Southern English Springer Spaniels Society Bitch Results 2009 BCC & RBIS - Sh Ch Roandew Farr Frommit JW RBCC -Melverly Sublimity BPB - Trimere Tantums and Tiaras VB - Berrybark Polly Pillicote

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1. Hancocks’ Hanknight Whispers in Time
B/W Tri, Pleasing, showing promise, structurally sound and balanced, feminine appealing head and expression, well filled deep body and spring of ribs, moved steadily to win class.
2. Holmans’ Artycreath Diamond Dee
L/W, Different type to one and may require plenty of time, neatly structured, shade harsh in expression, not as settled on the move as winner, well conditioned.

PB 7 (1)
1. Corbetts Trimere Tantrums and Tiaras
Excellent L/W puppy full of quality, beautifully balanced and proportioned, lovely dark feminine eyes and melting expression, structurally very sound all through looked a picture of lovely type and condition, moves with ease and full extension for one so young, Best Puppy.
2. Osbournes’ Petranella Casts a Spell over Braego
Most pleasing puppy to handle, shade larger than one, well balanced with good head neck and shoulder construction this L/W was well presented has good outlook, coat and body condition, animation of action most satisfactory on the move.
3. Hancocks’ Hanknight Whispers in Time
4. Hollenders’ Melvemere gold Seal
5. Naylors’ Bridies Bridget Jones

JB 15
1. Mitchells’ Barecho Qualified to Show with Peasblossom
One for the future, L/W, a lovely youngster feminine and well balanced racy stance, lovely head, expression and carriage, very good shoulders, bone legs and feet, level firm topline held while striding out with drive.
2. Savels Petranella Just Perfect JW
Very close decision, so well structured and sound, typical breed type, clean and very well balanced throughout, well of for bone, tight feet, excellent quarters and thighs, eyes and head command attention, just not as forward as one.
3. Cokells’ Trimere Thrills and Frills
4. Richardson & Terry-Richardsons’ Cherishym Bright Star
5. Rose’ Eastriding Intuition

YB 10
1. Mitchells’ Barecho Qualified to Show with Peasblossom
2. Topliss’ Peasblossom Butterfly at Beresford
L/W, Pleasing well balanced bitch, appealed in head and feminine expression, good body, quarters, thighs and hocks, just lacks angulation in front affecting her performance and extension.
3. Hancocks’ Hanknight Miss Jiggles
4. Toublic & Williams Cobhay Precious Polyantha
5. Richardson & Terry-Richardsons’ Cherishym Bright Star

MB 4 (1)
1. Cokells’ Trimere Thrills and Frills
Well developed short coupled L/W, a most pleasing shape of springer in outline and body, lovely rounded quarters and low set tail, jawline detracts and a shade heavy otherwise sound, needs to be more focused in movement.
2. Rose’ Eastriding Intuition
B/W, Pleasing head, neck and steady movement, still requires further maturity to improve overall body substance and development of muscle tone, preferred type of one.
3. Barsleys’ Peasblossom Charm

NB 7
1. Osbourns’ Petranella Casts a Spell over Braego
2. Cokells’ Trimere Thrills and Frills
3. Rose’ Eastriding Intuition
4. Warreners’ Dexbenella Gracie May for Waterswarren
5. Richardson & Terry-Richardsons’ Cherishym Bright Chrystal

GB 9 (2)
1. Willey Arcadia Almaria
L/W Looks the part in profile, really well balanced sound construction, soft feminine expression from hazel eyes, good stop with enough strength in foreface, well developed body with rounded powerful quarters, lovely clean front and tight feet, moved with drive, liked her.
2. Richardson & Terry-Richardsons’ Cherishym Bright Star
L/W , Typical in type stamp, pleasing throughout body and limbs, balanced head though eyes to darken, plenty of coat in the pink of condition, would benefit from more drive on the move.
3. Barsleys' Shipden Zarathusa
4. Wilson Mr RF & Mrs AL Meadowdale Shooting Star
5. Chesters Roqfolly Tamarind

PGB 11 (3)
1. Walkers’ Dexbenella Drama Queen JW
L/W, Very feminine and racy appearance, typical well balanced head adequately fluted with lovely eyes and chiselling, clean straight forehand good tight feet, sound with quarters well rounded, shade bossy at shoulder junction otherwise nicely balanced , well handled and shown.
2. Topliss’ Trimere Talk of The North
Another most pleasing L/W bitch , well balanced throughout built on clean lines, racy profile, excellent well set dark eyes, well moulded balanced feminine head with good width of foreface, rather soft in body and feet to tighten, moved freely with good reach and gait.
3. House’ Gleadsbury Whatalibery J/w
4. Willey’s Calvdale Come Catch Me
5. Guests’ Robil Greta Garbo

LB 14 (3)
1. Smith’s Melverly Sublimity
A springer through and through for type, construction and true balance, super L/W bitch that exudes quality throughout, has the desired strength and durability required, is totally sound in all fundamental areas, just loved the combination and flow in front along with her head and super broad rounded quarters , excels action and drive just not in top gear in the challenge, RCC.
2. Savells’ Petranella Perficly Delt JW ShCM
Another high quality L/W bitch, ultra feminine in head qualities and dark hazel eyes, on handling found her to be really well constructed and balanced throughout, excels clean front and well rounded feet, moving well, just preferred overall type and animation of one.
3. Palmers’ Roandew Daisy Dunnit JW
4. Hales’ Sheledams Close Encounter JW
5. Cunliffes’ Calvdale Fair Cop with Fallenleaf JW

OB 9 (3)
1. Palmers’ Sh Ch Roandew Farr Frommit JW
Most worthy L/W Sh Ch, Proportionately, beautifully balanced racy construction and breed type, another that handles so well and simply demands attention, head, properly set darkest of eyes, expression and finish through foreface are a joy, strong neck, firmest of level toplines, excellent quarters thighs and hocks, beautifully coupled muscular body, she is so sound and produced the goods on the day, pleasure to award CC and RBIS.
2. Corbett Miss S Sh Ch Trimere Tigra
Delightful L/W tri Sh Ch, Very sound and beautifully angulated in front, so true to breed type in stance, most feminine and appealing expression from lovely dark hazel eyes, just a little more strength through her body and head for me, excels feet and shape of quarters with low set active tail, could carry more weight to advantage, excellent movement.
3. Eyeingtons’ Meadowdale Rosemary
4. Topliss’ Beresford Find Blend
5. Weyman’s Spuffing Porsche

VB 9 (2)
1. Barkers’ Berrybark Polly Pillicote
An old stager but surprisingly active and sound on the move, carries herself so well, showing good balance of angles front and rear, sweet head and expression, firm level topline to good quarters, very well handled L/W
2. Taubmans Meanstoke Madonna
Different type to one being much stronger in frame and build moved freely, shade bossy at shoulder junction and not as cleanly framed as one, well conditioned and handled.
3. Coles’ Graftonbury Chinatown at Greygoose
4. Toublic & Williams Sericum Made In Heaven at Cobhay
5. Reads’ Cleavehill Hijou Noir of Braile

President Special Open Stakes Bitch 13
1. Mitchells’ Barecho Qualified to Show with Peasblossom
2. Cunliffes Fallenleaf Witchy Woman
L/W, Typical springer for type standing and on the move, liked her size and overall balance, pleasing head shape just a shade full in eye set, excels quarters and thighs, very good head carriage and free action when moving.
3. Toublic & Williams Cobhay Precious Polyantha
4. Barsleys’ Shipden Zarathusa
5. Guests’ Robil Greta Garbo

Progeny 1
1. Savells Petranella Perfick JW ShCM
All typical and generally well balanced, fit and built for function with well balanced heads, all have lovely dark eyes.

Brace 3 (10
1. Savell
Similar comments to progeny apply to this lovely pair of Springers.
2. Williams & Toublic
Pleasing and well balanced in stance together, preferred heads of first brace.

1. Savell - Petranella
Petranella’s Team of four. A generally healthy and fit for purpose team, looked quite well balanced together, definitely typy and sound moving round.