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"I was delighted to be asked to judge the NESSS the weather was dry and sunny which allowed everyone to enjoy the beautiful surroundings where the show is held. I was fortunate to have both quantity and quality in my entry and thank the exhibitors for giving me the pleasure of judging their dogs. Thank you to the committee for making me so welcome and to my two very efficient stewards which all contributed to a most enjoyable day."

Minor Puppy Dog (3)

1st Smiths’ Melverly Missionaire
8 month old L/W puppy liked his head with good depth of muzzle and correct eye shape, masculine enough for his age, had a good reach of neck, well balanced body, correct tail set, straight front, up on his toes with nice tight feet good rear angulation moved steadily. BPIS
2nd Savells’ Trimere Tom Cruise with Petranella
Similar comments to my winner of this class apply but just preferred the head and maturity of 1 (this puppy was 2 months younger) and has time on his side. A little longer cast at this stage, moved ok
3rd Holts’ Bethryn Call My Bluff

Puppy Dog (4, 1a)

1st Topliss’ Beresford Special Delivery
Nicely balanced puppy, head still needs to break but otherwise nicely proportioned. Clean over neck and well placed shoulders, level topline, good bone and neat tight feet, moved out with style and great head carriage which won him the class.
2nd Traczs’ Melverly Desert Strike over Acregate
Bigger dog than 1, preferred his head with good depth of flew and correct eye shape, good bone and feet very mature for age, moved well
3rd Willeys’ Melverly Bullit Train

Junior Dog (5)

1st Cokells’ Carlyquinn Can’t Wait
Liver dog with a lovely head, masculine without being coarse, good reach of neck on to well-placed shoulders, level topline, good depth of body strong well angulated hindquarters, moved well
2nd Topliss’ Beresford Busted
Nicely balanced head, good reach of neck, level topline, and nice bend of stifle just preferred shoulder placement of 1
3rd Savell’s Petranella Proper Gossip
4th Downward & Merrys’ Reubens Razzle Dazzle
5th Clarks’ Trimere Talent Seeker at Syferspring

Yearling Dog (3, 1a)

1st Rawdings’ Dukedel Dream Of Mine
Two quality dogs in this class but very different types. I preferred the head of my winner with his melting expression and dark eyes. Overall he presented a lovely balanced picture, good straight front, short compact body, sound steady mover. Being critical would like a bit more of him.
2nd Mitchells’ Peasblossom Jester TAF
Masculine Tri coloured dog well off for bone, good reach of neck, level topline, good depth of body excellent presentation moved well.

Maiden Dog (3)

1st Topliss’ Beresford Busted
2nd Savells’ Trimere Tom Cruise with Petranella
3rd Topliss’ Beresford Special Delivery

Novice Dog (5, 1a)

1st Topliss’ Beresford Busted
2nd Topliss’ Beresford Special Delivery
3rd Traczs’ Melverly Desert Strike over Acregate
4th Clarks’ Trimere Talent Seeker at Syferspring

Undergraduate Dog (1)

1st Savell’s Petranella Proper Gossip
L/W slightly stronger in skull than I would like but marking’s don’t help, well off for bone, tight feet , level topline, nice bend of stifle has plenty of furnishings for such a young dog moved ok.

Graduate Dog (4)

1st Topliss’ Forest Fruit from Tamaam to Beresford (Imp Pol)
Masculine head elegant neck flowing in to well-placed shoulders good depth of body level topline correct tail set, moved really well with reach and drive. With maturity could trouble the best.
2nd Warreners’ Waterswarren Willy Wonka
Masculine head with soft expression, good reach of neck, deep in body in nice coat and condition moved well.
3rd Mitchells’ Barecho Gold Fever at Peasblossom (imp Swe)
4th Savell’s Petranella Proper Gossip

Post Graduate Dog (8, 2a)

1st Larges’ Mompesson Flawless is Madaza
Short compact dog good bone and feet level topline slightly heavy over shoulders moved ok
2nd Morgans’ Plaiglen Dream Dancer
Lovely head with melting expression and lovely dark eyes expected of a Black and White slightly longer cast than 1 would prefer slightly better bend of stifle moved well when settled.
3rd Drinkalls’ Mompesson Tribute to Esscroft
4th Geddes’ Tryhard Privateer at Debanza
5th Richardson & Terry Richardsons’ Alanea Juke for Cherishym

Limit Dog (7)

1st Mitchells’ Peasblossom Chance JW
Stood out in this class masculine head without being coarse kind expression good reach of neck, straight front, good bone and feet, level topline, good depth of body strong hindquarters, moved soundly driving round the ring. As always he was presented in top condition and immaculate presentation delighted to award him the CC (his third I understand) and later his sound driving action demanded BIS.
2nd Larges’ Meadowdale Riot is Madaza
Nice head good neck and shoulders well off for bone tight feet nicely balanced moved well
3rd Downwards’ Alanea Smax at Reubens JW
4th Merrys’ Anacapa Pipers Song for Tingvelle
5th Willeys’ Speeton Sea Challenger

Open Dog (6)

1st Tracz’ Meadowdale Alabama Slammer at Acregate ShCM
5 year old dog which in my opinion has never looked better lovely head with gentle expression and kind eye good reach of neck well off for bone, tight feet, good depth of body, good angulation throughout a pleasure to watch the rapport between dog and handler especially on the move. A lovely dog but unfortunate to meet the Limit dog on such form –res CC in good company.
2nd Topliss’ Sh Ch Peasblossom Escape at Beresford JW
Lovely dog who I have long admired beautiful head, well-made dog all through disappointed today as I didn’t think he had the sparkle I’ve seen in him before and so had to pay the price.
3rd Allen & Botts’ Sh Ch Trimere Talking Point of Allenie JW
4th Smiths’ Sh Ch Mistilys Golden Flash over Melverly
5th Happs’ Jorobaden Alderniti of Emianna JW

Special Beginners Dog (2)

1st Drinkalls’ Mompesson Tribute to Esscroft
Liver tri boy, nice head, good body shown in good coat and condition moved ok and soundly would just prefer a slightly better shoulder placement.
2nd Woolhouses’ Cherishym Outlaw
Liver and white of different type to 1, slightly longer cast, and preferred head of 1, moved ok

Veteran Dog (4, 3a)

1st Sh Ch Downwards’ Reubens Silent Reflection JW
In good form for his 8 years, nice head and expression, good bone and tight feet, compact deep body, moved well