MESS Ch 10 Dog Line Up
MESS Ch 10 Bitch Line Up



I would like to thank the Midland English Springer Spaniel Society for inviting me to judge their Championship show, also my stewards for looking after me. But most of all the exhibitors for giving me the pleasure to go over their dogs, I had a super day.

MPD 4 (1)

1 Houses’ Gleadsbury Judicial Review
What a good start to my day, such a promising puppy. Just on track for age. Very good shape with overall strong body and backend which showed on the move. In the challenge for best puppy just looked very immature
2 Dunsdon & Woodbridge Seaspring Shipwrecked
Another very much a baby, not so advanced today as (1), but good overall shape. Impressed with his action, certainly can drive. Needed a bigger ring to show this off. Movement will be his fortune.
3 Wilsons’ Chelmeress Solar Wind

PD 2
Two Exciting Puppies
1 Walkers’ Dexbenella It’s About Time
A very mature and promising puppy. Shorter coupled than (2). Very good head shape. He has so much ring presence and extremely confident on the move. Best Dog Puppy.
2 Calverts’ Calvdale Smooth Criminal
Another puppy with a good head shape. Preferred expression on this one. Has good body substance and overall shape. Very pleasing on the stand with strength in his backend. But today did not go as well as (1) I'm sure these two will change places many times.

JD 7 (2)

1 Topliss’ Peasblossom Escape to Beresford
This youngster certainly catches the eye. Loved his overall appealing shape and very classy on the move. Full of confidence and a joy to watch.
2 Nicolsons’ Lochindorb Chief O’The Clan
Has to be handled to appreciate his merits. Everything in right place. Loved his head and expression. Has a body to build on. Moved with purpose. One for the future.
3 Fryer’s Trimere Timeline at Abbymas Honeybourn
4 Glendinnings Plaiglen Sea of Stars
5 Larges’ Mompesson Flawless

YD 4 (1)

1 Cokells Trimere transition To Carlyquinn JW
A youngster full of type and quality. Really good head and expression. Has good compact body with strength in his backend. Good shaped hocks which he used to drive off.
2 Thornhills’ Cheleress Peter Pan at Inthor
Very different in type, But liked him a lot. Full of masculinity with strong body. Head a little too much for me. But good shape and hopefully will soften a tad with time. Moved ok – needed bigger ring.
3 House’s Gleadsbury Watshisname

ND 8

1 Walkers’ Dexbenella It’s About Time
2 Jenkinsons’ Eastriding Armarni Black
Very stylish youngster. Beautiful head shape with melting yet male expression. He just needs time to mature all through. Was not to keen with floor, but moved ok. Has a lot of promise.
3 Houses’ Gleadsbury Judicial Review
4 Nicolsons’ Locindorb Clansman

GD 4

1 Stevensons’ Gaolachara Oghma Sh CM
What a lovely youngster : Liked him a lot. To be critical would just like a bit more of him all over. That will come with maturity I hope. Movement was magical to watch. Did consider him for Res CC.
2 Downwards Alanea Smax to Reubens
Stylish youngster on the move with good head shape. Still needs to finish in body for end result. Sure it will come together in time.
3 Larges’ Mompesson Flawless
4 Blomeleys’ Dalemiken Diamond Destiny

PGD 8 (1)

1 Mitchells’ Peasblossom Chance JW
Very smart and showy dog, who did his utmost to catch my eye. Superb movement, a joy to look at on the stack. In tip top condition. Considered him for Res CC. But he does still just need to drop into himself. He is "Slow but Sure" as they should be. His qualities will get him all the way.
2 Smiths’ Mistilys golden Flas Over Melverly (imp Swe)
Unlucky to meet (1) today on such top form. A lot of what I've said about (1) does also apply to this dog. Needs maturity to finish and not so positive moving on this surface today. But again time will be very kind to this dog who will have a bright future.
3 Jacksons’ Mompesson Cavendish
4 Guys’ Calvdale False Arrest
5 Merry’s Anacapa Pipers Song for Tingvelle

LD 9

1 Tracz’s Meadowdale Alabama Slammer At Acregate Sh CM
I've watched this dog fom the ringside many times and to be honest has never really caught my eye. Goes to show you have to handle the exhibits. On going over him today he impressed me from his head to his tail. Moved well.
2 Topliss’ Rianlas in The Bnlack at Beresford
Lots to like about this B/W. Probably the fittest dog of the day. Again, another one to surprise me, and has lots more to give with time. Not the finish of (1). Moved exceptionally well
3 Warreners Cepen Changing Places at Waterswarren JW
4 Guys’ Calvdale John O’Connor
5 Woodbridge’s Crackerjanne Crescendo

OD 7 (1)

1 Corbetts’ Sh Ch Trimere Thriller
And thrilled I totally was. Huge pleasure to get my hands on this dog, and delighted with my findings. Such a classic and quality head. Super bodyshape and very strong backend, which won him this class. Did not let me or himself down on the move. Dog CC and Best in Show
2 Mitchells’ Sh Ch SuCh Barecho Hold Your Horses at Peasblossom Jw (Imp Swe)
This classy boy did absolutely nothing wrong today. A pleasure to look at stacked and super on the move. Just lost out on Res CC to the veteran on overall maturity. Again, time is definitely on this boys side and he still has such a lot more to give to the breed. A lot of my placings were indeed sired by him.
3 Jacksons’ Mompesson Stricker
4 Camersons’ Donarden Star Attraction
5 Jaggers Jaraina Just Inspired

VD 3

1 Sh Ch Calvdale Softly Softly JW
I judged this dog last time as a puppy awarded him best puppy in breed. What I saw and pleased me then is still in evidence today. This owner should be justifiably proud of turning out this exhibit to such a high and fit standard. Looked and moved so well today and could not deny him the Res CC.
2 Merrys’ Anacapa Solo Flyer ShCM
Again another veteran in superb shape. Liked his head shape and expression. An all round well made dog. Moved like a trooper. Unlucky to meet (1) today.
3 Scotts Lossidoon Scarrrabus


1 Stevensons’ Gaolacara Somhlth
This small kennel certainly has turned out some quality youngsters. In superb condition and again this one no exception. Good clean outlines and very pleasing head and eye shape. As expected from this mating. Moved with great drive and style.
2 Richardson & Terry Richardsons’ Cherisham Bright Night
Good shaped youngster who still is improving with more to offer. Preferred head and shape of (1). But nothing wrong with this boy. Moved ok.
3 Larges’ Mompesson Flawless
4 Long & Leemings Tryhard The Black Gladiator