bone for a bitch and standing on lovely tight feet. Well angled behind and moved beautifully showing off her true movement from all angles. I will watch her future with interest Best Puppy in Show
2 Gregory Arcadia Avon
Well off for forechest. Good bone and standing on tight feet. Short coupled and well angled behind. Movement was a little erratic but I am sure she will settle with age

1 Large Plaiglen Razzle Dazzle is Madaza
Feminine head with dark eye although would like a little more width in the muzzle. Good length of neck leading into well laid shoulders and good return of upper arm. Moderate bone and standing on tight feet. Well angled front and rear. Moved well
2 Boole Eastfalla Vivienne Leigh
Pretty feminine bitch. Eye needs to darken. Good length of neck into good layback of shoulder. Longer cast than 1 and needs to deepen in body but I am sure this will come with maturity. Moved well
3 Plaiglen Dazzled

1 Calverts Calvdale Hot Pink JW
What an ultra-feminine bitch this is. She is so clean in her lines and just flows as she is so balanced. She has the most exquisite feminine head with the softest kindest expression you could ask for in an ESS. Wonderful strong neck into well laid shoulders. Deep in the chest and body with of course that forechest I have come to know will be there from this kennel’s dogs. Moderate bone and standing on tight feet. Well angled behind. Moved beautifully to win this class. Best B&W
2 Jackson Mompesson My Way
lovely bitch with a feminine head and dark eye. Well off for bone and again stands on tight feet. Not the depth of body as 1. Made a lovely balanced outline. Moved well.
3 Gibson Calvdale Rag Nymph

1 Topliss Lordsett Uptown Girl at Beresford
Wow! My find of the day! What a beautiful balanced bitch with the most feminine head and the darkest of eyes?! A true melting ESS expression. She has a moderate length of neck that is well muscled and strong. Wonderful forechest and depth of body. Adequate bone and standing on tight feet. Fabulous angles front and rear which enable this girl to move like a dream! She really showed what she could do and can’t wait to see her in a big ring to really move! Not shown in her best bib and tucker today which sadly cost her in the challenge but still could not deny her Reserve Best Bitch
2 Gibson Calvdale Rag Nymph
Nymph Feminine bitch with dark eye. Well off for bone and well-padded tight feet. Sufficient neck. Well bodied and shown in excellent muscle tone.

1 Ternent Hunterheck Under A Spell
Lovely feminine black and white bitch. Matured nicely and shown in excellent coat and condition. She is well bodied and has excellent forechest with good deep body and spring of rib. Well angled front and rear. She was unable to show off her full movement due to ring size but was able to demonstrate lovely forward reach and drive behind.
2 Jenkinson Holliveras Verona with Eastriding
) Another lovely bitch who has matured nicely. Super feminine head with lovely dark eye. Good length of neck. Sufficient bone. Shown in good coat and very well-muscled. A little longer from hock to heel than 1. Shows a balanced outline stacked.
3 Richardson/Terry Richardson Cherysham Caleno

1 Richardson/Terry Richardson Cherysham Cara
Chara Feminine bitch with good overall balance. Lovely head with dark eye. Good length of neck, well arched. Deep in the body with tight elbows and well angled front and rear. Moved soundly and with drive.
2 Gibson Calvdale Festivities
Larger framed bitch than 1 but still feminine in type. Lovely head and well arched strong neck. Well off for bone and good tight well-padded feet. Excels in body both depth and spring of rib. Very well-muscled. Moved steady but perhaps would benefit from longer strides by handler to really show off what she can surely do.
3 Jackson Mompesson Words
4 Bashforth Jorobaden Mon Mon
5 Willey Melverly What Style

OB 1 (1)