Judge Diane Conrad

It was a pleasant surprise to be invited to judge the Northern English Springer Spaniel Society for a second time and my thanks and congratulations to the hard working committee and stewards who put on a first class show at this superb venue.
I would also like to thank the exhibitors for the quality entry, the sporting manner in which my decisions were taken and for the lively & friendly atmosphere around the ring on this scorching hot day.

Puppy Dog – 1 (1a)

Junior Dog (6, 1a)
1 Topliss’ Beresford Night Train – 17 month l/w dog of lovely size, shape and type. Masculine head with plenty of depth in flews, his eye still needs to darken a touch but the expression was soft. I particularly liked his shoulder placement, well coupled body and short hocks. He was very well collected on the move for a youngster
2 Clarke’s Tigerrock Radio Ga Ga JW only just in junior this b/w dog has plenty body and bone for his age. Shown in lovely coat and condition. Classic well-proportioned head with dark eye, strong arched neck leading into well placed shoulders. Just a touch tucked up in loin at this stage. Moved well fore and aft.
3 Laughlan’s Lochbride Thunderstruck
4 O’Connor’s Calvdale Night On The Town with Karlejay

Yearling Dog (2, 1a)
1 Glendinning’s Plaiglen Beaters BStylish this b/w youngster was a fidget but when he manages to stay still he presents a very nice outline, balanced in height to length, head is of correct proportions and has a soft expressive eye. Good bone and best of feet. Carried his topline well on

Maiden Dog (1)
1 Clarke’s Tigerrock Timmy Tim Tims – very nice typy b/w dog that is litter brother to my 2nd in the junior class. Many of the same remarks apply but he was not as confident as his brother on the move losing his topline and throwing his front however I’m sure this will improve with age.

Novice Dog (2, 1a)
2 Clarke’s Tigerrock Timmy Tim Tims

Undergraduate Dog (no entries)

Graduate Dog 1
1 O Connor’s Calvedale Night on the Town with Karljay – L/w dog of nice type and shape and in super coat and condition but found him narrow all through at this stage in his development

Post Graduate Dog (5, 1a)
1 Topliss’ Beresford Black Tie – Plenty of bone and substance to this b/w boy. Balanced in head with kind dark eye. He has well laid shoulders, good depth of chest and strong quarters that he used well on the move.
2 Eddleston’s Calvdale Nash Bridges – Another nice b/w dog with much to like but didn’t have the substance or ring presence of 1.
3 Woodbridge’s Crackerjanne Court Jester
4 Happs’ Clentonian Solomans Seal

Limit Dog (4, 2a)
1 Jackson’s Mompesson Devonshire – strongly built l/w dog no denying his masculinity. Nicely balanced head with good flews but his eye could be darker. Strong clean neck, great depth to body and spring of rib. Strong quarters used well on the move.
2 Happs’ Jorobaden Ballabrigas – l/w dog more my type and size, nicely coupled body and good bone. However he didn’t have the neck and shoulder of 1 but preferred his head and eye. Moved a touch close behind.

Open Dog (5)
1 Smith’s Sh Ch Melverly Top Geezer – One I have watched since he first came out and today this young dog was on top form. His handler creates a very smart outline on this striking and handsome boy. He has a nicely moulded head with a good reach of neck into well laid shoulders, good front and his chest is nice and deep with plenty of heart room, body height to length is in proportion giving him nice balance. Superb bone and feet with excellent hind quarters, nicely muscled. Moved out well on a nice stride – sound in front and behind. Delighted to award him CC and later BIS
2 Clarke’s Beaters Barron JW ShCM – a super dog full of maturity and so very handsome. He has a refined masculine head with a good eye, decent shoulders and front. I just loved his wonderful fat bum, second thigh and lovely short hocks, along with his fabulous feet and bone. He moved positively and with drive and his condition was a credit to his owner.
3 Tracz’s Melverly Desert Strike over Acregate
4 Brough & Walker’s Riselawroad No Deal
5 Holt’s Bethryn Devil Moon Ir Jun Ch JW

Champion Dog (4)
1 Mitchell’s Sh Ch Peasblossom Jester - this boy looked immaculate in his solid liver jacket and pristine white coat. He presents a stylish outline, flowing from nose to tail. He is well balanced with good angulation front and rear. His head is refined with an almond eye and a soft expression beneath his tan brows. He’s such a showman on the move displaying great extension, reach and drive along with good head carriage - so typical of this kennel. Pleased to award him the RCC.
2 Smith’s Sh Ch Melverly Buona Notte another boy I really like with true springer type. He’s all male without any coarseness, his head is balanced, square in muzzle with nice chiselling and fluting and the expression is soft and kind. Superb front and shoulders, deep brisket and body of nice proportions and correct weight. He has super bone and feet and good well-muscled quarters.
3 Jackson’s Sh Ch Mompesson Winchester
4 Bott & Savell’s Sh Ch Art-Waves Standing Ovation for Allenie

Special Beginners Dog (1)
1 Eddleston’s Calvdale Nash Bridges ShCM

Veteran Dog (4)
1 Tracz’s Sh Ch Meadowdale Alabama Slammer at Acregate ShCM – this spritely 10yr old l/w hid his years well, shown in lovely condition and is a credit to his owner. Masculine balanced head, well bodied with good angulations. Nice to see he still had strength in is rear quarters to move soundly around the ring.
2 Happs’ Sh Ch Jorabaden Alderniti of Emianna JW smaller in statue that 1, this 9 1/2yr old l/w boy seemed to enjoyed his day out. He has a strong yet balanced head with a good front and excellent depth to the chest, nicely coupled with good rear angulation.
3 Friel’s Sh Ch Petranella Perfick Choice for Beresford
4 Drinkall’s Mompesson Tribute to Esscroft Jr. Vet Ch

Special Open Qualified Dog/Bitch (No entries)

Minor Puppy Bitch (4, 1a)
1 Macleay’s Potrail Shape Of You this 6 month puppy is so assured and well put together for one so young. A liver tri with nice head and eye shape but colour still to darken, she has sufficient neck into nicely assembled shoulders and a straight front. Well developed in body for age with a good topline. She was happy and confident on the move taking everything in her stride. Happy to award her best puppy in show.
2 Lillie’s Freeway Remembrance – very much a baby and a bit overwhelmed on her first time out but very much liked the overall type and shape of this youngster
3 Lillie’s Freeway Fortune

Puppy Bitch (3, 1a)
1 Mitchell’s Peasblossom Untamed – a super pretty puppy that is going through a raw stage but has everything in place for the future. She has a feminine head with nice square muzzle and good eye pigmentation. Good length of neck and smart clean outline. A bit of a handful on the move but had a “look at me attitude” which I love.
2 Pitts’ Wandsfell Night Music this b/w puppy had super depth to her well-developed body and was in great coat and condition. She just lost her topline on the move and needs to strengthen in her hocks.

Junior Bitch (6, 1a)
A class of some lovely young bitches

1 Topliss’s Beresford Night Class – extremely pretty l/w bitch teeming with type and quality. Stood she is so well balanced with a nice clean outline. Gorgeous head and eye, nice length to her neck into well-made shoulder assembly, body of correct proportions and substance. Super quarters with well bent stifles and excellent bone and feet. Shown in sparkling condition. She paced at first before finding her stride to move soundly round the ring her. Pleased to award her RCC I’m sure she will have a great future.
2 Clarke’s Tigerrock Strike A Pose – really feminine in appearance, loved her old fashioned type and full liver jacket, attractive head & eye, well-proportioned deep body, had correct bone & substance, super short hocks she used well on the move
3 Cunliffe’s Calvdale I Say of Fallenleaf CJW19
4 Holt’s Miss Bones Tamaan to Bethryn (imp)
5 Sherlock’s Tiggerock Cadburys Twix

Yearling Bitch (4, 1a)
1 Calvert’s Calvdale Heritage Of Folly JW balanced feminine head, nicely arched neck into well made strong and deep body, short coupled with shapely muscled hindquarters. Moves out very well.
2 Hancock’s Meadowdale Jedi of Hanknight – this b/w girl has an attractive head with correct eye shape and colour, deep body on well boned legs and nice feet, slightly longer cast than 1. Shown in super condition and had good width behind on the move.
3 Delanty’s Beaters BMagic

Maiden Bitch (3)
1 Clarke’s Tiggerock Strike A Pose
2 Sherlock’s Tigerrock Cadburys Twix
3 Pitts’ Wandsfell Night Music

Novice Bitch (2)
1 Clarke’s Tiggerock Strike A Pose
2 Pitts’ Wandsfell Night Music

Undergraduate Bitch (3, 2a)
1 Calvert’s Beresford Night Spell young b/w girl of ideal size and full of type with an utterly feminine well worked head, elegant and well balanced in outline and in sparkling condition. A little lethargic on the move today probably due to the scorching conditions

Graduate Bitch (2, 1a)
1 Dobbin’s Donarden Dream Baby – this youngster is developing nicely. She has a well-balanced head with good eye colour for a l/w tri. Neat and tidy in outline. Great rear quarters, bone and feet. Was not happy coming towards me but absolutely sound.

Post Graduate Bitch (7)
1 Mitchell’s Peasblossom Ophelia pretty l/w bitch with a nice balance of substance and style. Nicely worked head and a dark soft eye, good deep chest with plenty of heart room. I liked the width to her second thigh and super short hocks.
2 Woodbridge’s Crackerjanne Penelope Cruz – super feminine head with a soft expression. She is not a flashy bitch but lovely to handle. On the move she looked to glide round the ring showing off her lovely topline. This was a close decision but felt she was a fraction longer than 1.
3 Corbett’s Trimere Ticatboo
4 Glendinning’s Plaiglen Dazzled
5 Topliss’ Beresford What The Devil

Limit Bitch (10, 1a)
1 Mitchell’s Barecho Odd Molly at Peasblossom she has matured nicely since I last judged. She is a most charming typy bitch with a super feminine head and her expression melts your heart. Good arched neck into well laid shoulders. Great depth to the body and strong quarters standing on fabulous tight padded feet. An enthusiastic mover with good head carriage and tail action but a touch close behind today.
2 Clarke’s Jorobaden Teal at Syferspring an honest bitch so well put together, pleasing head and eye, straight front with good shoulder placement and solid topline, strong in quarters and a sound mover. Just needs the furnishings to complete the picture.
3 Terry Richardson’s Cherishyn Chara
4 Green’s Kennair I am I Said
5 Topliss’ Lordsett Uptown Girl at Beresford (imp)

Open Bitch (9, 2a)
1 Corbett’s Olliwa Ruthless with Trimere (imp) – I haven’t changed my opinion of this bitch since she last came under me – feminine, elegant and so well balanced. One I like very much.
2 Dobbin’s Sh Ch Donarden Madame Butterfly – such a quality bitch with great substance but still feminine. Excellent length of neck into well placed shoulders, she used her strong quarters to move soundly round the ring with purpose and drive.
3 Green’s Kennair Like A Diamond
4 Willey’s Melverly What Style
5 Gibson’s Calvdale Festivities

Champion Bitch (3)
1 Corbett’s Sh Ch Trimere Ticket Maid – a young bitch I have admired and was not disappointed going over her. Ideal size & type with good head shape, very feminine, with lovely straight front, nicely coupled body with good depth but would like a little more spring to the ribs. Excellent well-muscled quarters. She showed her socks off which won her the class.
2 Glendinning’s Sh Ch Beaters Bedazzled – a gorgeous bitch oozing maturity and quality. Immaculately presented just felt she wasn’t on her best form today
3 Jackson’s Sh Ch Mompesson Legacy

Special Beginners Bitch (2, 1a)
1 Delanty’s Plaiglen Beaters BMagic – young l/w bitch of pleasing type with feminine nicely balanced head. She needs time to fill her frame but it will come. Moved a touch close behind.

Veteran Bitch (5, 1a)
1 Jackson’s Sh Ch Mompesson Royal Dancer – I haven’t had the pleasure of judging her before but when I got my hands on her found her to be quality through and though. Liver and white with just a hint of tan this lady has a well worked classic head of good proportions and soft expressive almond eyes. She has just enough reach of neck for me but her front and shoulder construction was what I was looking for. She has great substance and symmetry to her short coupled body. I also loved her excellent sprung ribcage, fabulous rear quarters and superb short hocks. Shown on a loose lead she moved so true and strong with purpose and drive. She was in great coat and condition and could not deny her the CC, RBIS & BVIS
2 Smith’s Sh Ch Melverly Sophistique – a very classy bitch who I made BPIS many moons ago and has gone on to fulfil her potential and much more. Just carrying a little extra weight today but can still compete for top honours.
3 Cunliffe’s Sh Ch/Ir Sh Ch Calvdale My Girl of Fallenleaf JW ShCM
4 Hipgrave’s Ternspringer Melody