1st Peasblossom Untamed Beautiful feminine puppy. Balanced throughout. Lovely head and eye, good spring of rib, enough bone and nice feet, moved nicely, everything just right for her age. BPB, BPIS.
2nd Melverly Tiny Dancer DANCER Super well made puppy, gorgeous head, short coupled and deep well ribbed body, well off for bone and substance throughout but still feminine. Moved ok just lacked confidence, will certainly be a future star.
3rd Wandsfell Night music
4th Wenark Mayzin Grace (NAF TAF ARAF)

PB 3
1st Clentonian Pandemonium B/W with gorgeous head and expression, lovely dark eyes. Has all the right angles nothing overdone, moderate throughout. Lovely balanced outline, Good bone and feet, moved well. Should have a bright future. RBPIS
2nd Clentonian Picture Perfect L/W Litter sister to 1. Substantial mature puppy, nice head and eye, balanced outline, moved well,
3rd Alhambian Diana Dors

JB 5 (1) These 3 will change places often and all being fair should gain their titles
1st Calvdale Hot Momma Stylish B/W Ultra feminine, pretty head, dark expressive eyes, long arched neck, deep short coupled body, ample bone, tight feet, immaculate presentation, sound movement.
2nd Calvdale I Say Of Fallenleaf L/W litter sister to 1 again stylish and feminine, pleasing head although eye needs to darken, good bone and substance, nice balanced outline, moved well and 1st class presentation.
3rd Peasblossom Tigerlily
4th Meadowdale Jedi Of Hanknight

YB 5 (1)
1st Calvdale Heritage Of Folly JW L/W Another smart feminine bitch from this kennel. Beautiful head good eye colour and shape, lovely balanced outline moderately angulated, deep body, as always presented immaculately..moved well
2nd Kingsheath Total Diva At Felltops Rangy substantial bitch standing over a lot of ground, good angulation level topline good width of thigh. Would prefer her to be more feminine throughout. In nice coat, moved ok. Just needs to fine down.
3rd Kingsheath Asuka
4th Kingsheath Bayley Of Burnbake

MB (No Entry)

NB 5 (3)
1st Clentonian Pandemonium
2nd Calvdale I Say Of Fallenleaf

GB 7 (3)
1st Trimere Ticatboo Compact and feminine, lovely balance throughout, pleasing head, good body and bone, tight neat feet. Just starting to blow her coat, moved soundly.
2nd Peasblossom Roma At Kingsheath L/W/T Nice type bitch, lovely head, well angulated throughout. Well presented in good coat and condition. A little long cast. Moved ok
3rd Peasblossom Peace At Foordslane
4th Cobhay Dazzling Azalea

PGB 11 (3)
1st Mompesson My Way L/W/T Lovely type bitch, balanced and moderate throughout. Good bone and substance. Nice tight feet. Just out of coat at the moment. Moved well. No doubt her day will come.
2nd Calvdale Rag Nymph Taller bitch with substance. Pretty head with dark eye, ample neck, deep body, level topline, pleasing overall shape, moved well
3rd Trimere Tickle Me Fancy
4th Dexbenella Chance To Dream For Bridies
5th Celgarn Magdalena With Melkami

MLB 9 (3)
1st Kennair I Am I Said L/W Where has this bitch been hiding. Good old fashioned type, super make and shape, gorgeous head dark kind eye, good neck set on well angulated shoulders, correct return of upper arm, well sprung ribs, level topline, good width of thigh, well angulated rear, moved well. Well deserved RCC. Sure her day will come.
2nd CarlyQuinn Mama Mia Nice type bitch. Good bone and substance. Balanced head, dark eye. Plenty of furnishings, moved well.
3rd Jorobaden Teal At Syferspring
4th Riselawroad Miss Brodie
5th Dexbenella Chance To Dream For Bridies

LB 12 (2)
1st Mompesson Words One that needs to be gone over to appreciate her qualities. Lovely type, Feminine head with dark eye, good neck and shoulders, well sprung ribs, well developed quarters, good bone and substance throughout. Moved soundly
2nd Calvdale Hot Pink JW Very different in type to 1. Beautiful refined feminine B/W. balanced head dark eyes. Ample neck good layback of shoulder deep body level topline. In Super coat and condition immaculately presented.
3rd Holivera's Verona With Eastriding (Imp Swe)
4th Peasblossom Ophelia
5th Loxbourne Disco Diva

OB 9 (1)
1st SH CH Mompesson Legacy This bitch oozes quality. Super feminine but still has substance. Mature balanced and moderate throughout. Everything is in the right place. In lovely coat completing a lovely classic picture. Moved well to take the CC & BIS
2nd SH CH Trimere Ticket Maid Quality young bitch very feminine. Pretty head lovely eye, Super overall shape. Immaculately presented Moved soundly
3rd Olliwa Ruthless With Trimere (IMP CZE)
4th Kennair Like A Diamond
5th IR SH CH Woodspa Royal Ascot

VB 7 (1)
1st SH CH/IR SH CH Calvdale My Girl Of Fallenleaf Quality veteran that belies her age. In lovely coat and condition and still shows the younger ones how to move. BVB & BVIS
2nd SH CH Trimere Tranquiliser To Bethryn SHCM IR VET CH . A old favourite of mine just unlucky to meet 1 on such good form
3rd Peasblossom Geisha At Meonstoke
4th Bridies Bridget Jones
5th Celgarn Next Chapter With Melkami

Presidents Special Open Stakes Bitch 5 (2)
1st Meonstoke Songbird Excellently presented in lovely coat and condition, good angles and sound movement. Her head is not her fortune far tqoo masculine with untypical round eyes
2nd Cobhay Dazzling Azalea Nice coated bitch with good bone and lovely dark eyes, moved ok.
3rd Ashring Infatuation