NESSS Open 2017

BEST IN SHOW - Cherishym Chara
RESERVE BEST IN SHOW - Bethryn Devil Moon
BEST PUPPY IN SHOW - Beresford Night Spell
RESERVE BEST PUPPY IN SHOW - Hunterheck Turn Back Time
BEST VETERAN IN SHOW - Sh Ch Calvdale My Girl at Fallenleaf

NESSS Line up 2017

It was with pleasure I accepted the invitation to judge the NESSS Open Show. Many thanks to the Officers and Committee of the Society for entrusting their show to me. My very efficient steward for the day was Vicky Warrener. Thank you to Nicola and team for being the great hosts. Main thanks to the exhibitors for your entry, very much appreciated. I was delighted with my main winners. BIS was Cherishym Chara, RBIS Bethlyn Devil Moon, BPIS Beresford Night Spell, BVIS Sh Ch Calvdale My Girl at Fallenleaf.

What a great class to start the day with!

Class 1 - Veteran Dog/Bitch
1st – Cunliffes’ Sh Ch Calvdale My Girl at Fallenleaf, Belies her age with her appearance and movement. Such a feminine head, defined chiselling and soft expression. Wonderful spring of rib, good hindquarters and moved with verve.
2nd – Friels’ Sh Ch Petranella Perfick Choice for Beresford, 9year old gent in fine fettle. What a super head this dog has. Can still hold a good top line and in excellent shape for age. Moved steadily, credit to owner.
3rd - Mompesson Tribute to Esscroft

Class 2 - Ellen Dobson Open Stakes Dog/Bitch
1st – Holts’ Sh Ch Trimere Tranquiliser to Bethryn, A balanced outline when stood, lovely proportioned head, so feminine, Good length of body and correct rear angulation which made her movement good to see.
2nd - Long & Leemings’ Tryhard Walter Raleigh, B/W tri. Well-constructed male, Pleasing in head. Masculine throughout with no coarseness. Good depth of body and strong well-muscled quarters. Moved freely.

Class 3 - Minor Puppy Dog
1st – Ternents’ Hunterheck Turn Back Time, Super B/W puppy. Head with plenty of work in it and the darkest of eye with an expression to die for. Well bodied for a youngster but makes a super outline. Well set shoulders and well developed hind quarters made sure that this lad moved correctly. Good bone and tight feet. I do like him. BPD.
2nd – Greenfields’ Eastfalla Night Fever, Plenty of work in this masculine head, pleasing eye, would prefer a cleaner throat. Lacking maturity at the moment giving the appearance of lean and a little long. I’m sure with time the depth will come and his frame will fill. Moved soundly.

Class 4 - Puppy Dog
1st – Calverts’ Calvdale Night on the Tiles. Overall pleasing young dog. Correct headpiece with proportionate length skull to foreface. Good length of neck into well placed should. Compacted throughout. Well let down and used his hocks to drive him on moving. Super coat and condition.

Class 5 - Junior Dog
2 very nice B/W young dogs
1st – Jenkingsons’ Eastriding Declaration At 16 months this B/W is just where I would want him to be. Impressive outline, no exaggeration on this young man. Balanced head with good fluting and stop. An expression to melt you. Sufficient neck into a true shoulder and front assemble. Nicely ribbed with short loin. Well-developed hind quarters correct return of stifle and straight hocks. Moved well.
2nd – Glendinnings’ Plaiglen Beaters Bstylish, Not long out of puppy. A stylish youngster from this kennel. Masculine head with enough work in it, correct eye and expression. Good neck & good ribcage & loin, well set & carried tail, good hindquarters, bone & feet. Needs to tighten in movement

Class 6 - Yearling Dog
1st – Woodbridges’ Crackerjanne Court Jester, Super male dog. Good size and well made throughout. Clean lines and no sign of coarseness. Pleasing head and eye. Super body shape with strong couplings and a moderate bend of stifle. Enough bone and ok feet. Moved well. RBD

Class 7 - Maiden Dog
1st - Plaiglen Beaters Bstylish

Class 8 - Novice Dog
No Entries
Class 9 - Undergraduate Dog
No Entries

Class 10 - Graduate Dog
1st - Crackerjanne Court Jester

Class 11 - Post Graduate Dog
1st – Eddlestons’ Calvdale Nash Bridges, B/W well presented male. Good head and expression, decent length of neck. Would prefer a deeper fore chest. Well ribbed and bodied. Will all his furnishing was difficult to access his movement, which looked ok.

Class 12 - Limit Dog
1st – Holts’ Bethryn Devil Moon, This young dog really impressed me. Looked good on the stack and when going over him found a balanced head with super working round the eyes and cheeks. Sufficient neck and a strong topline. Well constructed shoulder and a nice depth of forechest. Excellent bone & feet, good spring of rib short coupled with muscular quarters. Moderate angulation. Lovely let down hocks which gave him the powerful push creating great movement. BD & RBIS
2nd – Brough & Walkers’ Riselawroad No Deal. L/W pleasing head shape depth of muzzle and eye colour. Correct ear set, level topline, deep well sprung ribs that were ribbed back, would have preferred a little less loin. Well boned. In lovely condition, moved well.

Class 13 - Open Dog
1st – Hays’ Tralay Blackjack, 6 year old who didn’t look his age. Strong head but gentle expression. Good topline that held when moving. Too loaded over shoulder for me, but good length of body and depth.

Class 14 - Special Beginners Dog
1st - Tryhard Walter Rayleigh
2nd - Calvdale Nash Bridges

Class 15 - Minor Puppy Bitch
1st – Calverts’ Beresford Night Spell, What a super b/w puppy. So well balance throughout. Everything put together so very well, making a very feminine and compact outline. Moved well with drive and so in tune with her proficient young handler.
2nd – Greenfields’ Eastfalla Careless Whisper, B/W puppy with a pleasing outline and a sweet head. She has strong limbs and super tight feet. Sound mover. Not as mature as 1, but time is on her side.

Class 16 - Puppy Bitch
1st – Calverts’ Calvdale Heritage of Folly, 11 months old and what a well balanced young girl. Pretty head with feminine expression. Lovely slightly arched neck. Good front assembly and like her length and depth of body. Well coupled and good width of thigh. Moved steadily.

2nd – Cunliffes’ Calvdale I Say of Fallenleaf. Just 9 months and starting to mature into a really pretty young lady. Head still needs to come but enough work is there. Correct in every department, just needs time which she has got. Like her a lot. Needs to steady on move.

Class 17 - Junior Bitch
No Entries
Class 18 - Yearling Bitch
1st – Conrads’ Peasblossom Rumours at Strathnaver, L/W nearly 2 and in super coat and condition. Would prefer a more feminine head and darker eye. Good spring of rib but just a tad long in body. Well off for bone and good movement.

Class 19 - Maiden Bitch
No entries
Class 20 - Novice Bitch
No entries
Class 21 - Undergraduate Bitch
No entries
Class 22 - Graduate Bitch
1st – Holts’ Plaiglen Beaters Bjewel to Bethryn, Sweet bitch who is maturing nicely. Pleasant head with correct eye shape and colour. Not the neck and shoulders of some of my other winners. Good bone. Strong quarters and well developed second thigh. Moved well with handler.

2nd – Gibsons’ Calvdale Rag Nymph, Balanced outline, head and expression. Super topline which she held nicely. Well bodied with moderate angles. Super coat and presentation.

Class 23 - Post Graduate Bitch
1st – Ternents’ Hunterheck Under A Spell. Lovely b/w who is a quality bitch. Good headpiece with softest expression. Wonderful neck that ran into well placed shoulders. Full ribs that go back to a super short loin. Well covered hindquarters. Super legs and feet. Moved just ok today without any sparkle about her, that I know she has. Maybe because we were inside today, after a summer outside.

Best class of the day!
Class 24 - Limit Bitch
1st – Richardson & Terry Richardsons’ Cherishym Chara, What you see with this bitch is what you get. She is not a glamour girl, nor is she dripping in coat. She is an honest to goodness bitch built on old fashioned lines. For me she complies with the standard and has that bit more besides. When going over her everything is where it should be. A feminine head with dark eye and expression. She has clean lines which mould her into a super frame. Good moderate angles and length of stifle, straight hocks, correct shoulder placement and elbows set well into her sides all this leads to super movement fore and aft and holding together her topline in profile. Good condition, sufficient feathering and well presented. Nit picking!! Ermm would like tighter feet. I was impressed and thrilled to award her BB and BIS. I do hope she completes her title.
2nd –Drinkalls’ Calvdale Maleficient of Esscroft. At last this bitch is showing maturity and looking now as if she is ready to take on the big girls. Divine head with correct width of skull and foreface. Soft expression with a hint of cheekiness. Good length of neck and clean lines. All front assembly as it should be. Up to size and good bone, tight springy ribs and good length of loin. Well rounded hindquarters, well toned and a fair second thigh. Strong straight hocks which gave her fluid movement fore and aft. Not in her ‘Sunday Best’ coat wise, but a good amount of feathering. Lots to like about her – and I did
3rd - Hollivera’s Verona with Eastriding
Reserve- Calvdale Beautiful Romance
VHC - Crackerjanne Call Me Maybe

Class 25 - Open Bitch
1st – Ternents’ Hunterheck Turning Tables. What is not to like about her. I’ve judged her before and the same comments apply today. She is an honest classy bitch of the old style northern lines. Lacked sparkle today.
2nd – Richardson and Terry-Richardsons’ Cherishym Celaneo Different type to one, slightly longer cast. Smart head piece with a gentle expression. Moved well.

3rd - Calvdale Festivities

Class 26 - Special Beginners Bitch
No entries
Judge Jayne Crabtree - Yarlestre