MESSS Open Show line up 2014

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the committee for inviting me to judge and exhibitors for entering. It was a most enjoyable day and with some fabulous dogs.

Veteran Dog or Bitch 5

1 Bashforths' Sh Ch Alanea Charade of Jorobaden
Very feminine with a lovely eye colour and eye shape. Correct size and moved with drive. In very good condition and presented in lovely coat.
2 Bashforths' Alanea Warrior of Jorobaden
Up to size masculine dog. A little stronger in head than I would prefer but well balanced and in good condition.
3 Gregory's Arcadia Atomic
4 Joyce's Shelcasrie Lovers Leap

MPD 2 (1)

1 Crabtree's Roqfolly Black Label
A handsome young man. Lovely depth and width especially for such a young puppy. Well balanced, good shoulder angulations and tight feet. A little erratic on the move but could see enough. BPD BPIS

PD 2 (1)

1 Happs Jorobaded Ballabrigas
Another handsome young man. Lovely well balanced head with a dark eye. Not as broad as MPD and for me a little long in second thigh but moved well and had good tight feet.

JD 2

1 Jacksons' Mompesson Blinkin Eck
A masculine up to size boy. Very well balanced with excellent front and rear angulations. Very well muscled which helped him to show his strong positive movement. Good spring of rib going into a well muscled loin and strong top line.
2 Holts' Melverly Missionaire to Bethryn
I preferred the size of this boy but not as muscled as 1 and this showed in his movement which was ok but not the drive of 1. He had lovely head and expression and nice tight feet.

YD 3 (1)

1 Tracz Melverly Desert Stirke Over Acregate JW
Lovely head with a good depth of flew. Lovely depth and width of chest. In very good muscle condition. He held his topline on the move and had good reach and drive. A little bit throaty for me but other than that a lovely boy.
2 Jacksons' Mompesson Statesman
Very close to 1 and another in excellent condition. Just wasn’t enjoying his day as much today.

GD 4 (1)

1 Warreners' Wasterswarren Willy Wonka
Lovely head with lovely expression. I would prefer a bit more weight on him but he was well presented and well muscled. He had strong positive movement with excellent reach and drive.
2 Lilly's Eastriding Cavalli at Freeway
Broader in skull making his head look a bit heavy for me. Moved ok but did not have the reach of 1.
3 Rostrons' Ziphill Flash the Cash


1 Mompesson Tribute to Esscroft
Lovely head shape, good width without being coarse and soft springer expression. Up to size but well balanced, positive on the move and in excellent condition.
2 Boole's Arrowmow Adventurer
I preferred the size of this boy but preferred the head of 1. The eyes were of a dark hazel but a little round. Moved ok but little over angulated in the rear and a came across overall as a bit worried.
3 Alanea Juke for Cherishym

LD 4 (1)

1 Morgans' Plaiglen Dream Dancer
Lovely head well balanced and super eye colour and shape. Good depth of chest and short coupled. Well muscled, moved ok but a little close behind.
2 Willys' Speeten Sea Challenger
Dark hazel eyes and a lovely expression. A little broader in muzzle and stronger in head than 1. A bit longer in loin than I would like. A level top line which he held on the move. Moved ok.
3 Woolhouse's Cherishym Outlaw

OD 6
I thought this was a superb class and definitely my class of the day. All the dogs had things I really liked about them and could easily have been my winner on another day
1 Glendinnings Plaiglen Hustle
Loved this dog all male. A very balanced head with a melting springer expression. Correct size and solid all through. Great angles front and rear, good length of rib with a strong short loin. Straight front standing on excellent tight feet. In really good condition which helped to show off his strong movement. BD BIS
2 Happs' Sh Ch Jorobaden Alderniti of Emianna
Another super dog. All the attributes of 1 but just preferred the feet of 1 and felt his movement wasn’t quite as good. RBD
3 Tracz' Sh Ch Meadowdale Alabama Slammer at Acregate
4 Cokells' Carleyquinn Can't Wait JW ShCM
5 Gregory's arcadia Atomic Force


PB 1

1 Bashforths' Jorobaden Mom Mone
Very feminine, good eye colour and shape. Good depth of chest and well sprung ribs. Good level topline. Would prefer a bit more bone. A bit erratic on the move but what I saw was ok. Had good muscle tone for age. BPB

JB 2 (1)

1 Richardson & Terry Richardson Cherishym Chara
A pretty young lady whose ears were well set in line with the eyes. I would have preferred the eyes to have been more almond shaped. Level top line, standing on straight legs but would have preferred more forechest. Gave handler a hard time but moved ok.

YB (4)

1 Jackson's Mompesson Legacy
As she walked in the ring she caught my eye and I melted. A well balanced head good width and depth to the muzzle and the classic melting springer expression. Good width and depth of chest and plenty of forechest. Straight well boned front and lovely tight feet. Level top line which she held on the move. Well muscled which help her to show off her excellent reach and drive when moving. BB RBIS
2 Glendinnings' Beaters Bedazzled
Another pretty bitch, lovely hazel eyes and balanced head. Good width across the loin and a level topline. She had her tail down today and did not move as confidently as 1.
3 Willy's Melverly What Style
4 Richardson & Terry Richardsons' Cherishym Celaneo

GB 4 (1)

1 Richardson & Terry Richardson Cherishym Chara
2 Gregorys' Arcadia Atayala
A nice size bitch with good substance and good depth of chest. She had a lovely expression with dark hazel eyes. She looked a little worried however and was roaching her top line.
3 Rose' Jaraina Justella

PGB 4 (1)

1 Richardson & Terry Richardsons' Cherishym Celaneo
Pretty bitch, straight front standing on tight feet. Well angled front and rear. Movement was ok but took a long time to settle.
2 Gibsons' Calvdale Festivities
More heavy all over than I would prefer. Stronger in head and eye colour could be darker. Chest was deep and there was good width over the loin. Good width of thigh but I would prefer more rear angulation. Movement was ok.
3 Rose' Jaraina Justella

LB 0

OB 2

1 Holts's Trimere Tranquiliser at Bethryn ShCM
Lovely melting expression. Good depth and width of chest, plenty of spring of rib. Well angled front and rear but would prefer more width of thigh. Moved with real drive. Coat well presented, feet not her forte. RBB
2 Richardson & Terry Richardsons' Cherishym Bright Star JW
Lovely dark hazel eyes. Enough width and depth of chest. Would prefer more length of body and not in the best jacket. Movement ok but a bit close behind.