24   BVD - Sh Ch Trimere Talking Point Of Allenie
25  BPD - Buzzing Obsession Of Meadowdale

GD 7
1 Twillys' Mompesson Royal Dreamer
well coated and feathered l/w, stronger build and up to size but with good overall balance and a nice breed type. Preferred this dogs head construction shape, balance and was well chisselled, dark correctly shaped expressive eye, set of ears with nice feathering, head held well on enough neck, shoulders well laid topline held firmly, good upper arm, depth of chest and body well sprung and ribbed back, correct return of stifle well muscled, straight well boned fore legs feet rather too big. Moved out soundly with enough drive and forward throw but he needs to be moved faster to get a good length to his stride, tail carriage little high on the move.
2 Hensons' Melkami William's Wonder at Kobrocobi
islightly taller than my winner but again well balanced and of good type, stronger head but well constructed and worked with good chisselling. Good length of arched neck well laid shoulder but needs more angulation to his upper arm, good depth of chest, brisket and body with ribs well sprung. Very attractive l/w/tan with nicely presented and textured coat. Well angulated stifle lacking in muscle tone. Straight well boned legs and feet moved out well not as powerful or positive as 1 in his stride. Happy tail.
3 Holts' Melverly Missionaire to Bethryn
4 Barnetts' Glenbrows Had To Be
5 Morgans' Kennair Northern Star

PGD 15 (7)
1 Nicholsons' Merrywater Minstrel at Kingsheath
correct height to length and a moderate dog so well balanced with good depth of body with substance and well sprung ribs. A dog you need to put your hands on because he is very heavily marked with a well textured and conditioned solid b/w coat with nice feathering. Loved his head development, chisselling and balance with dark kind eyes well shaped, correct ear set and feathering. I would like a longer neck but shoulders are well laid, well angulated upper arm with superb depth of chest well boned straight legs and neat tight feet. Strong quarters, very good return of stifle and second thigh, strong well let down hocks, very impressive on the move which was sound with good shoulder throw and drive with good ground coverage. Should have a bright future.
2 Merry & Wrights' Anacapa Just Jack
a very similar build and balance to my winner with lovely substance and depth with well sprung ribs, stunning well worked head, lovely expression kind dark eyes and nice ear length. Would like a little more length of neck but shoulders are laid back enough into a firm level topline to nice tail set and held well. Beautiful condition to his l/w/tan jacket with nice feathering. Correct upper arm angles with chest depth, strong rear quarters, stifle and hocks, would have liked better boned forelegs and smaller front feet. Moved out soundly with good drive and throw forward
3 Twillys' Mompesson Royal Dreamer
4 Lawlers' Roqfolly Hugo Drax
5 Richardson & Terry-Richardsons' Alenea Juke for Cherishym

LD 26 (7)
1 Wildsmiths' Trimere Time Trail with Sandiebeck
a very impressive dog I have watched with interest as he has grown, matured and developed, has a well balanced outline of lovely breed type and so well handled to get the best from this dog. Stunning head of good proportions, chisselling, kind expressive dark eyes with work under, nice ear set, carriage well feathered, good length to arched neck well muscled, shoulders well laid back, firm back and well held tail. Correct fore and rear angles, substance, depth and well sprung ribs make up a good body covered in well conditioned and presented l/w coat with nice feathering. A stylish mover, moved to advantage with drive little close behind who covers the ground well on correctly balanced and boned legs and tight feet.
2 Jenkinsons' Eastriding Armani Diamonds
lovely outline to this very attractive l/w presented in a super textured and conditioned coat with lovely feathering, has improved immensely since I first saw this boy as a raw youngster. Head is correctly proportioned but his wide clear white blaze just makes you look again and needs your hands to feel his lovely chisselling and work, kind eyes but shape and colour could be better, nice ear set, head held well on good length of neck well muscled, well laid back shoulders into firm level topline, strong hindquarters, good return of stifle well let down hocks. Correctly angulated front, superb deep chest, elbows well in on straight correctly boned legs with tight feet. Stylish mover with correct breed throw and drive and sound just fraction close behind.
3 Wallis' Torbeck Penrhyn Bay
4 Lawlers' Roqfolly For Your Eyes Only
5 Nicholsons' Lochindorb Clansman

OD 14 (4)

1 Mitchells' Sh Ch Peasblossom Jester
I could use just one word for this critique and say "stunning". A dog I have not seen before and thought him so very special he is so breed type fitting the moderate standard correctly. With such a balanced outline which was presented in a gleaming flat solidly marked L/w/tan jacket making him a real eye catcher. Correct head shape and dimensions well chisselled, dark almond eyes kind expression, ear set and beautiful well feathered leathers. Well muscled and arched neck of good length correctly angulated shoulder to angulated upper arm. Superb deep chest and body well sprung ribs, balanced forelegs well boned tight compact feet. Muscular hindquarters, with correct return of stifle and second thigh, well let down hocks and compact feet, fleeting side gait such forward throw and sound driving action looked to be floating at speed. In the class and the challenge I had no hesitation in awarding the CC and BIS. I'll give myself away and say how proud I was to see him awarded the CC at Crufts.
2 Glendinnings' Sh Ch Plaiglen Hustle
another fantastic breed type a dog I have admired for along time and watched him develope and mature into this very special quality balanced 4 year old. Love his head so correct for me with lovely chisselling and work dark expressive almond eyes, correct set on ears with good feathering. Nice muscular arched neck into well laid back shoulders, firm backline and muscular quarters. Good tail set and carriage. I would like a little more upper arm angle, good depth of chest, brisket and body well ribbed back another who was in tip top condition and high presentation of his gleaming B/W jacket with nice feathering, balanced front legs well boned with tight compact feet. Muscular hindquarters, good stifle and thigh with well let down hocks, moved today with free sound driving action and sound forward throw. Pleased to award Res CC and best B/W in show.
3 Walkers' Sh Ch Dexbenella It's About Time JW Sh CM
4 Eyeingtons Sh Ch/Ir Sh Ch Meadowdale Banjo JW Sh CM
5 Nicholson Sh Ch Lochindorb Chief O'The Clan Sh CM

VD 5 (3)

1 Allan & Botts Sh Ch Trimere Talking Point of Allenie JW Sh CM
such an impressive well balanced good breed example, I judged him as a young junior and thought he was very impressive and gave him his first CC now 7 years on he is just as lovely, masculine super head so well worked with lovely expression. Well developed with great body substance, depth and well ribbed with everything in the right place under a firm topline. Today presented in a beautifully conditioned flashy l/w coat with super feathering. Lovely bone and tight feet moved out so soundly with reach and drive. BVD & Best Veteran in Show
2 Downwards' Sh Ch Reubens Silent Reflection JW
balanced outline to this 9 year old L/W smart well worked masculine head, kind expressive dark eye, set of ear, not the neck length of 1. enough lay of shoulder strong backline level to nice set of tail, Enough angles to both quarters, straight forelegs well boned compact feet, muscular hindquarters well let down hocks. Well presented coat in lovely condition. Moved out well, very sound just lacked the side stride and drive of my winner.

President Special Open Stakes – Dog

1 Wildsmiths' Trimere Time Trail with Sandiebeck
2 Traczs' Melverly Desert Strike over Acregate JW Sh CM
3 Hensons' Melkami William's Wonder at Kobrocobi
4 Notleys' Celgarn Next Heart of Gold
5 Taubmans' Meonstoke Hawthorn