MESSS Open 20

I would like to thank the committee for the pleasure of judging their well organised show. The atmosphere was very friendly. I trust the competitors had an enjoyable day as much as me. A big thank you for my lovely present, a clock showing a picture of my pride and joy, “Bertie”


Veteran dog bitch

1.Cunliffe’s Sh Ch & Ir Sh Ch Calvdale My Girl of Fallenleaf.  A 10 year old that thinks two is a better age! Gorgeous head full of expression leading to an arched neck into well place shoulders.  Level back with balance throughout. Moved with ease.

2.Reynold’s Mompesson Royal Flush Beautifully balanced head with dark eye.  Moved with reach and drive, keeping level top line.


Puppy Dog

1.Holt’s Bethryn El Toro De Cayo. Correct head, nice chiselling, eye darkening, correct scissor bite. Good lay of shoulder, adequate bend of stifle. Moved well BPD


Junior Dog

1.House’s Gleadsbury Gunpowder Plot. Lovely head with dark eye, nicely chiselled. Strong neck of good length, leading to a well laid shoulder.  Straight front and level top line witch he held on move. One for the future.


Yearling Dog

1.Eastwood’s Eastfalla Next Step. Masculine head with good eye colour, strong neck going into well laid shoulders. Moved well.

2.House’s Gleadsbury Gunpowder plot.


Limit Dog

1.Happ’s Clentonian Solomon's Seal. Beautifully put to gather dog of old school. Good head of correct proportions with dark eye giving gentle expression. Strong neck leading to good shoulders. Well boned straight front legs with good depth of chest. Moved true.

2.Ternent’s Hunterheck Turn Back Time. B&W masculine head of good proportions with kind expression. Strong neck with slight arch. Adequate angulation to front and rear.



1.Holt’sBethryn Devil Moon. This is a dog you have to get hands on to appreciate. Good width to length of skull, well chiselled with gentle expression. Well-muscled neck, correct shoulder and return of upper arm. Nice spring of rib, moved around the ring as if he owed it. BOB.

2.Glendinning &Boole’s. Beaters Be True. Lovely balanced head, soft expression with adequate neck. Deep chest, balanced throughout.


Minor Puppy Bitch

1.Calvert’s Calvdale Lil Grey.Such a lovely dark liver, 8 month old. Moved with drive and true, both front and rear. Feminine head of medium length and correct width, with dark eye giving gentle expression, good stop and ear set. Correct neck, strong leading to good lay back of shoulder. Strong, straight, well boned front with good depth of brisket. Well sprung ribs. Kept a level top line on move, good tail set with correct rear assembly  BPIS


Puppy Bitch

Holt’s Bethryn Sea Of Tranquility. Head in lovely proportion, dark eye giving soft expression, good bite, well chiselled. Correct shoulder when I could find it, lovely rear assembly, moved with drive.


Junior Bitch

1.House’s Gleadsbury Dyamite. A very stylish bitch one look at the head and it melts your heart, good proportions, dark eye, correct ear set and bite. Good length of neck, deep chest, well boned front legs. Level top line which was held on the move. Adequate bend of stifle witch gave her clean movement . Moved with drive.

2.Cokell’s Carlyquinn Kisses of Fire. All the essentials are there. Feminine head, good eye. Lovely neck, shoulder and ribbing. Straight, well boned front, tight feet.

3.Eastwood’s Eastfalla It's Showtime


Yearling Bitch

1.House’s Gleadsbury Dyamite


Graduate Bitch

1.Lillie’s Freeway Remembrance. Another pretty young bitch with the correct head and eye with soft expression. Clean neck and good shoulders, super front, good tight feet. Level top line and tail set. Moved with drive.


Post Graduate Bitch

2.Reynolds’ Clentonian Picture Perfect. Good to type, balanced head, good ear set with dark eye giving soft expression. Strong neck and shoulder, deep chest straight back. Moved well.

3.Lillie’s Freeway Fortune. The sister to first in graduate of the same quality. Lovely almond shaped eye and good ear set. Arched neck, correct shoulder, straight front. Moved well.

4.Eastwood’s Eastfalla Sea The Stars


Limit Bitch

1.Calvert’s Calvdale Heritage Of Folly. Balanced head, dark eye, well set ears, nicely chiselled with deep and square flew, making a soft expression. Neck, long and muscular with slight arch leading to correct shoulder angulation. Deep chest with good spring of rib.  Straight back, muscled rear angulation. Good movement with reach and drive covering the ground with ease as did her sister. RBIS

2.Conrad’s Peasblossom Rumour At Strathnaver. Another well made bitch, appealing head and expression. Strong neck and shoulder. Well ribbed, good depth of chest. Well let down hocks, with good movement fount and rear.

3.Hancock’s Meadowdale Jedi Of Hanknight


Open Bitch

1.McCourt’s Woodspa Royal Ascot.  A bitch that was shown in hard fit condition which showed on the move. Head was balanced throughout with soft expression. Deep chest, straight front, well ribbed, level top line. Strong rear movement with drive.

2.Cunliffe’s Calvdale I Say Of Fallenleaf. Beautiful head, soft expression, well chiselled below eyes. Good ear set. Long, strong neck leading to correct lay of shoulder. Deep chest with good spring of rib. Muscular loin, well let down stifles, moved with reach and drive.









BIS -  Ir Sh Ch Bethryn Devil Moon JW IR JCh

RES BIS - Calvdale Heritage Of Folly JW

Best  Dog - Ir Sh Ch Bethryn Devil Moon JW IR JCh

Res Best Dog - Clentonian Soloman's Seal

Best  Bitch - Calvdale Heritage Of Folly JW

BPIS - Calvdale Lil Grey

B Vet - Sh Ch & Ir Sh Ch  Calvdale My Girl Of Fallenleaf JW Sh CM IR Vet Ch VW

Judge: Mrs L Hipgrave