It was such a thrill and an honour to be invited to judge the SESS's 37th Championship Show. It has been a dream of mine to judge the breed in its home country and I have to say it was a fabulous experience. Also, Brian Evans' introduction made me feel right at home! Many thanks to the Chairman, Graham Osborne and his committee for their preparation for the show and to my stewards, Theresa Dunston and Maureen Read who ensured the smooth running of my ring. I was impressed with the overall quality of the dogs and in some classes it continued well down the line. Some of the heads were to die for, exhibiting all the hallmarks that separate the Springer from its other spaniel cousins. I was particularly taken with the quality of the bitches and, as I looked along the Bitch CC lineup, I would have been happy to take any of them home. In most cases the exhibits were well presented. It is always such a pleasure to go over a dog with a beautiful silky coat that has been freshly bathed for the show. I was disappointed, however, to find some exhibits totally lacking in musculation. It is important that the dogs are fit for purpose, even if there is no intention to work them! Thank you to those exhibitors who took my decisions graciously. It was great to see that, in most case, good sportsmanship is alive and well in the U.K! May I take this opportunity to wish all of you the best with your Springers and the club every success in its future endeavors.

1 Savell's Petranella Bedazzled - Upstanding puppy of 8 months. Well shaped with good neck into shoulder. Well balanced head with good fluting, chiseling and kind eye. Excellent bone and feet. Well ribbed back with broad quarters. Moved soundly and freely. In very good coat and condition.
2 Notley's Celgarn Xciting News - More immature puppy, head yet to develop and eyes need to darken, however the essentials are there. Good neck into well placed shoulders . Firm topline and moved with drive. He needs to come up on leg to complete the picture .
3 Ainsley's Ziphill Thunderflash
4 Topliss' Beresford Northern Edition
5 Holmans' Artycreath Appolo

PD 6
1 Walkers' Dexbenella Time to Dream - Upstanding puppy with very good balance, excellent bone and feet. His head is yet to mature, nevertheless, the skull has sufficient length and breadth with correct fluting and corresponding length of muzzle. Clean neck into well placed shoulders. He impressed with his body strength, great ribbing and strong loin. His quarters are wide with well let down hocks. In beautiful coat and condition and, although he moved soundly, I would like to see a little more reach in front. Best Puppy Dog
2 Mitchells' Barecho Gold Fever at Peasblossom - Giving away a little in age and maturity, this puppy is quite well balanced, just needs to come up a little on leg. His head at this stage also needs to develop. Excellent column of bone into very good feet. Well placed shoulders and well ribbed back with a strong topline. Compact loin and very good hindquarters with well developed second thighs. Moved exuberantly.
3 Ainsley's Ziphill Thunderflash
4 Speeds' Torbeck Perranwell Bay
5 Hollenders' Scoutwell Entangled

JD 6 (2)
1 Eyeingtons' Meadowdale Chaos - Quality, upstanding dog with lovely lines throughout and in beautiful bloom. His head is a pleasing shape exhibiting good length and strength of muzzle, however his eye needs to darken. Good length of neck into well placed shoulders. Very good ribbing, slightly soft through the loin. Excellent shape to his hindquarters with correct croup. Moves with great drive from the rear and good reach. A firmer topline on the day would have benefitted him. One to watch.
2 Glendinnings' Plaiglen Hustle - Elegant B /W dog with lovely dark eyes. Would like a little more work in his head with more chiselling under the eye and more width of muzzle to balance the skull. Good column of bone. Clean neck into well placed shoulders. Firm topline, well ribbed back with well muscled quarters. Moved well.
3 Geddes' Tryhard Privateer for Debanza
4 Arnolds' Mupties Love Cats

YD 3 (1)
1 Eyeingtons' Meadowdale Banjo - Upstanding dog with well balanced body. Although I would like it to be a little more masculine, he had a pleasing head shape with an almond shaped eye, delicate fluting and good length of muzzle. Good length of neck into well placed shoulders and well ribbed back. His topline was level, although it was soft on the move. With balanced movement and in lovely coat, he was well presented and handled.
2 Wilsons' Chelmeress Solar Wind - Balanced dog, although he appeared on the feminine side, lacking the required substance for the breed. His head was quite pleasing and in balance with his body, but again, would like more masculinity to it. He moved soundly with enthusiasm.

MD 5
1 Eyeingtons' Meadowdale Chaos
2 Walkers' Dexbenella Time to Dream
3 Mitchells' Barecho Goldfever at Peasblossom TAF
4 Savell's Petranella Dedazzled
5 Arnolds' Mupties Love Cats

ND 5
1 Eyeingtons' Meadowdale Chaos
2 Walkers' Dexbenella Time to Dream
3 Mitchells' Barecho Goldfever at Peasblossom TAF
4 Geddes' Tryhard Privateer for Debanza

GD 7 (1)
1 Addison's Peasblossom Eclipse - Upstanding dog of a lighter frame with a sloping topline. Head of good length, although it tapered a little too much from skull to muzzle. Pleasing chiselling and fluting - would prefer a darker eye. Clean neck of good length with reasonably well laid shoulders. Although he could do with more bone and more depth to his feet, he was quite well ribbed back with a compact loin and was a very enthusiastic mover. 
2 Parr Tiverstone Wolf River - A heavier style of dog with plenty of substance. Good depth of body. His head was well shaped with good eye colour and very good width and depth to the muzzle. His overall balance would be improved by a little more neck and better angulated fore and hindquarters. He moved soundly.
3 Cummings & Bartleys' Carlyquinn Come on Over to Hollysend
4 Wilsons' Chelmeress Solar Wind
5 House' Gleadsbury Judicial Review JW

PGD 14 (2)
1 Walkers Dexbenella It's About Time JW ShCM - A quality, upstanding, beautifully balanced tri- colour, in lovely coat and condition. Pleasing head with delicate chiselling, fluting and good width and depth of muzzle. Correctly shaped eye which could be darker. Clean neck, excellent bone and feet. Strong body from his well sprung ribs through a compact loin to wide, powerful hindquarters. His movement was balanced, exhibiting a level topline with correct tail set. His presentation was spot on and I was delighted to award him the RCC.
2 Stevensons' Gaolachcara Somhlth ShCM - another beautifully presented dog. Not as masculine as 1, nevertheless a stylish dog with a very pleasing head shape and correctly shaped, dark eye. Very good neck into well placed shoulders with good bone and feet. Reasonably well ribbed back with a bit of length to the loin. Hindquarters were well shaped but would like more depth to the second thigh. He moved freely, covering the ground well while retaining his topline. 
3 Green's Anacapa Spring Festival at Kennair
4 Weyman's Donarden Trailblazer for Spuffing
5 Nicholsons Lochindorb Clansman

LD 11
1 Mitchells Peasblossom Chance JW - This dog headed a quality class of some very good moving dogs. An elegant, stylish dog with a clean neck into well placed shoulders; well ribbed back with a strong, firm topline. Movement exhibited plenty of reach and drive. I would prefer a more almond shaped eye with a kinder expression, however, his head is balanced with strength of muzzle. Beautifully presented in gleaming condition.
2 Topliss' Peasblossom Escape to Beresford - Well balanced dog in very good condition. Pleasing expression with dark eye. Strong neck into well placed shoulder with good ribbing and a strong, compact loin. Well angulated hindquarters producing drive from the rear. Preferred the balance of head on 1.
3 Happs' Jorobaden Aldernitit of Emianna JW
4 Millers' Roqfolly Aftershock at Feorlig
5 Smith's Mistily's Golden Flash over Melverly

OD 7 (1)
1 Jacksons' Sh Ch Mompesson Cavendish - A beautiful dog, quality all through. So well balanced! Balanced head with correctly shaped dark eye, correct fluting with a chiseled forface exhibiting strength. Clean throat. Strong neck into well placed shoulders with a very good layback of upper arm. Excellent column of bone into well padded feet. Excellent ribbing with a powerful loin, producing a solid topline. Strongly muscled with wide quarters and well let down hocks. Sound, free movement, demonstrating plenty of reach and drive completed the picture and I was delighted to award him the CC and Reserve Best and Best Opposite in Show.
2 Corbetts Sh Ch Trimere Thriller - Another quality dog with a pleasing outline and well presented coat. Masculine headpiece with dark eyes, good length of muzzle and strong under jaw. Reachy neck with well angled front, strong bone and feet. Very good ribbing with short loin and wide quarters. His lack of condition let him down today.
3 Topliss' Sh Ch Petranella Perfick Choice for Beresford
4 Tracz Meadowdale Alabama Slammer at Acregate ShCM
5 Thomas' Lago De Syringa

VD 3
1 Merry's Anacapa solo Flyer ShCM - A very well balanced dog of good size. Pleasing headpiece with kind expression. Clean neck. Strong topline with very good ribbing and compact loin. Moderate hindquarters which he used to advantage on the move. 
2 Mitchell's Heulyn Flambeau - This dog exhibited a lovely head and expression with a kind eye and correct brow and fluting. Well laid shoulder and well ribbed back; slightly longer in loin and not quite the balance of 1. 
3 Young's Shecasrie Flash ShCM

President Special Open Stakes Dog
1 Topliss' Rianlas in the Black at Beresford - B/W dog with a very pleasing head and expression. Lovely dark, kind eye with plenty of work in the foreface. Clean neck into shoulders with excellent legs and feet. Well ribbed back with strong topline. In very good condition, he was sound coming and going; would like a more balanced outline on the move.
2 Mitchell's Heulyn Flambeau
3 Addison's Peasblossom Eclipse
4 Whitley's Shipden Will Hay
5 Parr Tiverstone Wolf River