MESSS open line up

I enjoyed judging this well run friendly show. I have been a long-time admirer of this lovely breed and was thrilled to be given the chance to judge a Club show. Thank you for the opportunity.

V D or B 1
1 Woolhouse’ Cherishym Outlaw
Senior L/W exhibit who put on a solid performance, masculine head and pleasing expression, dark hazel eye, good length of ear, good front and feet and shapely quarters, moved on a willing stride BV.

1 Calverts’ Calvdale Costa
8 1/2 month old, very smart and promising youngster who was beautifully presented, compact and of good size, is well boned and has substance, enthusiastic movement BPD & BPIS.

PD 2 (1)
1 Machrays’ Roqfolly Playboy
Playboy 10 months old happy dog, would prefer more balance to his head, he has good feet and is well ribbed up, would prefer more accuracy on the move.

JD 2
1 Corbetts’ Trimere Total Chaos
I judged him in MP stakes at Darlington last year, liked his size and quality, pleasing head and eye shape, good body and bone, straight front, excellent legs and feet, muscular quarters RBD.
2 Long & Leemings’ Trihard Walter Raleigh
Well grown youngster, masculine head and pleasant expression, good shoulders, bone and feet, well ribbed up, strong quarters, sound on the move.

YD 2
1 Jacksons’ Mompesson Winchester
Liked his size with correct length to height ratio, masculine head with dark eye, arched neck, straight front, ample bone and strong rounded quarters, moved on a free stride.
2 Crabtrees’ Roqfolly Black Label
B/W of good size, he has length in his upperarm, strong topline with a well set on tail, would have preferred a more positive hind action.

GD 2
1 Holts’ Melverly Missionaire to Bethryn
Pleasing head with a soft expression, dark eye, slightly arched neck, good front and tight feet, firm topline and is well bodied, moved on a free stride.
2 Hensons’ Melkami William’s Wonder at Kobrocobi
This dog has a masculine head with a good length of ear, straight forelegs, strong topline leading to a well set tail, well developed quarters,

PGD 4 (1)
1 Tracz’ Melverly Dersert Strike over Acregate JW ShCM
Excellent head and expression, good neck and shoulders flowing into a well ribbed body, short couplings to strong quarters with well-defined second thigh, good bone, legs and well padded feet, sound driving movement.
2 Richardson & Terry Richardsons’ Alanea Juke for Cherishym
B/W who was plainer in head and expression than 1, well boned legs, firm topline and has moderately bent stifles, not the hind movement of 1.
3 Booles’ Arramow Adventurer

LD 6 (2)
1 Cokells’ Carlyquinn Can’t Wait JW ShCM
Classy, balanced l/w of lovely shape and quality, super head and expression, deep chest with plenty of heart room, good bone and feet, moved on an effortless stride keeping his topline, shown in excellent coat and condition, should go on to further rewards.
2 Calverts’ Calvdale Night Court JW Sh CM
Has excellent depth of body and substance, masculine head and expression, good angulation front and rear leading to free sound movement, presented in good order, another who should go on.
3 Wallis’ Torbeck Penrhyn Bay
4 Willys’ Sea Challenger

OD 2
1 Tracz’ Sh Ch Meadowdale Alabama Slammer at Acregate ShCM
Masculine head and kind expression, correct body proportions and strong hindquarters, moved out on a ground covering stride.
2 Sh Ch Plaiglen Hustle
B/W who has a lovely well chiselled head, well ribbed body and strong quarters, good angles, moved on a sound ground covering stride.

MBP 2 (1)
1 Calverts’ Calvdale Absoloute Zero
Delightful l/w baby of 6 months 3 days who shows much promise, she has everything she needs to develop into a top quality typey bitch, nothing to criticise at this stage, one to watch.

PB 2
1 Cokells’ Carlyquinn Mama Mia
lovely head, expression and length of ear, is compact and well balanced, good depth of chest, very promising, beautifully presented BPB.
2 Wallis’ Petranella The Real Deal
Pleasing head and expression, good in topline and quarters, just needs to grow on.

JB 7 (2)
1 Corbetts’ Trimere Ta Dah
Feminine bitch of pleasing size, lovely head and kind well shaped eye giving a soft expression, well boned, good on the move keeping a firm topline.
2 Booles’ Arramow Aphrodite
Well balanced l/w with a lovely head and expression, correct neck and shoulder, good legs and feet, well off for body, sound and happy on the move, excellent coat and presentation.
3 Jacksons’ Mompesson Words
4 Hensons’ Jorobaden Leading Light
5 Long & Leemings Tryhard Godspeed

YB 5 (1)
1 Bashforths’ Jorobaden Mon Mome
lovely bitch, super head and expression, good depth of body and is well off for bone, has forechest, shown in very good coat and condition, excellent free movement.
2 Machrays’ Roqfolly Gift of the Gab
l/w who is cast in a slightly smaller mould, pleasing head and expression, firm topline, good body and coat, would prefer more length of leg to balance the picture.
3 Eastwoods’ Eastfalla Ere I Am
4 Jacksons’ Mompesson Words

GB 5 (1)
1 Bashforths’ Jorobaden Mon Mome
2 Booles’ Arramow Aphrodite
3 Thornhills Eastriding Fleure De Rose
4 Richardson & Terry Richardsons’ Cherishym Chara

PGB 8 (4)
1 Willey's Melverly What Style
l/w who is a pleasing shape, liked her feminine head, she has good legs and feet, is well off for body and has shapely quarters,
2 Thornhills Eastriding Fleure De Rose
feminine head with dark eye, good legs and feet, well ribbed up, strong quarters, not as positive in front movement as ideal.
3 Long & Leemings Tryhard Real McCoy
4 Rostrons’ Ziphill Tennessee Gold

LB 5
1 Glendinnings' Beaters Bedazzled JW
Top class bitch of lovely size, shape and balance, excellent head with the desired chiselling and fluting, arched neck into a well laid shoulder, ample bone and tight feet and has good width to hindquarters, moved out on sound free stride.
2 Corbetts Trimere Teresa Green
Beautifully presented, good size and compact outline, super bone, quality and balance, moved on a reachy driving stride.
3 Eastwoods’ Roqfolly Miss Money Penny JW
5 Richardson & Terry Richardsons’ Cherishym Celaneo

OB 6
1 Calverts’ Sh Ch Calvdale Hearsay JW ShCM
Lovely head, expression, eye colour, muzzle, well placed ears, good neck and lay of shoulder, well proportioned body and is well boned and held her topline on the move which was free and easy, beautifully presented BB & BIS
2 Corbetts’ Trimere Touch Cookie
Good sized bitch who presents a clean outline, feminine head, good front and shoulder, well bodied, good bend of stifle, correct sound movement RBB.
3 Holts’ Sh Ch Trimere Tranquiliser at Bethryn Sh CM
4 Jacksons’ Mompesson Royal Dancer
5 Worths’ Trimere Total Eclipse over Sarabande Sh CM