Firstly I would like to thank the Society for inviting me to judge and for their warm hospitality and my stewards who went about the day with efficiency and good humour. My thanks also to the exhibitors for entering, there was quality in depth throughout which made for some close decisions and as for the Veteran classes, they proved that age is just a number.

1 Jenkinson Eastriding Declaration
B/W with an attractive head and kind eye, good length of neck, compact body with good depth for his age, firm topline, moved steadily and accurately.
2 Merrick Tiverstone Stirling Castle at Stormerick
B/W Just preferred head of winner, good neck and shoulder placement, good quarters, well off for bone, just needs time to tighten in movement.

PD 2
1 Woodbridge Crackerjanne Court Jester
Confident puppy, liked his head, correct eye shape, good depth of chest, balanced in body, good bend of stifle, straight in front, movement was sound. Shown in good condition. BPD
2 Merrick Tiverstone Stirling Castle at Sortmerick

JD 5
1 Savells/Allen Plaiglen All That Jazz with Allenie
Lovely shaped head and dark eye, firm topline, good bone and feet, rounded strong quarters, well let down hocks, moved well and enjoying his day out.
2 Greenfield Trimere Tick Tock at Eastfalla
Presents an attractive outline, head is balanced, well laid shoulders and correct hind angulation, moved with a good stride, just dropping his topline a little.
3 Thomas Ruby de Syringa
4 Holman Roqfolly Endeavour for Artycreath
5 Jenkinson Eastriding Invictus

YD 8 (2)
1 Smith Melverly Top Geezer
Quality youngster, super chiselled head , correct eye shape, good length of neck, deep body, well ribbed, strong hindquarters, well off for bone, balanced all through, moved soundly.
2 Hill Tainvalley Blaser JW ShCM
Liked his type, pleasing in head and eye, good depth of chest ,well laid shoulders, hindquarters are well made , movement was sound but lacking a little in drive.
3 Jackson Mompesson Devonshire
4 Holt Bethryn Devil Moon JW Ir Jun Ch
5 Corbett Roboris Angle Touch Trimere

MD 2
1 Savells/Allen Plaiglen All That Jazz with Allenie
2 Woodbridge Crackerjanne Court Jester

ND 2
1 Savells/Allen Plaiglen All That Jazz with Allenie
2 Greenfield Trimere Tick Tock at Eastfalla

GD 1

1 Mitchell Peasbossom Poet
Masculine head with good eye shape, tight in front, firm topline, strong quarters, moved covering the ground well.

PGD 5 (2)
1 Glendinning/Boole Plaiglen Beaters Btrue
B/W with a good head and dark eyes with a gentle expression. Well placed neck into shoulders, nicely coupled and with depth, good width to hindquarters, had reach and drive on the move and was in harmony with his handler. Gleaming coat and well feathered. Best B/W
2 Taubman Menstoke Hawthorn
Masculine head and has good eye shape and colour. Balanced in body, good ribs and topline, well muscled hindquarters but did not put as much in on the move as 1. Super coat and condition.
3 Morgans Kennair Northern Star

MLD 5 (1)
1 Brough Riselawroad No Deal
Maturing into a lovely boy, pleasing masculine head and dark eye, well placed shoulders, firm in topline, well angulated hindquarters with width to the second thigh, outgoing dog and a bit of a handful on the move but he went with reach and drive.
2 Whitworth Freworth Polar Express
Liked his head and kind eye, good neck into shoulders, tight front, firm topline, movement was sound.
3 Whittock Merrywater Minstrel at Kingsheath ShCM
4 Rowlindson Cassappe Kentucky Dream at Meltarose ShCM

LD 7 (2)
1 Gates Gunring Ensueno
Lovely style of dog reminiscent of an older type, nicely moulded head with gentle expression, good neck, deep body ,well sprung ribs, decent angles, moved positively, well presented and in hard condition.
2 Whittock Kingheath William Regal ShCM
Attractive Tri that presents an overall pleasing outline.Masculine chiselled head, kind eye, well made all through with balanced angles, good bone, not settled moving today.
3 Shovel Tiverstone Chorister Boy
4 Barnet Glenbrows Had To Be
5 Hay Tralay Black Jack

OD 7 (1)
1 Eyeington ShCh/IrShCh Meadowdale Chaos JW ShCM
Impressive dog with an excellent head and kind eye, good reach of neck into well laid shoulders, so well balanced all through, good in hind angulation and width of second thigh. In lovely coat and condition, well muscled and moved with forward reach and driving movement behind. C.C.
2 Mitchell Sh Ch Peasblossom Jester
Has a quality head with chiselling and good eye shape. Good depth of chest and shoulder placement, balanced in body with a firm topline. Nice width to hindquarters, moved accurately and with drive. Shown in good condition, R.C.C
3 Smith Sh Ch Melverly Bouna Notte JW
4 Jackson Sh Ch Mompesson Winchester
5 Glendinning Sh Ch Plaiglen Hustle

VD 5 (2)
1 Tratz Sh Ch Meadowdale Alabama Slammer at Acregate ShCM
Well presented dog in good condition, he has a balanced head with a lovely kind eye with an honest expression, has depth of chest and of body with good conformation all through, moved true front and back and with drive.
2 Wildsmith & Brown Trimere Time Trial with Sandibeck ShCM
Presents an attractive outline, liked his head and eye, good length of neck into shoulders, elbows well set, nicely ribbed and balanced all through, Moved soundly but not quite the drive of the winner today.
3 Baily Plaiglen Lightning at Choumert

1 Taubman Menstoke Hawthorn
2 Wildsmith & Brown Trimere Time Trial with Sandibeck ShCM

1 Holt
Typey pair, looked as well on the move as standing, in complete harmony with their handler.
2 West
another matching pair that looked attractive together, moved around the ring well.
3 Gates
4 Williams & Toublic