National Gundog 19










                                                                      Judge: Mrs C Savell


Such an honor to judge my breed at this show. And thank you for the appointment. Also to my stewards and wouldn’t be a show without the exhibitors.  Thank you for your entries.

Just have to make one comment about our ring.. having dips and holes which had to be skirted around and certainly didn’t help the flow of movement today.


Vet Dog: 2/2

1st: Mitchell’s SH.CH. Peasblossom Jester.

Very pleasing start to my day. A beautiful boy full of quality and style. Shown today in tip top sparkling condition. To keep gaining CC’s /Groups/ as a veteran  is a credit to his owners. Has very kind eye  and balanced head. Strongly made neck into good constructed shoulder placement.  Level top line which he kept on the move . Has strength in well muscled back end. Deep in body and standing on well boned legs.  Happy boy on the move using his tail all the time.  Pleased to award him Best Veteran In Breed.

2nd.Murdock’s  Roqfolly Spectre

Not looking as youthful as (1).  He was carrying too much weight and  wearing too much coat today..  He was really playing up on the stand and on the move. But he certainly was enjoying his veteran years. Very frustrating for his owner.


MPDog: 1/1

1st: Holman’s  Roqfolly Jumpin Jack Frost

This puppy is very raw and found him a little difficult to access on the stack and on the move. As he was just enjoying being too full of himself.  I would like to see more bone on him all over. His head was his fortune and pleasing in eye shape with good proportion and length to his muzzle. He has plenty of time on his side.


PuppyDog: 2/2

1st.Mitchell’s Peasblossom Xanti

Very appealing B/W puppy. Ousing quality.. Looking into a very male headpiece which is balanced.  

Strength in his neck leading  into well constructed shoulders.  Level top line with well set tail  Has a moderate back end which pleased me. Moving with ease and evident as he drove around ring on even stride.

2nd.Green’s Kennair Diamond Geezer

This boys head did not grab me quite as much as (1) and his eyes need to darken a touch more to soften his expression. He has a reasonable shape. Slightly longer in cast and a touch slack in top line. Strength in neck and has correct shoulder placement.  He is still a baby and all develop at different stages.  But boy did he excel on the move. Extending in front and powerful drive from behind. Very pleased to see in one so young.


J Dog: 3/3

1st: Jenkinson’s  Eastriding Royal Mayfair

This young man is only just out of puppy and hope he doesn’t go on to mature too much more.  His head is on the borders of being on the strong side for me, well developed and deep in flews.  Good eye  shape and colour. His head does not displease me at this stage. Love the clean way he flows from neck to well set tail.  Substantially boned all through.  Very enthusiastic on move and covers the ground with good foot fall.

2nd.Gray’s Trimere Time Tracker.

Another just out of puppy and looked it compared with (1) His head as I would expect from his breeding needs time to develop and at the moment is a tad fine across muzzle for a male..  I really appreciated his overall shape.  He has good heart room and body depth..Ribs just need  to spring  His back end is more advanced than his front having good width to second thigh with sound hocks.. He is just growing and at that in between stage . Junior is not easy for some  as a lot of adjustments are being put in  place.  Moved with style.

3rd.Glass’s Gunring My Boy


Grad D. 1/1

1st.Merrick’s  Tiverstone Stateman of Stormerick.

Another B/W boy who’s head did not appeal to me that much..  Would like better length from stop to muzzle and I found his eyes a tad on small size.  He had a compact body and held a decent top line in profile. Found him little short and straight in forearm.  Very well off for bone . Has full and beautiful coat in good condition. His movement was wayward with no intent.



1st.Keighley’s Pendarlow Denahi

Liked the overall proportions to this lads head. leading into  his neck (which would benefit from being hand stripped and blended to give a better impression). Having a decent depth of chest and reasonable sprung ribs but needs to still drop more in body to complete shape. His profile has a flowing top line with good tail set.  Strongly constructed back end which he used to advantage on the move to win this class.  So well handled to get the best out of him today.

2nd.Osbourne’s Pendarlow Peter Pan with Braego

Didn’t realise these two where brothers and are at different stages still of development.  Head still needs to finish  and eyes need to darken a little more to complete that ESS expression but head shape is pleasing. Also like (1)needs to give more attention to neck which would enhance the flow into his shoulder placement. His top line is correct in profile and has a good depth in body which is slightly longer cast. Like his sibling has strongly made back end having good width to thigh and decent hocks.  He didn’t give much on the move today would have liked to see more drive and use of tail, but he did just enough.

3rd. Glendenning’s Beaters Bstylish


L.Dog: 6/4

1st.Eyeington’s  Meadowdale Storm Trooper

Beautiful B/W who stole my eye as he entered the ring.  He is top end size but completely balanced on the day. I seemed to have used the word “Super” a lot in my notes. “ clean lines..shape.. front.. feet.. depth.. angled front & rear..movement.. condition..”  So much so delighted to award him Dog CC today.

2nd.Taubman’s  Meonstoke Hawthorn

A good size smaller than (1). and different style altogether.  His head is acceptable but found him slightly flat across top of scull, super dark eye colour a pinch on the round side. He has strength all through and compact in body with plenty of depth good spring to ribs and bone. Would prefer more length to upper arm but appreciated his moderately angled back end with neat hocks enabling him to motor round the ring holding his top line today.

3rd.Such’s Trimere Ticks The Box At Mujascal shcm


O.Dog: 3/3

So lucky   to have three super examples of quality to get my hands on.  All be it of different style.

1st.Casey & Cavallo Aust Sup CH. Sandicam Royal Escourt (Imp Aust)

So impressed with this L/W/T  he certainly is all male.. He scored today over the other 2  for me with his beautiful clean flowing lines from head to well set tail. Strongly built with good height and body to leg ratio. Depth in front chest and body with good rib spring. His angles front & rear were acceptable and he moved as asked in a positive steady fashion.  I would not want his head to develop on any more and would have liked less strength in flews. Certainly deserved Res Dog CC today.

2nd.Topliss’s SH.CH. Beresford Night Train

Another well made lad.  Who’s head I totally loved and in many ways preferred to (1) Had just the most scrummy feet and his strength in back end with those beautiful short hocks was a joy to get my hands on.  Would just like him to have more use of his tail on move and for me less profuse in coat.  But just loved him.

3rd. Walker’s SH.CH. Dexbenella Atticus Finch


Good Citizen Dog: 2/1

1st:Holman’s Roqfolly Endeavour For Artycreath

I really found this lad very appealing, especially his head eye and expression. He has compact body with depth and enough angles to front and rear.  Standing on decent legs with good feet. Today he was too strong and full of himself for his handler to cope with on the move.  


Now On To The Girls


Vet.Bitch: 3/2

1st: Corbett’s Olliwa Ruthless with Trimere

Quality start to my bitches with this girl.. For me just an arghhhhh of a head to look at. Good strong neck and front assemble just flowing into her top line. She was a little too long in her middle piece for my eye, which also gave her appearance of being short on leg. Moved with grace and style using her tail with abundance making a happy picture.

2nd: Reynolds’s Mompesson Royal Flush

You have to call her head “classic”.  What my eye was used to looking at when I first started showing. Would have liked more length to her neck and shoulder placement not as good as (1).  She has plenty of heart room with strong front well boned legs and good feet.  Today she had eaten too many pies and was rolling on the move, but she is a grand example with many good breed points.


Puppy Bitch:  4/3

1st: Cokell’s  Carlyquinn Kisses of Fire

Oh my just so up my street this 9month old puppy is. First thing that caught my eye was her back end construction and chunky bum.  Loved her head piece on a good strong neck leading into her well made frame.  Held a level line on stack and when moving which she did with style.

Should have a very promising future.  Delighted to award her Best Bitch Puppy & Best Puppy In Breed.

2nd: Topliss’s  Beresford Guiding Light

Another treasure of different style but loved her too.  She appeared to be smaller than (1) but actually wasn’t.  More petite in head with dark eye of correct shape.  She has quality abound. Is

compact in body and another with such well made rear end with just the best short strong hocks. She was obviously feeling very full of herself as didn’t completely play ball on the move, but I saw enough to show herself off.

3rd: Glendenning’s  Plaiglen Encore


Junior Bitch. 2/2

1st: Corbett’s Trimere Taylor Swift

Just out of puppy and playing in her knickers. She is definitely at the in between stage and it showed today.  But couldn’t disguise her promising shape.  Everything for me in the right pace and now just needs time.  Her movement was a little wayward and she had a slight roll, but she will be another to watch and see what a year on will do for her.

2nd Jenkinson’s Eastriding Glam Princess

Another young girl who again is just out of puppy.  What a pleasure to go over. Beautiful head with

correct almond shape and colour.  She did move on the whole better than (1) just found overall style between them made my choice today.  These two extremely promising young bitches who have their own individual qualities will do battle many times.  Good luck to you both in the future.


Spec.Beg Bitch: 2/2

1st: Reynold’s  Clentonian Picture Perfect

Just felt for handler today as she really was not playing ball (that’s girls for you some days).  She is a good strong bitch with a pleasing shaped head. Found her eyes a little on round side but had good colour. Front construction was adequate and she stood on very well bonded legs.  Good depth and spring to ribs in body. Decent width to second thigh but unfortunately did herself no justice on the move. Very frustrating….  Awarded Best Special Beginner In Breed.

2nd: Sander’s Meonstoke Angelica

Her head I found unbalanced but didn’t help that her eyes were very loose and not giving that soft ESS expression desired also was extremely throaty.  Her top line did drop off behind as her tail set was too low.  Also carrying too much weight.  I’m so sorry not to have more positive comments about this girl today as she is totally adored by her extremely keen and willing to learn owner who did his absolute best with her today.


Novice Bitch: 1/1

1st: Shovel’s  Tiverstone Petit Muscat

Probably one of the  best heads of the day.  My breath drew in as I looked into her eyes which had depth and a twinkle looking back at me.. Just a beautiful b/w . Well constructed from head to tail.  All be it she tended to stand wide in front.  BUT.. she was so over loaded on shoulders and slightly over coated for me.  Lazy on the move and knitted behind.  PLEASE get some weight of this delightful bitch.


Grad.Bitch 4/4

1st: Reynold’s  Clentonian Picture Perfect

2nd: Weyman’s  Spuffing Tanqueray

I didn’t find the head on this B/W as feminine as I had hoped.  But was of good proportion and well develop flews.  For me would have liked a tad more length of neck (maybe a good hand strip in this area would give more illusion)but led into sturdy top line.  I preferred her front construction to her rear and today she was hoppy and erratic on the move.  But ground was dreadful in places.

3rd: Lillie’s  Freeway Fortune


Post Grad Bitch: 4/4

1st: Wallis & Levene’s  Pendarlow Tiana

Care should be taken when showing this bitch NOT to over stretch her.. This is a case of markings.. As she is slightly longer cast in body and is shown on her white side (especially on her rear end) can add an illusion of extra length.  Her head is very slow to fully develop still and would like more depth to her flews to complete, but she has charming eye shape and decent colour.  Has a very elegant neck which flows into her top line.  Liked her front assemble BUT her fortune is in her back end which won her this class and enabled her to move as she did with tremendous forward reach and powerfully driving through behind using her hocks.  Pleasure to watch.

2nd: Rowlinson’s  Peasblossom Untamed

Totally different in style to (1)  appealed in head with soft expression. Compact in body with good depth and spring to ribs and overall a very decent shape . Would like a better length to her upper arm and continued to stand wide in front.  Think she was having an off day as when asked to move went with little animation. Didn’t do herself enough justice today.

3rd: Weyman’s   Spuffing Molly’s Secret


Limit Bitch: 11/10

1st: Wildsmith & Brown’s  Trimere Tickle Me Fancy

My goodness how this bitch has come on (but as you might expect from her breeding). Head piece was a joy to look at so feminine with that beautiful soft expression. So well constructed and balanced all through.  Just a note to handler,  She can tend to be lazy in profile and looks to drop her back end a tad behind. Certainly flows correctly on the move and handled today to get the very best out of her. Very impressed.

2nd:  Walker’s   Beresford Night Nurse at Dexbenella

Much more compact gorgeous B/W bitch. Another who when looking into her face had eyes that melted me. Very balanced short coupled body with depth and spring of ribs, standing fore square on well boned legs with neat feet, loved her short strong hocks. Today found her slightly loaded over shoulder which caused a roll on move. Also for me would have preferred less profuse coat around her back end to give her a cleaner look and more of a driving stride with use of tail.

3rd: Topliss’s  Beresford Night Class


Open Bitch: 8/7

1st:  Corbett’s  SH.CH. Trimere Ticked Maid

Very very much my style of an English Springer Bitch.  How she has improved over the last few years. Gorgeous head piece with melting eye and expression.  Stylish feminine body. Was a joy to watch her move out flow  and grace. Delighted to award her Bitch CC & Best of Breed today.

2nd: Topliss’s  Lordsett Uptown Girl at Beresford (imp pol)

Surprised myself here today.  As never been a total favourite in my eyes from ringside (BUT.. there you go.. you need to get your hands on these dogs sometimes)  She is  stronger and slightly  shorter coupled than (1) Her head totally appeals for balance and length to muzzle.  Eyes were of good shape and deep hazel in colour. Well made in front with good depth of chest leading into a deep body.  Tremendous back end with short hocks which sent her off with happy driving action. The only thing that would improve her for me is much less coat.  Delighted to award her today Res Bitch CC.

3rd: Green’s  Kennair I Am I Said


Good Cit Bitch: 3/2

1st Hydon’s Clentonian Pandemonium

Well shaped B/W bitch with a very feminine headpiece just needing a little more depth to flews to finish for me. Graceful neck flowing into clean shoulder placement. Has appearance of length in body but think she just still needs to drop in depth more in body. Right amount of bone for her frame standing on good legs and neat feet.  Certainly covers the ground on the move with an elegant stride.  She was in good form today.

2nd: Sander’s  Meonstoke Angelica