Judge: Mrs Wendy Walker

BIS: Beresford Night Class

RBIS: Meadowdale Storm Trooper

Dog CC: Meadowdale Storm Trooper

Res Dog CC: Sh Ch Beresford Night Train

Bitch CC: Beresford Night Class

Res Bitch CC:  Potrail Turns The Swag On For Pinereoch

BPIS: Carlyquinn Kisses Of Fire

BVIS: Sh Ch/IR Ch Calvdale My Girl Of Fallenleaf JW, ShCM, IR Vet Ch

BB&WIS: Beresford Night Class

Nesss dogs

Always an honour to be invited to judge at a breed club Championship show, this being my third club show, I feel especially honoured.  This show is held at such a super venue, and the work the Secretary and committee put in to make it one of the best is evident.  I thank them for their hospitality. And today the sun shone on us too.


MPD (1)

1st Ison & McDonald’s Kennair Rough Diamond

Raw black white and tan baby, up to size and up on the leg at this stage of his development.  Pleasing bone and tidy feet, good straight forelimbs, neat hocks.  Nice length of neck into moderately angled shoulders, matching rear angles. Deep in stop, would like more depth of foreface to balance his head, but correct eye shape of good colour. A cheeky boy, showing a happy exuberant temperament, moved well and held a good topline when settled, sure he will deepen and become more balanced as he matures.


PD (2, 1 ab)

1st Ison & McDonald’s Kennair Cullinan Diamond BPD

Very promising black and white puppy, more balanced and together than his brother in the previous class.  His head has a good balance of foreface to skull, deep flews and the right width to his muzzle at this stage, male enough without being over done, dark almond shaped eyes showing a hint of mischief!  Good depth of body and well ribbed. Pleasing angles to shoulders and stifles, neat hocks.  Level topline stacked and moving.  Lots of fun ahead for this smart young man.


JD (2, 1 ab)

1st Jenkinson’s Eastriding Royal Mayfair

Quality liver and white, an obviously male and pleasing head, well defined with good fluting, foreface broad and deep in flew with a balance to the skull. Eyes of correct shape and dark enough in colour. Excelled in strength of forechest and body deep enough for his young age.  Elegance to his neck length, and loved the way it flowed into well laid shoulders, well off for bone, spot on for angles fore and aft.  Perfect tail set completing a very strong level topline. Sound as they come, coming and going, and showed plenty of reach and drive in profile.  Shortlisted and a contender in the challenge for the tickets.


YD (1)

1st Graham’s Peasblossom Valentino

Smartly marked  young male with a pleasing head, good shaped well set in eye which could darken a little. Good strength to his forechest, moderate matching shoulder and rear assembly angles, pleasing length to upper arm , sound on the move holding a good topline.


ND (1)

1st Merry’s Chelmeress Tommy Boy into Anacapa

Presented in pristine condition, excellent bone, pleasing amount of substance , nothing to fault with his shoulder and rear angles, just not quite coming together as a whole right now.  But time is on his side.


PGD (2, 1 ab)

1st Ternent’s Hunterheck Turn Back Time

Aptly named “old fashioned sort”.  Out of a smaller mould than some of the other males, but I bet if you measured him he would be closer to the standard than a lot of others around today.   He smacked of quality. The most appealing head, eye and expresssion, beautifully balanced head, deep in flew and adequate width to this foreface. Strong in forechest, good amount of bone,  moderate in angulation which suited his style, the neatest of hocks.  In excellent coat.  Moved soundly, a pleasure to watch in profile with his strong solid topline being held all the while, with his perfectly set and carried tail.  A dog without exaggeration, he is a modest chap who does not shout “look at me”, you have to go over him to appreciate his many qualities.  A dog I liked very much indeed, shortlisted and in my considerations during the ticket challenge.


LD (2)

1st Eyeington’s Meadowdale Storm Trooper DCC, RBIS, BOS.

Had no idea I would like this black and white boy so much.  He oozes quality, and is just so well balanced. Handled to advantage and presentation top notch.  All male and although out of a larger mould than some others today, the important thing to me is balance.  Loved his strength of muzzle, and deep flews. Beautiful eye shape and colour, with a very appealing expression. His lengthy elegant neck sweeps into well angled shoulders, excellent depth to his chest and a good handful of forechest.  Ribs well sprung, the right substance and length to his body.  Well boned.  Text book angles, his markings tend to play tricks and elongate him through the stifle to hock, but I found those angles and proportions perfect in reality.  His movement is effortless and sound, showing plenty of reach and drive in profile and holding a strong level topline, tailed set and carried just right.  A very stylish boy who I was pleased to award the CC and RBIS/BOS today.

2nd Happs’s Clentonian Solomans Seal

Liver white boy with a lot to like, he came up against tough opposition today. Moderate in angulation, well bodied, moved soundly. Did nothing wrong to be beaten by a dog on top form.


OD (2, 2 ab)


CD (1)

1st Topliss’s  Sh Ch Beresford Night Train RCC

A more compact super size and stamp of liver white dog. Another where quality abounds.  Loved his balanced head, all male without being overdone in any way, especially appreciated his correct fluting and chiselling .  Eyes of good shaped and darkening nicely.   Perfect length of neck, into well angled shoulders, with a good length to upper arm.  Deep through the body, ample forechest, elbows tucked neatly into his sides, plenty of heartroom, short coupled and rear angulation as good as the front.  Super smart hocks which he used to good effect on the move.  His movement was sound and he showed more than adequate reach and drive in profile.  Not quite on his “A game” today, but a dog I loved for his overall quality, conformation, type and soundness.  Very happy to award him the RCC.


VD (2, 1 ab)

1st Downward’s Alanea Smax

In such good nick he hardly looks his age.  Super headed dog, Conformationally sound especially in shoulder assembly, moderate stifle angulation, with a good substance though his body. Very sound and stylish on the move, especially in profile, he knows his job and how to perform. Congratulations on an oldie that looks so well and in peak condition.


Child Handling

1st Elizabeth Chandler

This young lady knows how to bring the best out in her dog, and seems to develop a great partnership and rapport with any dog that she handles. She was aware and compliant with all I asked her to do, and positioned herself correctly when asked to move away from me, and when returning – keeping the dog headed towards me at all times. (some of the adult handlers please take note!!!)  Pleasure to award her top child handler.


Special awards:

Olivia Ternent

Not sure if this young lady has tried her hand at showing  before, but she was very proficient at moving the dog around the ring, she was able to answer a few questions showing good knowledge of her dog, and able to show me the dogs teeth when asked to do so. She listened carefully to what I asked her to do, and did her best to achieve it. A star of the future I am sure.

Catherine Chandler

Movement was definitely Catherine’s strong point, moving the dog with ease around the ring, they flowed as a partnership.  She was able to answer my questions correctly and show me her dog’s teeth.  She had a really good stab at stacking her dog, and I really appreciated her efforts.  A young lady who has, without doubt, a great future in handling or anything she turns her hand to.


MPB (4, 1 ab)

Always heartening to see such quality in puppies, it makes you optimistic for the future of our breed. Such a hard job to choose between two beautiful babies, but one had to come out on top.

1st Cokell’s Carlyquinn Kisses of Fire BPIS

Beautiful puppy, more balanced than you might expect of a puppy of this age.  She flowed from the tip of her nose, through her elegant neck and on to the end of her tail.  Good depth for a baby, the right amount of spring of rib, firm strong topline, loved her height to length ratio, pleasing and correct bone.  More than pleasing angles through the shoulders, and excelled in rear assembly, just the right amount of angulation – not too much, not too little, just perfect, with a good width to her second thigh. Smart neat hocks, well let down.  Very sound and stylish on the move, overall picture was very pleasing indeed.  Excellent presentation was the icing on a very tasty cake.

2nd  Topliss’s Beresford Guiding Light

Another I loved and would happily have taken home with me.  She did nothing wrong to come second here. A more compact puppy than the winner, and that’s not to her detriment.  Feminine head, super length of neck into well angled shoulders, pleasing length to her upper arm.  Deep throughout and very much more than adequate rear angulation. Short smart hocks.  Not as settled on the move as the winner, but showing super reach and drive in profile.  Quality and classy and immaculately presented .

3rd Guest’s Eastfalla Time To Tango


PB (3, 1 ab)

1st Cokell’s Carlyquinn Kisses of Fire

2nd Scorgie’s Berkenbar Gianna at Ardtalla

Balanced head on this feminine puppy, well off for bone and super neat feet.  Well bodied for age with pleasing angles fore and aft.  Just not as together or forward as the winner. Sure her time will come.


Junior Bitch (2)

These two young bitches were like chalk and cheese, but with much to commend both.

1st Calvert’s Calvdale Stowaway Magic JW

Loved the make, shape and style of this liver white and tan bitch, excelled in bone and muscle tone. Pleasing angles front and back, very sound on the move, super presentation.

2nd Jenkinson’s Eastriding Glam Princess

This quality bitch had a head that I preferred of the two, more work , more depth and definition.  Nothing to fault with her angulation, especially like the length to her upper arm.  Not in as good coat as the winner, but a lot to like about this classy bitch.


YB (1, 1 ab)


MB (1)

1st Cokell’s Carlyquinn Kisses of Fire


NB (3, 1 ab)

1st Cokell’s Carlyquinn Kisses of Fire

2nd Jenkinson’s Eastriding Glam Princess


UGB (1, 1 ab)


GB (4, 1 ab)

1st Wilson’s Potrail Turns the Swag on for Pinereoch RCC

Loved the style of this quality bitch, carrying plenty of condition and substance.  Classic balanced head, depth and breadth in the right proportions, dark almond shaped eyes perfected the head section. Lengthy neck which flowed into her well made shoulders, good length and depth of body, in the right ratio. Super amount of bone.   Pleasingly angled behind, neat short hocks.  Moved stylishly, soundly and with good reach and drive in profile, tail well set on and carried correctly, holding a good topline while she went.  Well off for bone.  Such a lot to like about this bitch.

2nd Reynolds Clentonian Picture Perfect

Out of a similar mould to the winner, but doesn’t quite come together in the same way. Pleasing head and length of neck.  Good in shoulder angulation and matching rear angles, deep through the body, well boned limbs.  Moved well.  A good one.

3rd Downward’s Royal Gala at Reubens


PGB (4, 3 ab)

1st Joyce’s Kingsheath Total Diva at Felltops

This bitch was beautifully presented, one of the best today, a racier taller type than some of the others here today but has many attributes to commend her. She has an elegant flow of neck into shoulder, well off for bone, tidy feet. Ribs well sprung and in excellent muscle tone.  Moved well and handled to advantage.


LB (11, 1 ab)

What a class, many bitches I liked a lot walked out cardless. Oh to have this quality in depth and numbers  in the male classes at the moment (we have the quality in the males, just not in depth or numbers). Totally spoilt for choice.

1st Topliss’s Beresford Night Class BCC and BIS

I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t noticed this bitch previously, she has always been a favourite of mine, amongst several others. But she just wowed me today.  She is elegant, feminine and sassy. Three words you won’t find in the breed standard but oh how they add to her charm, class and quality. Feminine head, with darkening eyes, good definition with gentle fluting and chiselling. Love the way her elegant neck meets her superior shoulder angulation and she has good length to upper arm and a good handful of forechest. Her elbows are neatly tucked in, with good fill to her ribs and depth to her chest. Topline is level and rock solid, tail beautifully set on, and she used it to good effect on the move. Beautifully boned for a bitch, with neat little feet, short smart hocks which she knows how to use. On the first all together go around, this sassy bitch was shouting “look at me” her reach and drive were just perfect and a bit extravagant. She moved even better on her individual movement settling better to the task. I especially love her profile movement (my notes say it was a joy to watch), you can’t reach like that without superior shoulder assembly. Presentation right out of the top drawer. My pleasure to award her the BCC, and I could not deny her BIS, she just never stopped showing.

2nd Wildsmith & Brown’s Trimere Tickle Me Fancy

Right up my street for type and style.  Well made feminine bitch with moderate angulation, good bone, tidy feet, good depth and substance.  Well handled and presented.  A bitch of quality and class. Had to be a good one to be placed highly in this class.

3rd Croucher’s Teignvalley Diavari

Very different style of bitch to the two that headed this class, more in line with the style of the Graduate winner.  I liked her a lot, she is not a bitch that immediately catches the eye, but she is so good to go over.  Another who was well presented.

Res  Ternent’s Hunterheck Under A Spell

VHC Terry-Richardson’s Cherishym Chara


OB (5)

Two classy bitches of similar style and substance.

1st Topliss’s Lordsett Uptown Girl at Beresford

So loved the head on this “woman of substance”, so balanced, there’s a strength to it, but still oh so feminine.  ~Elegant neck into shoulders. Well off for bone. Great length to her upper arm, super rear angulation, sound , steady and stylish on the move.  Depth and substance through her body which is of good proportions, liked her height to length ratio. Another I liked a lot, close up for the RCC.

2nd Eyeington’s Flaming Whirlwind of Meadowdale

Classy bitch who did nothing wrong to come second.  Really appealing head, dark and well shaped eye good length of  neck, loved how it flowed into her well angled shoulders.  Deep through the body with a good spring to her ribs. Pleasing rear angulation. Tidy hocks.  Movement sound from all angles. Handling and presentation top class.

3rd Ramshaw’s Calvdale Classic Blend

Res Hipgrave’s Ternspringer Harmone

VHC Terry-Richardson’s Cherishym Celaneo


SBB (1)

1st Reynolds Clentonian Picture perfect


VB (4, 1 ab)

1st Cunliffe’s Sh Ch/Ir Ch Calvdale My girl of Fallenleaf ShCM, Ir Vet Ch - BVIS

Surely she can’t be nine and a half?!   Time has flown by for this veteran bitch, but she has hardly aged at all.  Very appealing and balanced in head, lovely eye shape and colour with a hint of mischief.  She is a compact bitch of moderate but pleasing angles.  She comes alive on the move when you get to see the whole package, just beautiful.  An absolute credit to her owner, presented to perfection and so worthy of her numerous titles. Pleased to award her BVIS.

2nd Reynolds Mompesson Royle Flush

Super bone and feet, pleasing head, superior in the shoulder assembly with a good length to her upper arm.  Strong and firm in topline and moved showing soundness and style.

3rd Gibson’s Calvdale Festivities


Judge: Wendy Walker





Photos: Steve Walker

Nesss bitch