The Dog Line-up

L-R Debanza Brigadier (RDCC) Barecho Hold Your Horses at Peasblossom JW (DCC & BIS) Trimere Thriller (BPIS)

The Midland English Springer Club held a ch show where this was my first appointment at CC level with a lovely entry of quality dogs.
BIS was Barecho HoIdY0ur Horses at Peasblossom; RBIS. Sh Ch Calvda|eTestimony of Meadowdale & BP TrimereThriller

Veteran Dog (3,1a)

1st Geddes' Debanza Brigadier
I0 yrs l/w in super coat & hard condition for his years, he certainly gets better with age, super masculine head, kind dark eye. good length of neck into a well placed shoulder: lovely bone & substance moved with drive. RCC
2nd Gibsons' Stormview Harlequin
years l/w masculirre head, and eye, good bone & substance throughout. level topline. well muscled rear with adequate turn of stifle, in good coat & condition.

Minor Puppy Dog (3)

1st Topliss' Petranella Perfick Choice for Beresford
6 month puppy up to size for age but still remains in proportion. Nice head which needs to come on. Great length of neck, good front assembly; lovely bone & feet. nice depth of body for age,good spring of rib, well developed hindquarters. in good condition. moved with drive once he settled
2nd Tattersalls' Alanea Animal
7 months l/w of different type to I but as with I still upto size for his age, Lovely masctuline head. would prefer darker eye. Good depth of body, super bone & feet. level topline & good bend of stifle moved well. in good condition;
3rd Tains' Taimere's The Whistler

Puppy Dog (5,1a)

1st Corbetts' Trimere Thriller
I0 months I/w of cornect size & proportions. stacked he makes a super outline. excellent mascouline head. kind expression, great developed body for age. nicely coupled with a well sprung ribcage, level topline remained on the move, strong hindquarters well let down. great muscle tone,in beautiful hard condition. moved with drive. BP
2nd Mitchells' Peasblossom Chance
I0 months l/w of a different stamp.longer cast and wouldn’t want him any bigger. That said he was all in proportion,with a super doggy head & kind expression, kind dark eye, excellent reach of neck into well laid shoulders straight forelegs, lovely bone & feet, good spring of rib, good turn of stifle,in lovely coat & condition. moved with excellent animation;
3rd Woolhouses' Cherishym Outlaw
4th Richardson & Richardson-Terrys' Cherishym Bright Knight

Junior Dog (6)

1st Eyeingtons' Trinitas Newky Brown of Meadowdale JW
l/w beautiful head & dark eye,decent reach of neck into well placed shoulders well mature developed body' with deep chest & good spring of ribs, good angulation, stood he makes a lovely profile with clean lines throughout. in exceIIent coat & condition,.rnoved with purpose, one for the future.
2nd Jacksons' Mompesson Striker
I/w compact dog of correct size & proportions, masculine head, kind expresion, super front angulation good depth of chest & well sprung ribs, level topline, mature body for his age well let down hindquarters that allowed him to move with drive.in lovely coat & condition, another one for the future
3rd Lillies' Tryhard Tempest
4th Warreners' Cepen Changing Places with Waterswarren
5th Richardsons' Cherishym Bright Knight

Yearling Dog (6)

1st Calverts' Calvdale Point Of Law
l/w who stood makes a nice picture, masculine head. kind expression. good reach of neck into nicely placed shoulders, nice bone & feet well coupled with deep chest & good sprirg of ribs,decent turn of stifle 'good second thigh moved well once settled down
2nd Haighs' Rianlas Right Royal Rogue
b/w of very nice type correct size beautiful head & dark eye,great angulation throughout, Iovely coat & condition. Not handled to his full potential.
3rd Topliss' Rianlas In The Black at Beresford
4th Eastwoods' Plaiglen Memories
5th Warreners' Cepen Changing Places with Waterswarren

Novice Dog (5)

1st Mitchells' Peasblossom Chance
2nd Eastwoods' Plaiglen Memories
l/w of nice type. masculine head, good length of neck straight front & adequate angulation throughout in nice coat & condition. moved OK
3rd Woolhouses' Cherishym Outlaw
4th Richardsons' Cherishym Bright Knight
5th Greens' Kennair Owatanight

Graduate Dog (4,1a)

1st Haighs' Rianlas Right Royal Rogue
2nd Eastwoods' Plaiglen Memories
3rd Warrerners' Cepen Changing Places with Waterswarren

Post Graduate Dog (7)

1st Glendinnings' Plaiglen Mars
I/w of nice type, pleasing head with no coarseness, and kind dark eye, overall balanced with good angulation throughout, well sprung ribcage, level Topline excellent muscletone, good second thigh, in hard condition, moved with drive. Giving his handler a hard time
2nd Bashforths' Alanea Warrior of Jorobaden
I/w/t. appealing head & eye, good reach of neck .Straight front ample bone & tight feet, adeqetely angulated throughout well
coupled, in excellent coat & condition,moved well.
3rd Hancocks' Carnmarth Countri Whispers at Hanknight
4th Long & Leemings' Tryhard Brandshatch
5th Warreners' Cepen Changing Places with Waterswarren

Limit Dog (10,1a)

1st Mitchells' Barecho Hold Your Horses at Peasblossom JW (Imp Swe)
My star of the day, have admired him from the ringside & did not disappoint, an outline that fills the eye with quality, super masculine head without a hint coarseness, kind melting expression, super reach of neck into a well placed shoulder alignment, lovely bone & tight feet, well developed body, deep chest. level topline into well muscled & let down hindquarters. Excellennt second thigh, his construction allowed him to move with super front reach and strong quarters that propelled him around the ring with ease, in first class condition CC & BlS
2nd Roses' Rosannoch Eihwaz JW
l have admired him from the ringside & also didn’t disappoint, gorgeous head & eye, great length of neck, well placed shoulders straight front legs, excellent bone & neat tight feet super spring of ribs, level topline with good turn of stifle, strong quarters making lovely clean lines in firstclass condition as always from this kennel
3rd Muirheads' Shipden Yass
4th Pidcocks' Ketsby King Of Klubs
5th Kirks' Laceby Devil's Advocate

Open Dog (6, 2a)

1st Palmers' Roandew Dez Diddit JW ShCM
L/w/t worthy Sh Ch with a super head and melting expression, good reach Of neck into well laid shoulder, super bone & substance throughout. Well sprung ribcage, deep body, level topline, excellent rear angulation which allowed him to glide effortlessly around the ring, Would prefer more furnishing to finish the picture
2nd Lillies' Freeway Stormy Waters
I/w of nice type making a pleasing picture. masculine head kind dark eye gaod front assemnbly ample bone & neat tight feet.good depth of body well coupled with level topline into well angulated rear in lovely coat & condition. moved with drive
3rd Savells' Petranella Perfick
4th Jacksons' Mompesson Newsflash

Special Beginners Dog (5,1a)

1st Woolhouses' Cherishym Outlaw
l/w of nice size pleasing head, good reach of neck, straight front, adequate bone and substance, in good condition
2nd Warreners' Cepen Changing Places with Waterswarren
l/w of rangier type to 1 and up to size, masculine head and dark eye, good length of neck and well laid shoulder, good depth of body, in lovely coat and condition
3rd Witleys' Shipden Will Hay
4th Youngs' Shelcasrie Flash ShCM