WELKS 2019 Judge: Mrs J Miller




Delighted to have the opportunity to judge my own beloved breed, the opportunity arose due to the fact Ann Webster was injured and not able to judge. I was impressed with the quality of the entry and the dogs and bitches I found, not all would have entered under myself but came and showed well and though a cold day I decided to stay outside, the large slightly uneven ring gave the dogs freedom to move. It is such a shame that our breed numbers are falling so low, this is such a lovely breed to live with and certainly to show. I can remember the days when we had approximately 150 or more at Championship show days and with Open shows in the 50s. Movement is a serious issue we have our own movement we must with breeding find correct forward reach from the shoulder and rear drive from muscled quarters. Presentation of feet and ears today was excellent.

Veteran Dog Entries 3 Absentees 0
1st SH.CH PLAIGLEN HUSTLE (GLENDINNING MS F) This nearly 9 year old has matured so well and kept his youthful looks and ways and certainly gives his owner a hard time on the stance and the move. He is such a totally balanced dog fitting the standard well. Love his fairly broad head with a medium length and lovely chiselling, correct stop and fluting between his clear dark almond shaped eyes with such appealing expression. Correct set and hung furnished ears. Holds himself well on muscular neck into laid back shoulders. Firm back line both on the stance and move with a correctly set and carried tail. The best of angles at front with depth to chest, elbows held in on straight well boned legs and compact tight feet. Kept in lovely hard condition his body was carrying good weight, lovely spring of rib into a short loin. Excellent presentation and conditioning to his gleaming B/W coat with lovely feathering. Muscular hindquarters with moderate return to his stifle. Lovely side stride and sound front reach and showing sound rear drive.
2ND GLENBROWS HAD TO BE (BARNETT MR P.W. and MRS E) Could not believe this boy had reached 7 years old, looked good on the stance and has matured into a nicely made dog. Correct height to length and stands well covering the ground. Masculine well worked and marked head, good chiselling, moderate stop and nicely fluted. Lovely dark eyes of good shape giving a kind expression, well presented and set ears with nice feathering. Little shorter in neck and not the depth of chest of my winner. Very firm short back with nice tail set, over a well ribbed back body with enough depth. L/W coat a little dry condition but presentation and feathering was good. Nicely boned straight forelegs with compact feet, moderate return of stifle and straight hocks. Very positive sound mover who covered the ground.

Minor Puppy - Dog Entries: 2 Absentees: 1
1st SANDAHARR MALTESER AT NIKOSTRATUS (DR N J S HENDERSON) This was just a baby at his first show and not really what I would normally be hoping from a 6 months baby. In my opinion he is more working type than show but he is of good height and correctly balanced, going over I could find many good breed points. He is certainly an English Springer to look at and his L/W coat was in super condition with lovely gleam just needing a little feathering to make the picture. Skull of good width, enough stop, muzzle little short and narrowing, correct dentition. Eyes fraction round and needing to darken. Ears set little too high some clever trimming might help. Moderate length to neck well laid shoulders and firm level backline to tail set on and carried correctly. Little straight in upper arm, needing depth to chest and body, his ribcage is well sprung so with more weight and substance this could bulk him up and give more of a show look. Straight well boned legs and tight compact feet. Has a full of fun attitude, and enjoying his day, but he behaved on the stance and once settle showed soundness.

Puppy - Dog Entries: 1 Absentees: 0
1st EASTRIDING ROYAL MAYFAIR (MRS K JENKINSON) On the stance this young dog presents a lovely balanced picture and is very nice to put your hands on. He is of correct height to length for his age and has a lovely firm held back over a well sprung and rib back body with depth and weight. His presentation was second to none, his nicely marked L/W coat was in gleaming condition plus nice feathering coming. Has good angles front and rear being moderate behind with correct return of stifle and short hocks. At this present moment I liked his well worked head which was correctly balanced, I hope as he matures his head does not get overly heavy. Strength to a broad skull, moderate stop with fluting, dark almond shaped eyes, depth to muzzle and flews. Shows himself well, stylish mover and very sound has good reach and powerful rear drive with nice happy well carried tail. BPD BPiB

Junior - Dog Entries: 2 Absentees: 0
1st GUNRING MY BOY (MRS E A GLASS) Of the two I preferred the overall build and balance of this young dog and presented a nice outline on the stance. Correctly moulded head nicely balanced, nice stop, almond shaped eyes could be darker. Moderate neck length, just too much throat, well laid-back shoulders into a firm level backline and carried tail. Good angulation from shoulder to upper arm with depth to chest and brisket elbows held in on balanced straight well boned legs to tight compact feet. Substance and depth to a good body, well ribbed back to short loin. Muscular hindquarters, moderate return to stifle with short clean hocks. Trimming and presentation to his L/W coat was good would have liked it in better condition, enough feathering. His correct angles showed on the move which was free sound with correct reach and drive
2nd ELLIOT CHRISTIAN GABRETTINA (IMP CZE) (MR T HAMILTON) Slightly smaller build than my winner. I found him to be long in back, being too deep in the body having that depth and feathering it showed more the lack in balance, on examination I found him too short on the leg. Well worked head but would like more strength and masculinity, dark expressive eyes of correct shape, set ears nicely feathered, fluting through stop. Enough neck to shoulder into a firm level backline over a good body with ribs sprung back into a slightly longer loin. Would like a better angled front and depth to chest. Muscular hindquarters with good return of stifle, short hocks too heavily coated which made rear movement look very close in action. Beautiful presentation and in gleaming condition his flat nice textured L/W coat. Once settled moved out soundly.

Post Graduate - Dog Entries: 1 Absentees: 0
1st MADISARMAR BIG APPLE (MRS S J DAVIS) I really liked this dog. Due to his lightly marked, flashy coat this boy looked big on the stance but on putting my hands on, found him to be of correct size with good overall length and well put together. Loved his moulded head, well set feathered ears, nice stop, chiselling and fluting, almond eyes could be darker. Proud head carriage on moderate clean neck set well into laid back shoulders, into a firm level top-line to well set and held used tail. Correctly angulated front and hindquarters the front has depth to chest and hindquarters well muscled with good return of stifle and short hocks. Developed and ribbed back body with short loin all covered in a well presented, textured and stylish marked L/W/Tan coat with lovely feathering. Nice to see correct springer action with good shoulder swing and reach with sound rear drive.

Limit - Dog Entries: 6 Absentees: 1
1st BERESFORD NIGHT TRAIN (MRS T E TOPLISS) just recently saw this dog and was delighted to see him here today and was not disappointed on putting my hands on him. Lovely size and overall balance and presented in a well marked and conditioned L/W coat with lovely feathering finishing the picture. Masculine head well worked with correct balance and strength, stop, fluting, chiselling, kind dark alert eyes. Clean moderate length of neck to well laid back shoulder into a firm level back with tail well set on and carried happily. Body has lovely substance and depth, with correct angles front and rear. Depth to chest and brisket with elbows held in on straight well boned legs and compact tight feet. Hindquarters muscled with correct return of stifle and short strong hocks. Very sound positive mover would like less body roll but could not fault this DCC and BOB
2nd MOMPESSON ROYAL DREAMER (MRS R & MR M TWILLEY) Slightly bigger boy with a stronger masculine head which was well worked and chiselled, correct stop, almond shaped eyes well set with good expression, well hung ears. Holds head correctly on the move on strong moderate neck, would prefer a cleaner throat. Well laid-back shoulders and nicely angulated to upper arm, firm back line of correct length to tail set on and carried out well. Body with depth and substance today for me was carrying little too much weight. Ribs well sprung well back into short loin. Muscular correctly developed hindquarters, good return of stifle and strong hocks. Compact feet. Handled and presented well in a very clean conditioned straight L/W coat with good feathering. Very sound free mover covers the ground with good reach and lovely rear drive.
3rd MADISARMAR BIG APPLE (MRS S J DAVIS) unlucky to have met these 2 above today.

OPEN 1 Entry Absent

Special Beginners - Dog Entries: 4 Absentees: 0
2nd ROQFOLLY SPECTRE (MRS D MURDOCH) Over the years this boy has certainly improved being slightly taller than 1 but has overall balance. Masculine head but slightly narrower for me would like more strength of foreface, kind expression from his eyes but they need to darken, enough stop with fluting. I would like little more length to neck and lay back of his shoulders, has a firm level backline. Well marked and presented flat L/W coat with nice feathering. Today he was carrying far too much weight which spoilt his overall outline. Body with sprung ribs needing to be further back, little long in loin. Enough front and rear angles with straight boned legs and tight compart arched feet. Covered the ground moving out well and was sound.
3rd TIGERROCK SUPER TED (MR D & MISS G THOMAS) needs more body and substance.

Special Beginners - Bitch Entries: 4 Absentees: 2
1st KINGSHEATH ASUKA (MRS R & MR M TWILLEY) very attractive tri on the stance and is correctly balanced and built. Very well worked feminine head just spoilt by too much flew, nice stop, chiselling and good dentition. Moderate neck into well laid-back shoulders, a firm level backline which her owner/handler insists on making the top line slope away by over stretching her hindquarters. Well set and carried tail. Correctly angled front from shoulder to upper arm with good depth of chest and brisket with straight well boned forelegs to tight arched feet. Good weight and substance with depth, ribs well sprung back into short loin. Outline is enhanced by good presentation to a lovely conditioned and trimmed Tri coat with nice feathering. Good stifles with good return and second thigh to straight short hocks, sound free mover with enough side stride, reach and drive.
2nd CLENTONIAN PICTURE PERFECT (MR R & MRS J REYNOLDS) Overall presents a nice outline with a good height to the length very well coated with nice feathering. Pretty feminine head needing a little more work and strength to muzzle and foreface. Well held and feathered ears, enough stop, kind eyes. Holds head well on moderate length to neck would like a cleaner throat. Well laid-back shoulder into a firm level back of good length to a well set and held tail. For me I would have liked more substance and depth to her well ribbed back body, needing more angulation to the forequarters and depth to the chest. Straight forelegs with enough bone tight feet. Hindquarters with much better angulation which showed on the move with more power to rear and not the reach and throw from the front which on occasions made for a pacing action.

Veteran - Bitch Entries: 4 Absentees: 0
1st MOMPESSON ROYAL FLUSH (MR R & MRS J REYNOLDS) This is my type of head, lovely and feminine, having a sweet expression from correctly shaped eyes where age is giving a slight colour change, so well balanced and worked with nice stop, fluting and chiselling. Well set on and hung ears. Correct dentition for age. Holds head proudly on good neck length into laid back shoulders, holding a firm topline both on the stance and the move, lovely held and set on tail. In nice muscle tone and body condition with good depth, with a beautifully presented and conditioned straight L/W/Tan jacket with lovely feathering. Has correct angles front and rear which enabled her to move soundly with correct reach and drive on well boned legs and feet.
2nd PEASBLOSSOM GEISHA AT MEONSTOKE (MRS K C TAUBMAN) Close decision on the next two just preferred the slightly better outline and overall balance. Feminine well shaped head and correctly balanced, having chiselling, nice stop and eye colour who liked a more almond eye shape. Muscular neck of correct length set into well laid back and angled shoulders, would have liked more upper arm. Strong firm back correctly set and held tail. Body in lovely tone, condition and has depth, ribs well sprung back with short loin, presented in a flat solid liver and white jacket in gleaming condition. Hindquarters well developed with strong hocks. Straight well boned forelegs and tight feet, very sound mover would like more reach but has a sound action with drive from rear.

Minor Puppy - Bitch Entries: 4 Absentees: 1
1st PLAIGLEN ENCORE (MS F GLENDINNING) topped a class of nice puppies all so different. I preferred the overall balance and outline of this 8 month-old girl and I really liked her pretty well worked head, sweet expression from correct almond eyes, ears well set. Lovely clean neck into well laid shoulders lovely shoulder to upper arm angulation. So well bodied for her age with enough substance and depth, lovely spring to ribs well back into short loin with slight tuck. Beautifully presented and conditioned clean flat coat with lovely markings and with feathering coming. Firm toned hindquarters well developed stifle and short hocks. Was the soundest in the class having an excellent side stride with reach and drive.
2nd CARLYQUINN KISSES OF FIRE (MRS H COKELL) has a lovely balanced outline with a very attractively marked L/W coat which catches the eye. Head correctly balanced with such a sweet expression from almond shaped eyes just needing to darken, nice stop, chiselling. Would have liked a little more length to her neck, correctly set into shoulders which are a little straight in angulation but has a good upper arm, well boned straight forelegs with compact feet. Short firm level back held well over a correctly ribbed back body with nice weight and in good muscular condition. Hindquarters well angled with tone, strong hocks. Was really enjoying her day out and was a little jumping jack in the box but once settled was sound and had good rear drive, would like more front reach.

Puppy - Bitch Entries: 2 Absentees: 0
1st EASTRIDING SHEER LOVE FOR SANDICAM (MR E & MR C CASEY & CAVALLO) Although I had seen this youngster being shown before she was not something I thought I would like as I did not appreciate the tick or roan marking of her coat but I felt I should not penalise her as she presents a lovely outline on the stance and when you put your hands on her she is lovely to go over. Very pretty, nicely constructed head, good stop, kind almond shaped eyes, well hung ears, nice chiselling. Proud head carriage on moderated clean neck into well laid-back shoulders, firm level backline and nicely carried tail. Well ribbed back body with depth and substance, angulated front and rear, straight well boned balanced legs and compact arched feet. Hindquarters well muscled with moderate development, very stylish sound mover with good ground coverage with reach and drive
2nd TRIMERE TAYLOR SWIFT (MRS A CORBETT) attractively marked L/W/Tan presented in a lovely textured flat conditioned coat. Stands covering the ground well is of a good build and balance. Head is feminine and balanced, eyes of good colour just loose in rim which spoilt expression, well hung ears, foreface with little too much flew. Good neck length, little upright in shoulder with good upper arm and depth to chest. Firm level topline over a body well ribbed back into short loin. Forelegs well boned and straight with compact feet, muscular hindquarters with moderate return of stifle. Would like more reach and positive rear action.

Junior - Bitch Entries: 5 Absentees: 3
1st EASTRIDING GLAM PRINCESS (MRS K JENKINSON) Loved the size and overall balance of this very feminine youngster, well named in her glamorous solid L/W jacket with lovely sheen and enough feathering. Very attractive well worked and balanced head, nice stop between her dark almond eyes, well hung ears. Holds head well on muscular moderate neck clean throat, well laid back shoulders into a firm level back, well set tail. In lovely body condition and tone with ribcage well sprung and back into a short loin. Angulation front and rear with nice depth to chest and balanced legs well boned with compact feet. Muscular hindquarters with good second thigh and short hocks. Good side stride and very sound having reach and drive.
2nd TIVERSTONE WINTER NELIS AT HOLLYSEND (MRS D CUMMINGS) Nicely put together youngster with a correct outline and balance. Pretty well worked head with nice chiselling and fluting, moderate stop, dark expressive eyes of nice shape. Good strength to fore face. Moderate clean neck into well laid shoulder on into a firm held back and nicely set and carried tail. Well ribbed back body with depth and substance, coat well conditioned and nicely presented with shine to B/W with nice feathering. Would have liked more upper arm angulation, straight well boned legs and feet, nice return of stifle. Sound mover lacking in forward reach was short striding, sound behind but not as positive as 1.

Yearling - Bitch
Entries: 2 Absentees: 0

Post Graduate - Bitch Entries: 9 Absentees: 2
1st BERESFORD NIGHT CLASS (MRS T E TOPLISS) very attractive 2 year old with a lovely stance and covering the ground well. She has a lovely outline and so feminine, beautiful head shape with nice working, almond shaped dark eyes, well set and hung and feathered ears. Very proud head carriage on moderate clean neck into well laid back shoulders to angulated upper arm. Firm level back with nice set to tail with good carriage. Hindquarters correctly developed with return of stifle second thigh and short hocks. In lovely weight and condition with ribs well sprung back into short loin beautifully presented dark well marked L/W coat with good finish and condition. Moved with good forward action and rear drive on well boned legs and compact feet.
2nd CALVDALE RAG NYMPH (MRS S & MR G J GIBSON) Slightly taller than my winner but has overall balance and was presented in nice hard condition and with a body of good substance and depth. Sweet well worked head, balanced, nice stop, expressive dark almond shaped eyes. Strong moderately long neck into well laid-back shoulders and firm top-line to tail well set on and used. Nicely angulated front with depth to chest and straight well boned legs and tight feet. Hindquarters well developed with correct stifle and short hocks. Fairly sound mover with good action once she settled down. Condition and presentation to her L/W coat was excellent.

Limit - Bitch Entries: 8 Absentees: 3
1st TRIMERE TICKLE ME FANCY (MR S, MRS M, MRS E & MISS G WILDSMITH & BROWN) I have judged this bitch on two previous occasions and had my doubts on her makeup and soundness. As she stood across the ring she really caught my attention and could see a lovely outline and how she had matured, as her turn came she felt really good to go over. Stylish pretty, balanced head, lovely work with fluting, chiselling nice stop separating her almond shaped kind dark eyes. Holds head well on clean moderate neck set into laid back shoulders, a firm level back to a tail well set and used. Beautiful flat L/W coat in condition, correct texture lovely furnishings. Correctly angulated forequarters, deep chest and straight balanced forelegs, body with ribs well sprung back to short loin with slight tuck, substance and muscle tone. Muscular hindquarters correct stifle, second thigh and hocks. I held my breath as she moved away and was delighted to see so much work had gone into getting this bitch sound. Lovely forward reach from correct shoulder action, so sound rear drive covering the ground well with great side stride. RCC unlucky to meet Open.
2nd TRIMERE TICATBOO (MISS S J CORBETT) This is a very feminine 3.5 year old, a correct outline with good overall balance being of nice size to length and is presented in lovely condition with substance and depth to her body which was well ribbed back into a short loin. Very attractive and nicely marked L/W/Tan coat with feathering. Would prefer a stronger more moulded and worked head, fluted stop, expressive dark eyes, enough balance to foreface. Good neck to shoulders into a firm back to well set tail. Forequarters correctly angulated to balanced straight well boned legs and compact feet, rear quarters developed with moderate return of stifle, short hocks. Positive mover with good side stride and is sound coming and going.

Open - Bitch Entries: 5 Absentees: 2
1st BORDACITY HONEY RYDER (MR G & MS S LAWLER & WATSON) This is certainly my type of bitch you could say the correct old-fashioned type fitting into the breed standard so well and having a stunning outline and so beautifully balanced. Having not seen this 4.5 year-old for some time she seems to matured and come into her own, presented a lovely breed type of correct size and length and working so well with her handler. Feminine look with correct shape and chiselling to her head, nice fluting to stop, dark alert almond shaped eyes. Proud head carriage on a lovely clean neck into well laid-back shoulders and firm level top-line held well on the stance and the move using a happy well set on tail. Very well marked and coated L/W with nice feathering over a body with depth and substance and very well angulated front and rear with good angle from shoulder to upper arm, deep chest with elbows in on nicely boned straight forelegs and compact arched feet. Hindquarters well developed and muscled, moderate return of stifle and second thigh, straight hocks a powerful very free sound mover with lovely correct shoulder throw and reach with clean driving action CC BOS
2nd SH CH TRIMERE TICKET MAID (MISS S J CORBETT) Difficult to separate the next two as I liked and disliked things about both. This girl presents a lovely outline on the stance and looks out standing across the ring and is so well handled to get the best from her. Lovely size and overall length which shows in her level backline, tail could be better used and carried upwards. Feminine head of which I would like more length and strength in foreface, well set ears, nice stop, expressive eye of correct almond shape. Clean moderate neck set well back into shoulders, not quite the fore angles of my winner or the depth of chest. Well ribbed back body into short loin covered with a stylish clean well condition L/W coat with lovely feathering. Developed hindquarters with some tone, moderate return to stifle and second thigh with short hocks. Movement from the rear is free but I would like better front extension and better tail use.