48  BPIS - Calvdale Beautiful Romance
47  BCC (Sh Ch Trimere Teresa Green) & RBCC (Mompe

Kay Woodward BCC RBCC

MPB 7 (1)
1 Shovel Tiverstone Pacific Rose
B/W puppy with a feminine head, lovely dark eyes with a sweet expression.Good reach of neck into shoulders, deep in body for her age, short coupled, plenty of coat and feather, moved well another having a lovely time on her day out.
2 Lawler & Lambert Artycreath Devil Made Me Do It
Good neck and topline, well made hindquarters, balanced in body, sound mover, raw as yet but has the right frame to fill.
3 Holman & Lawler Artycreath Viva La Vida
4 Joyce Kingsheath Total Diva At Felltops
5 Cook Kingsheath Bayley of Burnbake

PB 4
1 Calvert Calvdale Beautiful Romance
So together for her age. Her head is well worked and she has a gentle expression with correct eye shape. Arched neck into well laid shoulders, good topline, strong hindquarters,super reach and drive on the move. BPIS
2 Greenfield Eastfalla Firenza
Nice type of bitch, head not so balanced as 1 yet, good neck , short coupled, good depth, moved well.
3 Jenkinson Eastriding Black Opium
4 Macleay Potrail Secret Affair

JB 7
1 Corbett Trimere Ticatboo
Well constructed bitch, balanced in head with correct eye colour and shape, has width to hindquarters with a good bend of stifle. Movement was sound.
2 Gunn Peasblossom Rummours at Strathnaver
Nice type with a smart outline, liked her head and eye, arched neck of good length, balanced in body, good front movement but moving close behind today. Well presented.
3 Whittock Peasblossom Roma at Kingsheath
4 West Grosbreuil Abricot Regas
5 Wildsmith & Brown Trimere Tickle Me Fancy

YB 16 (6)
1 Calvert Calvdale Hot Pink JW
B/W Lovely moulded head and eye with the kindest of expression,nice length of neck ,close coupled with good depth and layback of shoulder,strong hindquarters, moved true, covering the ground well, gleaming coat, well feathered.
2 Corbett Trimere Ticket Maid
Attractive head, lovely neck and topline, straight in front, well shaped hindquarters, tight feet, in good coat and condition.Sound mover.
3 Gibson Calvdale Rag Nymph
4 Clark Joronaden Teal at Syferspring
5 Hill Teingvalley Diavari

MB 3 (1)
1 Boole Eastfalla Vivienne Leigh of Arrowmow
Balanced Bitch, good topline nicely round quarters and good second thigh, shown in nice condition, moved okay.
2 Harman & Norgate-Barnes Daenerys Laters Baby
Has a well balanced feminine head and good neck but not carrying enough weight for her frame and was unsettled on the move.

NB 3 (1)
1 Gunn Peasblossom Rummours at Strathnaver
2 Harman & Norgate-Barnes Daenerys Laters Baby

GB 10 (4)
1 Ternent Hunterheck Under A Spell
Lovely B/W with super head and expression, well proportioned body, well laid shoulders, just flowed all the way from her arched neck to her strong hindquarters,shown in good coat and feather. Moved true in front and with drive.
2 Gibson Calvdale Rag Nymph
Good head with a kind eye, nice length of neck, compact body a with firm topline,
More upright in stance than 1 ,moved okay just lacking in drive toda
3 Nicholson Loxborne Disco Diva at Kingsheath
4 Thomas Pandora De Syringa
5 Clark Joronaden Teal at Syferspring

PGB 17 (6)
1 Ternent Hunterheck Under A Spell
2 Jenkinson Holliveras Verona with Eastriding
L/W/T feminine in head, good depth of chest, tight elbows, close coupled, good topline, balanced angles, movement was sound out and back, shown in good condition.
3 Richardson/Terry Richardson Cherishym Celaneo
4 Brough Riselaroad Framed In Time
5 West Meonstoke Cherry Blossom at Grosbreuil

MLB 3 (1)
1 Naylor Dexbenella Chance To Dream at Bridies
Presents an overall picture showing balance all through, firm topline, good shoulders, short coupled,moderate hind angulation, lovely condtion, moved well.
2 Williams & Toublic Cobhay Dazzling Azalea
Longer cast than winner, pleasant head and eye, good depth of chest, tight feet,not settled in movement today.

LB 16 (7)
1 Jackson Mompesson Words
Balanced head with plenty of work, kind eye, nice length of neck into well laid shoulders, good depth of body, short coupled, strong hindquarters, good bend of stifle, well let down hocks, moved with drive and shown in hard condition. R.C.C.
2 Eyeington Flaming Whirlwind of Meadowdale JW
Pleasing overall picture, liked her head, correct eye shape with sweet expression, well angled shoulders and hindquarters, tight in front, moved true with a good stride, well presented in lovely condition.
3 Weyman Spuffing Rioja
4 Richardson/Terry Richardson Cherisym Chara
5 Green Kennair Like a Dimond

OB 12 (5)
1 Corbett Sh Ch Trimere Teresa Green
Beautifully balanced bitch and of nice size. Super head and eye, good length of neck into firm topline, good depth of body, well placed shoulder, right amount of angulation in stifles and hocks well boned with tight feet, moved with drive and precision. In top condition. BCC and BIS
2 Mitchell Sh Ch Peasblossom Moonstuck
B/W with a nicely worked head, dark eyes with a gentle expression, balanced angles, well rounded hindquarters with width to second thigh. Good bone and feet. Moved with accuracy front and rear but not quite enough enthusiasm today.
3 Jackson Sh Ch Mompesson Legacy
4 McCourt Ir Sh Ch Woodspa Royal Ascot ShCM
5 Smith Sh Ch Melverly Sophistique

VB 10 (1)
1 Glendinning Sh Ch Roqfolly Elles Belle
Sweet, elegant bitch with a lovely feminine head, dark eye and gentle expression, good topline, well coupled showing balance all through with good ribs ,nicely boned with good feet. Sound movement. BVIS
2 Cunliff Sh Ch/Ir Sh Ch Calvdale My Girl of Fallenleaf JW ShCM
Stylish bitch of good substance,nicely chiselled head, well laid shoulders and good width to hindquarters, well ribbed, lovely feet, moved with a good stride.
3 Holt Sh Ch Trimere Tranquiliser to Bethryn ShCM
4 Taubman Peasblossom Geisha at Meonstoke
5 Scotting Kingsheath Angelina Love at Recondy

PSOSB 8 (3)
1 Corbett Olliwa Ruthless with Trimere
Lovely overall flow to her outline,her head is well proportioned and with correct eye shape, good neck, well angled shoulders and hindquarters, positive driving movement.
2 Taubman Peasblossom Geisha at Meonstoke
Nicely balanced bitch with a pleasing head and expression, good neck, not quite the shoulders of 1, firm topline and well shaped hindquarters.Moved soundly.
3 West Meonstoke Cherry Blossom at Grosbreuil
4 Williams & Toublic Cobhay Dazzling Azalea
5 Williams & Toublic Cobhay Dahlia