1. Gregorys’ Arcadia Atomic Force
L/W, Compact well balanced sound sturdy puppy with good spring of rib, strong well rounded quarters and well turned stifle, pleasing head clean skull eyes to darken, moving on very good legs and feet just needs to tighten up in front.
2. Merrys’ Anacapa Pipers Song For Tingvelle
Again a well balanced puppy at this stage, well boned with good front and feet, plenty of body shown in excellent condition moved steadily just preferred head and coupling of 1st.
3. Hancocks’ Hanknight Time In Motion
4. Holmans’ Artycreath Jet Jester
5. Mays’ Charlie Brown Hot Chocolate

PD 5
1. Walkers’ Petranella Perfickly Frank With Dexbenella
L/W, Well constructed puppy though up to size, overall best for movement front and rear with good gait and head carriage he covers plenty of ground, pleasing expression neck and shoulders, would prefer cleaner skull.
2. Wright Miss J. Anacapa Jameison Gold
B/W, Overall a well made typy puppy built on clean lines pleasing head neck and shoulders, good body properties with well rounded quarters and strong thighs, happy lively mover, preferred expression and front extension of 1st.
3. Topliss’ Petranella Perfick Choice For Beresford
4. Hancocks’ Hanknight Time In Motion
5. Mays’ Charlie Brown Hot Chocolate

JD 5
1. Corbetts’ Trimere Thriller
L/W, Well balanced young dog, typical in type very sound moving with good driving action and full extension , well made all through, lovely work in head, eyes could be darker, good neck into clean well laid shoulders, well angulated in front, firm topline and tail set on low, broad well developed thighs , well conditioned and handled, a most likeable dog.
2. Greens’ Kennair Owotanight
L/W, Liked him though rather a handful at present, good head and finish to foreface with strong clean jawline, well set eyes of good colour, unexaggerated front and rear assemblies plenty of heart room through ribs well coupled body, strong rounded quarters and well muscled thighs used to advantage, coat a little lifeless.
3. Mitchells’ Peasblossom Chance
4. Richardson & Terry-Richardsons’ Cherishym Bright Knight
5. Woolhouse’ Cherishym Outlaw

YD 8
1. Eyeingtons’ Trinitas Newky Brown of Meadowdale JW ShCM
Upstanding substantially made L/W, most appealing of heads with lovely dark eyes and masculine expression good reach of neck but could blend into cleaner shoulders, decent upper arm angle, clean well boned forehand excellent feet, grand depth of brisket and ribs, powerful driving movement from muscular quarters and thighs.
2. Mitchells’ Peasblossom Chance
L/W, Lighter framed dog though clean and well balanced overall, shade heavy skull and not the expression of 1st , very good reach of neck into well laid shoulders his stamp in type is typical of a sound free moving english springer well conditioned in body and coat.
3. Warreners’ Cepen Changing Places with Waterswarren
4. Richardson & Terry-Richardsons’ Cherishym Bright Knight
5. Coles’ Greygoose Travelin Light

MD 2
1. Coles’ Greygoose Travelin Light
L/W, Balanced head, dark eyes, clean front and neck assembly, good tight feet but needs a little more substance in body and frame for me, moved quite erratically, well turned out and handled.
2. Creighton & Venamores’ Blackfriar Dartagnon (imp Aust)
L/W, Similar in build and preferred head and expression of one, well angulated in front, needs to settle on the move, very good presentation.

ND 2
1. Topliss’ Petranella Perfick Choice For Beresford
L/W, Just needs time to develop in body, well broken in head, dark eyes with pleasing expression, would prefer cleaner skull, strong straight front, standing on four good feet with broad development through his well turned thighs, moved soundly.
2. Coles’ Greygoose Travelin Light

1. Mitchells’ Peasblossom Chance
2. Delantys’ Dingdarling Mr. Blue Sky
L/W dog of good overall make and shape, masculine head and expression, clean neck into well laid shoulders, ample rib and body properties, well turned quarters, though rather heavy footed spoiling flow of his movement.
3. Traczs’ Meadowdale Basil
4. Haigh’s Rianlas Right Royal Rogue
5. Richardson & Terry-Richardsons’ Cherishym Bright Knight

PGD 12 (1)
1. Wright Ms BM Kingsheath Batista
B/W, sound moving front and back end , pleasing on the eye with well extended gait and very well carried head, unexaggerated in build, firm level topline, clean head neck and shoulders , lovely eye pigment, well boned in front with good feet, just a shade long in middle, won class on overall performance, very well handled.
2. Gregorys’ Arcadiea Atom IC
Very pleasing dog in profile, though found him a little heavy in skull otherwise satisfying to go over, well constructed throughout with well sprung ribs and quality through his quarters thighs and short hocks, just not as positive in front action at elbows cost him the class.
3. Topliss’ Rianlas In The Black At Beresford
4. Long & Leemings’ Tryhard Brandshatch
5. Glass’ Tiverstone Prarie Spay at Covina

LD 10 (4)
1. Allen & Botts Trimere Talking Point at Allenie JW
L/W, very much a springer, in every way a most eye catching dog combining balance with powerful sound movement, well chiselled masculine head with pleasing outlook, ample neck length set into excellent shoulders upper arm, legs and feet , low set tail on muscular well turned quarters and bulging thighs , very sound, achieving full extension of gait and real drive with ease. RCC.
2. Cunliffes’ Fallenleaf New Kid in Town JW
powerful very well constructed L/W dog shown in super hard condition, excelling in firm topline, spring of ribs, legs, thighs and feet, lovely dark hazel eye colour well set in sockets, would prefer cleaner jawline, moved soundly with drive and well carried head, much preferred the balance and more sparkling form of one.
3. Donaldsons’ Donarden Star Attraction
4. Greys’ Trimere Talk It Up
5. Reads’ Brailea Better Believe It

OD 7 (2)
1. Hales’ Sh Ch Trimere Trading Places With Sheledams
Liked everything this worthy L/W offered, true to type very well balanced, full of quality, no exaggerations, super firm muscle tone and full double weather resisting coat added the complete finish to a lovely dog, moved and carried himself as only a springer can , again achieved full extension and real drive with ease , pleased to award CC and BIS.
2. Palmers’ Sh Ch Roandew Dez Diddit JW ShCM
Another most worthy dog this L/W Tri delivered all that I expected , powerful and well balanced throughout without a hint of exaggeration, well carried head and outlook, strong neck and shoulders, powerfully made enduring body, moved with drive, just preferred the style, front extension and finish of one on the day.
3. Mitchells’ Sh Ch Barecho Hold Your Horses for Peasblossom JW (imp Swed)
4. Savells’ Petranella Perfick JW ShCM
5. Hughes’ Feorlig Xtremely Fammable ShCM

VD 8 (1)
1. Ingleys’ Heulyn Flambeau
Very good dog to go over ,this L/W moved soundly in front and rear, he has good type, well constructed throughout, excels head, expression ,neck and front assembly and is well balanced overall, performed well on the move, could carry more weight to advantage.
2. Merrys Anacapa Solo Flyer ShCM
L/W, Similar in stamp to one though lighter in frame, well balanced and active mover, shown in good condition , well presented, preferred head and expression of one.
3. Weymans’ Cherimore Royal Connection With Spuffing
4. Toublic & Williams’ Cobhay Sweet William ShCM
5. Hughes’ Feorlig Xtremely Fammable ShCM

President Special Open Stakes Dog 8
1. Mitchells’ Peasblossom Chance
2. Glass’ Tiverstone Prarie Spay at Covina
Liked his overall shape, neck, topline and nicely turned quarters, would prefer more power from thighs and generally more of him, moved away steadily.
3. Taubmans’ Meonstoke Make Me Smile
4. Toublic & Williams’ Cobhey Sweet William ShCM
5. Woolhouse’ Cherishym Outlaw