The Midland ESS Society Open Show Judge: Alan Curry


  Best in Show Res. Best in Show Best Puppy

Veteran Dog or Bitch 2
1 Long & Leemings’ Alanea Mercedes (D)
9 yr old male of good type shown in A1 condition moved soundly.
2 Ozannes’ Jsy Ch Trimere Tender Touch at Lyntonridge (B)
Very sound bitch, lacking the coat of 1 but presented in hard condition and enjoying her day out.

1 Jenkinsons’ Eastriding Armani Black
7 months presents a good overall shape with balanced head, clean neck and good bone and substance. He moves confidently and is just right for his age.
2 Tattersalls’ Cresmore Vimeiro At Alanea
At only 6 months slightly shorter on the leg than 1 but is nicely conformed, shown in A1 condition and moved soundly.
3 Willeys’ Speeton Sea Challenger
4 Marris-Brays’ Helenwood Gotcha
5 Whitley’s Shelcasrie Super Trouper

PD 6
1 Eyeingtons’ Woodspa Ash
Substantial liver dog, shown in super coat and condition, lovely head, dark eye clean neck well angulated front & rear, ribbing up well and moved out with style. BP
2 Cokells’ Trimere Transition to Carlyquinn
Another nice pup, many of my comments on 1 apply, but he does not have the maturity of my winner.
3 Larges’ Mompesson Flawless
4 Jenkinsons’ Eastriding Armani Black
6 Tattersalls’ Cresmore Vimeiro At Alanea

JD 5 (1)
1 Jacksons’ Mompesson Cavandish
Balanced head good reach of neck well ribbed, well muscled rear, moved soundly, could carry a bit more weight.
2 Happs’ Jorabaden Aldernitit of Emianna JW
Nice head & expression clean neck well angulated front and rear, big ribs and moved soundly.
3 Thornhills Chelmeress Peter Pan at Inthor
4 Drinkalls' Mompesson Tribute

YD 2 (1)
1. Traczs’ Meadowdale Alabama Slammer at Acregate
Presents a super picture standing with a masculine head and kind expression, clean neck plenty of bone and substance, big ribs and in A1 coat and condition, his movement is fluid and positive and he pushed his sire hard for top honours RBD

GD 6 (1)
1 Traczs’ Meadowdale Alabama Slammer at Acregate
2 Woolhouses’ Cherishym Outlaw
A good sized dog presented in hard condition, neat front and feet, well ribbed, preferred movement of 1
3 Lillies’s Tryhard Tempest at Freeway
4 Marris-Brays’ Roqfolly Camp Harry
5 Happs’ Beresford Beat the Closk with Emianna

PGD 3 (1)
1. Long & Leamings Tryhard the Black Gladiator
Very clean outline well proportioned head dark eye deep bodied well angulated front and rear, moved and shown well.
2 Happs’ Beresford Beat the Clock with Emianna
Decent head and reach of neck good body proportions movement let him down today

LD 6 (1)
1 Jacksons’ Mompesson Striker
At 2 years old this dog has a pleasing head & expression, good reach of neck well angulated shoulders, big ribs and well muscled hindquarters which he used when on the move.
2 Bashforths’ Alanea Warrior of Jorobaden
Slightly shorten in the body than 1 but has many of his attributes, moved well.
3 Kirks’ Laceby Devil’s Advocate
4 Richardson & Terry Richardson Cherishym Bright Knight
5 Whitleys’ Shipden Will Hay

OD 4 (1)
1 Eyeingtons’ Trinitas Newky Brown of Meadowdale JW Sh CM
Catches the eye with his stunning condition and overall balance. Lovely head and expression plenty of neck, well laid shoulders, deep bodied, big ribs, good strong rear and moved out with some style. BIS – I note he is the sire of the RBD and BP so he is passing on his obvious qualities.
2 Jaggers’ Jaraina Just Inspired
A mature dog of good type pleasing head good angulation front and rear, moved soundly
3 Whitleys’ Shipden Will Hay

MPB 6 (2)
1 Marris-Brays’ Helenwood Blind Date
In this class of 6 month old puppies I felt this bitch had the best of heads and good overall proportions. On the move she was more setled that the others BPB,
2 Long & Leemings’ Speeton Sea Sprite
Bigger sort than 1, but nicely put together not the head of my winner. Moved Soundly.
3 Marris-Brays’ Helenwood Surprise
4 Cokells’ Carlyquinn Classic Line

PB 3 (1)
1 McCourts’ Woodspa Eucalyptus
Litter sister to my puppy dog winner, with all the same attributes, who I am sure will have a bright future.
2 Lockharts’ Chetruda Silent Destiny
Lovely head good front and feet, bodying up nicely, moved soundly

JB 7
1 Harrisons’ Calvdale On The Quite to Glenbrows
Lovely feminine head and kind expression, clean neck good bone and substance, nice body proportions presented in A1 condition, moved and shown well RBB
2 McCourts’ Woodspa Eucalyptus
3 Bashforths’ Jorobaden Prima Donna
4 Smiths’ Melverly Rihanna
5 Rostrons’ Ziphill Memphis Girl

YB 5
1 Harrisons’ Calvdale On The Quite to Glenbrows
2 Glendinnings’ Roqfolly Elle’s Belle
Good shaped bitch with a feminine head good front and rear angulation, not so positive on the move as 1.
3 Bashforths’ Jorobaden Prima Donna
4 Smiths’ Melverly Rihanna
5 Rostrons’ Ziphill Memphis Girl

GB 4 (1)
1 Harrisons’ Calvdale On The Quite to Glenbrows
2 Ozannes’ Lyntonridge Legal Tender
Pretty bitch of good breed type, good head and eye, neat front and feet, has not got the spring of rib of my winner, well angulated rear moved out well.
3 Prices’ Eastriding Intuition

PGB 4 (2)
1 Jacksons Mompesson Celebrity
Good head proportions deep chest with well sprung ribs. Good straight front well angulated front and rear moved out well.
2 Tattersalls’Aalanea Elegance
Nice head and eye well bodied up, rear movement letting her down today.

LB 8
1 Gibsons’ Calvdale Come Catch Me
Nice type of bitch with a pleasing head, good reach of neck big ribs decent angulation moved soundly.
2 Richardson & Terry Richardsons’ Cherishym Bright Star JW
2 year old bitch shown in good condition, feminine head and expression good straight front well proportioned body, moved ok.
3 Guests’ Robil Greta Garbo
4 Willeys’ Calvdale Ask No Questions JW
5 Bashforths’ Alanea Charade of Jorobaden

OB 3(1)
1 McCourts’ Calvdale The Jury’s Out with Woodspa
Lovely bitch, balanced shape, nicely proportioned head, dark eye, good bite, well bodied, shown in first class condition, moved out with drive RBIS and the mother to the two wining puppies, well done.
2 Glendinnings’ Plaiglen Starmaker
Good sized bitch of decent proportions, pleasing head clean neck and well angulated front. Seemed to be slightly overawed and did not give of her best.