SESSS  Champ show 20

I would like to preface my critique with a statement concerning the delay in making this.

Firstly, thank you all for a superb quality entry, it bodes well for the breed.

Secondly, I feel it is important for everyone today to accept that mental health deserves the same profile as physical health, also that those of us affected have a duty not to hide this in order to normalise this condition and to eradicate prejudice. The dire situation affecting us all and our world has had real impact on my own health and deteriorated my coping mechanisms. I am pleased to say that I am now in a position to fulfil my duties as judge if somewhat late. I am sure I have your support and understanding. Thank You.




1 Walkers ’Dexbenella Fitzgerald.  A real quality baby, very raw, but great promise. Lovely bone and substance and well bodied already. Presented to perfection as usual from this kennel, moved puppy well, new term but it fits! A bright future for him I’m sure.

2 Allery’s Dexbenella Final Frontier, litter brother to 1, I learnt and he was very close up to his littermate and very similar but slightly less compact in outline. Good body and bone, just needs to learn his trade as he has lots of potential to fulfil. Much fun awaits.



1 Eyeington’s Meadowdale Daisydale Lightning Bolt, BPD & BPIS. Standing alone is always disappointing, but certainly not for me today. He is a real handsome young buck. Scrumptious head eye and expression. He is well constructed and well bodied for his age. He moved well with sound footfall showing himself off well. Expertly presented and handled.



1 Smith’s Melverly Flying Bolt, striking youngster with handsome head, some nice work in there, lovely dark eye. He is well bodied for age and stage with a balanced pleasing outline showing his good construction. Moved with power, steady and true, one to watch.

2 Green’s Kennair Diamond Geezer, very close up to 1 in all respects, just preferred the head of winner. He has a slightly larger frame all over, a balanced profile and a strong topline. He is a sound and happy mover. Well presented in good coat and condition.



1 Topliss’ On the Road again Tamaam to Beresford (POL IMP) Impressive young B/W boy of a different stamp and make, just pipped the winning post today in a great class. He has a very pleasing head, kind eye and expression. Moved soundly and confidently around the ring, well presented in lovely condition, a very professional affair.

2 Smith’s Melverly Flying Bolt



1 Eyeington’s Meadowdale Daisydale Lightning Bolt

2 Walker’s Dexbenella Fitzgerald



1 Topliss’ Pink Panther Tamaam to Beresford(IMP POL) Quality springer chap with a handsome well-proportioned skull if not quite classic. Super neck and forefront, cleanly made with strong quarters. He moved well with drive, nicely done all round.

2 Gates’ Gunring My Boy, a pleasing traditional type, lighter all round than 1. Sound construction in profile but unfortunately did not translate on the move today.  He has a pleasing, kind eye and expression.



1 Dunsdon’s Meadowdale Luther Vandross at Seaspring JW, A handsome male I’ve always admired. He is an all masculine dog, up to size but in proportion. Good bone and body substance, well -muscled and toned, moved soundly with drive. Nice presentation and condition.

2 Jenkinson’s Eastriding Royal Mayfair JW, Very different type but close up to 1 in style and quality, I just preferred the substance of 1 today. He has a handsome head, well chiselled and with a kind eye and expression. He moved well and was shown in impeccable condition.



1 Glendinning’s Beaters Bstylish.  Another very worthy sole exhibit for this class. Such a handsome B/W chap. Beautiful head refined, but still male. His sound construction evident in his well-balanced outline when he wasn’t practising his sit! He redeemed himself with strong correct movement.



1 Ternent’s Hunterheck Turn Back Time, RCC. Oh My! I love this boy, he was so close up and knocking on the CC door. Just a little more time required. He is everything I love about the breed, compact, balanced, moderate in all matters especially angulation which ensures correct movement. Great coat and condition, showed his socks off.

2 Rose’s Westaway Dream Angus of Rosannoch (IMP NOR) Another young male that has always caught my eye and is a worthy ambassador of the breed. He has a handsome head, male but not coarse, and he has a super outline, well-balanced throughout. Beautifully presented in immaculate coat and condition, moved well.





1 Eyeington’s Meadowdale Storm Trooper CC, BOS, RBIS, Another all- time favourite of mine, I’ve followed and watched him, he’s just my cup of tea! Again everything I love about the breed, a great ambassador. He is so well put together and with a head to love, he didn’t put a foot wrong in a fabulous class and showed himself off a treat.

2 Topliss’ Sh Ch Beresford Night Train, a fabulous dog in a fabulous class. He was close up there. He is a tad lighter framed than 1 though still all male. He has a lovely head with super dark kind eyes so good to see in the L/W’s. He was shown beautifully in great coat and condition, moving soundly and stylishly. Cracking dog!



1 Glendinning’s Sh Ch Plaiglen Hustle, A fabulous naughty veteran! No dotage for him, he’s not ready to hang up his show lead. Super head and a soft expression with a twinkle to please your eye. Good strong bone and substance. Still leading the way round the ring, a pleasure to see.

2 Gates’ Gunring Ensueno ShCM WG, A handsome L/W elder statesman, longer cast and a different shape and make to 1. He has a classic pleasing head. Good substance, moved soundly and presented a very pleasing overall picture.






1 Walker’s Dexbenella Florianna. BPB & RBPIS. She is such a pretty little poppet with bags of promise. She is very raw as you would expect for age but everything is there ready to blossom. Neat and nicely boned and bodied for her age, she moved well. A delightful picture beautifully presented.

2 Calvert’s Calvdale Lil Grey. Two fabulous baby girls right close up against each other today. She is different in type but close in quality. She is so pretty and feminine, a very well-balanced youngster with good head, soft kind eye and expression. Much to like now, but much promise for the future.



1 Bott & Allen’s Allenie’s Rewrite the Stars. She is a nicely balanced young lady with a pleasing profile, she has good bone and is well -constructed and strong quarters gave her the superior movement in the class.

2 Frusher’s Dexbenella Fenella at Shersona. What a lovely litter this is, yet another quality baby of good type, very feminine and appealing. Well put together with good body and bone for age. New exhibitors & new puppy equals much to learn and lots of fun to be had.




1 Smith’s Melverly Lil Dancer. She is a quality young lady with more finish than the rest of her class today. She is pretty and feminine throughout with a delicious head and correct dark almond eyes. Elegant neck and shoulder lines. Lovely together profile. Another to watch.

2 Eyeington’s Meadowdale Rita Ora. Another pretty miss here, heavier built than 1 but in proportion throughout. She has good bone and substance and is appealing in profile and sound in movement. Beautifully presented in super condition.



1 Smith’s Melverly Lil Dancer.

2 Williams & Toublic’s Cobhay Fancy Flox. Very different type here, but balanced with a nice outline. This bitch is a nice size with adequate bone and substance. Longer cast than 1. She has a pretty head and expression to please your eye.



1 Walker’s Dexbenella Florianna

2 Woodbridge’s Crackerjanne Cleo Lane. She is a sweet, petite B/W baby with an appealing head eye and expression. She has a balanced profile showing her to be well constructed, I would just have liked a little more of her all over. She needs to settle to this business of moving, but early days.



1 Lillie’s Freeway Remembrance RBCC. Beautiful traditional type with no exaggerations, sound and honest, but refined all through. I loved her head, gentle and expressive with correct almond eye shape. She has a lovely neat profile, right size and well- constructed and is a graceful true mover.

2 Jenkinson’s Eastriding Glam Princess. Very glam indeed and close up behind 1. Very little between these lovely bitches, just preferred the head of the winner. Clean in neck and shoulder with strong quarters. This is a delightful bitch well put together and shown in super condition, moved well.



1 Calvert’s Calvdale Stowaway Magic. Feminine classic bitch, loved the type, refined but the strength and substance required for work too. She has a strong compact body, well- constructed throughout giving her true movement. She will be pressing her kennelmates soon for top honours soon I’m sure.

2 Weyman’s Spuffing Molly’s Secret. She is a very sweet, quality B/W bitch. She cuts a striking profile and is soundly constructed leading to confident strong movement. Good bone and substance, just right for a bitch. Showed well in great condition.



1 Williams and Toublic’s Cobhay Dazzling Azalea. She stood alone in her class but held her own for her first place. She is a pretty bitch with a sweet head and kind expression. Correct size and moved soundly. Shown well and in good condition.



1 Walker’s Beresford Nightnurse at Dexbenella. Such a delightful head this young lady has, quite stunning. The rest of her is similarly beautifully made, all the right things in all the right places, very well-balanced. Neat and compact. She kept her handler on her toes as she fidgets for England standing, on the move she flows and you’d never guess.

2 Hancock’s Meadowdale Jedi of Hanknight. A quality B/W bitch, pretty and very feminine. Sweet head and kind eye and expression. She showed well in glowing condition. She is longer cast than 1, and I preferred the compactness of the winner.  Moved soundly holding a good topline.



1 Calvert’s Calvdale Heritage of Folly JW. BCC BIS. What a delight she is, she filled my eye indeed. She is a true and honest type of the breed, no exaggeration, just quality and proportion. I could have stolen her away. She has a head, eye and expression to melt your heart. Lovely profile, correct size and well-constructed fore and aft. She was beautifully presented in pristine style and condition. Moved well and gracefully, sound as a pound not putting a pretty foot wrong. Pleased to award her the CC & BIS. A very worthy winner.

2 Topliss’ Sh Ch Beresford Night Class. Another super bitch from the very top drawer of quality and a real beauty too, what a litter this was! I always feel that judges sort of run out of superlatives at this point, but that would be so unfair to this girl. When it came to seperating the two, she is a tad longer and finer than one for me but that’s it. She is beautifully put together, lovely graceful neck and shoulder assembly, and with a divine head and eye. Shown gleaming and moved correctly with grace.



President Special Open Dog

1 Dunsdon’s Meadowdale Luther Vandross at Seaspring


President Special Open Bitch

1 Williams & Toublic’s  Cobhay Fancy Phlox

2  Williams & Toublic’s  Cobhay Dazzling Azalea

3 Williams & Toublic’s  Cobhay Dahlia



1 Williams & Toublic

2 Parr



























47  BIS (Calvdale Heritage Of Folly JW), RBIS (Sh 50  BPIS - Meadowdale Daisydale Lightning Bolt 51  BVIS - Rosannoch Fortuna JW Click for class photos 42  BCC (Calvdale Heritage Of Folly JW) & RBCC (Freeway Remembrance) (2) 18  DCC (Sh Ch Meadowdale Storm Trooper) & RDCC (H

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