Richmond Judge: Kay Woodward

Dog CC : & BOB Sh Ch Roandew Dez Diddit JW Sh.CM Res Dog CC : Sh Ch Reulemill Thomas McNulty JW Sh.CM Bitch CC : Rosannoch Berkano JW Res Bitch CC : Peasblossom Butterfly At Beresford Best Puppy : Petranella Just Perfick

'First of all I would like to apologise to all the exhibitors for my unexpected delay in getting to the show ground, also congratulations to you all for managing to keep your dogs so clean in such terrible conditions. I was more than pleased with my winners.'

Class 1698 VD (2 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 7666 GEDDES Mr & Mrs A Debanza Brigadier
alone but a worthy winner10 yrs young shown in good bloom masculine without coarseness appealing head & eye well off for bone deep in body & strong in quarters moved well

Class 1699 PD (5 Entries) Abs: 1
difficult class having the mature & the very immature in together
1st: 7730 WOOLHOUSE Miss J Cherishym Outlaw
won on maturity and was a bit more settled that 2 masculine head eye still needs to darken more good depth & length to body well presented moved steadily
2nd: 7680 JENKINSON & PRICE Mrs K & J E Eastriding Edition
raw baby who shows promise pleasing head with good eye shape & colour reachy neck & good shoulders ample bone for age neat feet excellent presentation just needs more confidence
3rd: 7657 BROUGH, Ms C & WALKER Mr P Riselawroad Spiral Blue
Res: RICHARDSONS' Cherishym Bright Knight

Class 1700 JD (6 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: 7685 LAWLER, Mrs D & LAWLER Mrs C Roqfolly Ballroom Blitz
quality dog of good type liked his overall make & shape lovely size masculine head with good eye & expression strong in neck & firm in front angulation & topline deep body with well coupled loin moderate bend of stifle strong quarters gave sound easy action well presented
2nd: 7664 EASTWOOD Ms D Plaiglen Memories
tidy dog of good size & type masculine head good eye colour nicely arced neck good forechest well ribbed up hocks well let down sound mover well handled & presented
3rd: 7723 WARRENER Mr P D & Mrs V L Cepen Changing Places With Waterswarren
Res: 7660 COLE Mr A & Mrs L Greygoose Travelin Light

Class 1701 YD (6 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: 7652 ALLEN, Mr A C & BOTT Mr R P Trimere Talking Point Of Allenie JW
flashy dog shown in gleaming coat & condition head ok & eye darkening well off for bone and good feet body of good proportions quarters well rounded a little steep in croup well presented
2nd: 7664 EASTWOOD Ms D Plaiglen Memories
3rd: 7723 WARRENER Mr P D & Mrs V L Cepen Changing Places With Waterswarren
Res: 7719 TRACZ Miss J J Meadowdale Basil

Class 1702 PGD (10 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 7675 HANCOCK Mr G & Mrs L Carnmarth Countri Whispers at Hanknight
masculine LWT with good substance throughout good reach of neck to firm topline body deep with well sprung ribs strong quarters & hocks well off for bone with good feet moved well
2nd: 7731 WRIGHT Miss B M Kingsheath Batista
B/W has a lovely expressive eye enough bone & deep body with good forechest & ribs moved well
3rd: 7715 THOMAS Miss D Roqfolly Wardance
Res: 7724 WHITLEY Mr & Mrs D J Shipden Will Hay
VHC: 7687 LONGLEY Miss J Petranella Toast Master

Class 1703 LD (11 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: 7703 ROSE Mrs E Rosannoch Eihwaz JW
gleaming coat of excellent condition good head dark expressive eye reachy neck and correct topline & tail set well coupled in loin firm quarters moved well
2nd: 7678 JAGGERS Mr R & Mrs J Jaraina Just Inspired
good type & size solid dog pleasing head & eye lovely forehand balanced in body & strong quarters well presented moved soundly
3rd: 7695 PIDCOCK Mrs A & Mr P Ketsby King Of Klubs
Res: 7681 KIRK Mr P, Mrs S M & Miss C A Laceby Devil's Advocate
VHC: 7664 EASTWOOD Ms D Plaiglen Memories

Class 1704 OD (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 7692 PALMER Mr J C Sh Ch Roandew Dez Diddit JW Sh.CM
nit picking here and surprised myself as well as the owner, sound no frills dog with all the essentials good head pleasing eye strong slightly arched neck level topline to good tailset body of good depth ribs well sprung good legs & feet quarters sound & well rounded moved with drive & enthusiasm very well handled & presented CC & BOB
2nd: 7650 ADDOO Miss J Sh Ch Reulemill Thomas McNulty JW Sh.CM
worthy Ch lovely type & size correct shaped expressive eye ample neck to well placed shoulders deep in body & strong in loin & quarters ample bone with neat feet well off for coat and was well presented moved soundly with drive RCC
3rd: 7696 QUIRK Miss C Connaghyn Explode on Impact

Class 1705 VB (4 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 7654 BARKER Mr A J & Mrs V M Berrybark Polly Pillicote
sweet old lady who was showing her age a little but good make & shape correct size feminine head good eye & expression deep body good legs & feet well presented showed well
2nd: 7699 READ Mrs M Cleavehill Bijou Noir Of Brailea
B/W shown in good order good front & well rounded quarters well presented just not as positive on the move as 1
3rd: 7671 GRIMSHAW, Mrs P M & LANCASTER Miss B Patbee Definitely Devine
Res: 7670 GRIMSHAW, Mrs P M & LANCASTER Miss B Patbee Dizzy Dame

Class 1706 PB (9 Entries) Abs: 3
1st: 7708 SAVELL Ms C Petranella Just Perfick
very mature puppy of good type lovely head & dark eye strong neck to good shoulders well off for bone tight feet deep in body strong in loin ribbed well sprung and correct topline low in hock well presented moved really well BP
2nd: 7658 BROUGH, Ms C & WALKER Mr P Riselawroad Blue Braid
not the maturity as 1 but coming along nicely pleasing eye & expression reachy neck well rounded quarters when settled moves out with good stride time will be her friend
3rd: 7702 RICHARDSON, Mr P & TERRY-RICHARDSON Mrs Y Cherishym Bright Star
Res: 7677 HYDON Mrs M Mompesson Sweet Revenge
VHC: 7721 WALKER Mr S P & Mrs W M Dexbenella Gracie May

Class 1707 JB (7 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 7718 TOPLISS Mrs T E Peasblossom Butterfly At Beresford
what a lovely bitch she is maturing into built on clean lines appealing head with a melting expression neck of good length to strong level topline body of good depth well coupled with excellent quarters lovely legs with neat well padded feet very well presented very sound on the move really strides out pleased to award her the RCC
2nd: 7679 JENKINSON Mrs K Eastriding Envy Me
 B/W quality bitch from any angle feminine but retains substance lovely head & eye correct height to length body of good depth ample bone & good feet shown in excellent coat & condition well presented moved soundly
3rd: 7725 WILLIAMS, Mrs J & TOUBLIC Mrs D Cobhay Precious Polyantha
Res: 7676 BURSNALL, Ms S & NAYLOR Ms C Hanknight Miss Jiggles
VHC: 7729 WILSON Mr R F & Mrs A L Meadowdale Shooting Star

Class 1708 YB (6 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 7718 TOPLISS Mrs T E Peasblossom Butterfly At Beresford
2nd: 7668 GEDDES Mr & Mrs A Gleadsbury Whatadaydream At Debanza
quality bitch who is maturing nicely lovely head good eye & expressive eye reachy neck deep in body & firm in topline shows a lovely profile picture with no exaggeration well presented moved very well
3rd: 7707 SAVELL Ms C Petranella Perfickly Dealt JW
Res: 7734 YOUNG Mrs E A Shelcasrie Silver Rainbow
VHC: 7655 BARSLEY Mrs J M Shipden Zarathusa

Class 1709 PGB (13 Entries) Abs: 3
1st: 7659 BROUGH, Ms C & WALKER Mr P Reason To Be At Riselawroad
pleasing feminine head with correct eye colour good depth of chest well ribbed up neat hocks well let down lovely legs & feet shown in good hard condition moved well
2nd: 7706 ROSTRON Miss B J Ziphill High Spirits
aptly named gives her handler a hard time honest bitch feminine with good neck & shoulder placement well rounded quarters hocks well let down which gave sound driving action well presented
3rd: 7707 SAVELL Ms C Petranella Perfickly Dealt JW
Res: 7683 KIRK Mr P, Mrs S M & Miss C A Laceby Devils Delight Of Togipoto
VHC: 7674 HANCOCK Mr G & Mrs L Eastriding Burberry From Hanknight

Class 1710 LB (9 Entries) Abs: 3
1st: 7704 ROSE Mrs E Rosannoch Berkano JW
quality feminine bitch with good overall confirmation liked her head & dark expressive eye of good colour strong neck slightly arched body well ribbed of good depth lovely legs with the neatest of feet sound in quarters & topline good tailset & action shown in sparkling coat so well presented sound ground covering movement CC
2nd: 7693 PALMER Mr J C Roandew Farr Frommit JW
another quality bitch hard to fault lovely head & eye strong in neck & body properties good bone feet & well rounded quarters moved really well
3rd: 7717 THORNHILL Mr G & Mrs S C Ketsby Kerfuffle at Inthor
Res: 7712 TATTERSALL Mrs A Alanea On Silent Wings
VHC: 7682 KIRK Mr P, Mrs S M & Miss C A Caraday Delightful JW

Class 1711 OB (5 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: 7720 WALKER Mr S P & Mrs W M Sh Ch Trimere Total Devotion To Dexbenella JW Sh.C
worthy Ch ultra feminine head good eye colour nice size well ribbed deep body to firm quarters lovely legs & feet neat hocks moved soundly
2nd: 7689 MILLER Miss K F Feorlig Chrystal Clear JW
correct size B/W/T pleasing head & expression lovely bone & neat feet well proportioned body well coupled loin sound in quarters well presented moved well
3rd: 7662 COOK Mr D H & Mrs H M Kingsheath Jazz of Burnbake