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23   DCC Sh Ch Peasblossom Jester & RDCC Sh Ch Pla
24   BVD - Sh Ch Trimere Talking Point Of Allenie
25  BPD - Buzzing Obsession Of Meadowdale

Having been honoured to judge dogs at the Southern ESS Society show back in 1992 I have now been asked back to judge the Ruby Championship show. After many years in my beloved breed I was certainly looking forward to the fantastic entry of 190 dogs with 244 entries The Southern Club has always had a reputation of doing different things and this year was no exception as it was their 40th year they took the entry price back to that year £1.40. Colour photos for class winners. Sponsors of Royal Canin. Double prize money. The day came when I was again to judge at this well orgainised show but I think everything was going to be against me, the M1 was closed it took 45 mins to leave the motorway then a very slow start to get to another road South, with Kirsty at the wheel a most frightening and terrifing fast journey to the venue but although shaking we arrived in one piece and almost on time. The venue with a new ring layout seen by myself looked impressive certainly lots of work done by the hard working Secretary and committee pulling together to run afabulous show.
Lovely to have Judith Hancock (Hawkhill) as the specials judge and as the two of us had been present 40 years ago at the first Southern show we cut an amazing 40th cake made for the club by one of the talented exhibitors.
The quality of the exhibits was high, with so many entered there was lots to choose from. A couple of pointers we need to watch are heads being too strong or loosing the strength in foreface or wide flat skulls, the shape of eye is almond not round and starry, the neck has to be of good length, well laid back shoulder angulated to upper arm which must be angulated not short and upright. We certainly need to watch this area as here we are loosing the true English Springer breed movement, throw forward from the shoulder and driving rear action, please dont loose it for short striding choppy movement is not the required breed movement
MPD 1 (1)

PD 7 (1)
1 Eyeingtons' Buzzing Obsession of Meadowdale
stood out in this class for his substance and overall development. I would have liked a little more length of leg to balance the depth of his body. Preferred the head construction of this smart 10 month old, good dark eye well shaped, nice chisseling, moderate arched neck, good angulation from layback of shoulder to upper arm angles, deep chest, good length of topline just a little slack, well conditioned l/w coat with nice feathering over a deep body well ribbed back, correct length of loin, strong hindquarters with enough return of stifle. Playing the fool and making it difficult for his handler was a little unsettled on the move paddling at the front, but with the best length to his side stride and rear drive but would like firmer hocks. BPD RBPIS
2 Walkers' Lochbride Mastercraftsman at Dexbenell
a very attractively marked dark l/w of nice breed type and overall balance. Good head shape but lacking the work and development of 1. Eyes need to be darker and more almond in their shape. Steeper in upper arm but with good depth of chest, firm topline over a well ribbed back body with depth, nice boned legs and good tight feet. Correct return of stifle, moved freely with a enough stride just lacking the reach of 1.
3 Lawlers' Roqfolly Never Say Never
4 Wakelens' Seaspring Beat to Quarters
5 Machrays' Roqfolly Playboy

JD 9 (2)
1 Long & Leemings' Tryhard Walter Raleigh
good looking dog on the stance and nice to go over as you need to put your hands on him as his B/W/Tan markings make him look long in the body. Correctly worked and chisseled head, dark almond eyes, well set ears, Would like more neck length, shoulders angulated but lacks the return of upperarm. Firm topline over a deep well ribbed body, excellent muscular quarters and stifle very positve mover with a strong side stride from legs well boned of good length the soundest dog both coming and going.
2 Whitworths' Freworth Polar Express
masculine head with nice expression from kind eye, correctly set on ear. Needs more length of neck to show off his balance. Would prefer better angulated front, has good depth of chest, firm level topline with nice tail set and carrige over a well ribbed body with substance. Well presented L/w jacket with nice feathering. Straight balanced well boned legs and tight feet. Rear quarters well developed needing a little more muscletone, at first was very unsettled on the move hocking out but settling showed soundness but needs more front throw and rear drive.
3 Rowlinson's Cassapple Kentucky Dream at Meltarose
4 Pittingales' Beresford Cut To The Knight
5 Wakelens' Seaspring Beat to Quarters

YD 7
1 Whittocks Kingsheath William Regal
a slightly taller but very well balanced with a smart outline and in this flashy marked L/w jacket took the attention and is just as nice to go over. Stunning well worked and balanced head, lovely dark almond shaped eyes with excellent expression, chisseling and well placed ears. Good arch and length of neck into well laid shoulders, firm level backline and nice set on happy tail. Well angulated front and rear with good muscle tone, excellent depth of chest and body with ribs well back. Straight well boned legs and tight feet, well muscled and return of stifle with good second thigh. Best mover with drive from the rear and good throw from the front giving ground coverage.
2 Lawlers' Roqfolly Inferno
a slightly smaller build but very well balanced 4 months younger and not as mascline or as strong in his development. Lovely balanced head shape, well chisseled with dark kind eye well set ears with nice leathers, would like more strength of foreface. Good arched neck of length well laid into shoulders with correct angles to upper arm also well angulated, firm topline to tail well set. Good depth of body well ribbed not quite the substance of 1 beautifully presented coat with nice feathering coming. Balanced legs well boned tight feet, correct return of stifle good muscle tone, neat hocks, once settled drove out soundly with good front throw. Well handled.
3 Whitworths' Freworth Polar Express
4 Coxs' Kingsheath Brodus Clay
5 Millards' Kingheath Alberto Del Rio

MD 2
1 Eyeingtons' Buzzing Obsession of Meadowdale
2 Lawlers' Roqfolly Never Say Never
well handled to get the best from this youngster. Not as mature as my winner and showing some timidity not something seen from this kennel. Lovely overall balance with good height to length. Would like more strength of head and foreface, correct eye colour and shape, well developed neck to shoulder firm topline to tail set on well. Lovely coat presentation and condition to his solidly marked l/w jacket. Correct angulated front and rear quarters, well boned forelegs would like more muscletone to his quarters, hocks well let down. Was unsettled on the move and lacked some coordination, his timidity showed here.

ND 8 (1)
1 Long & Leemings' Tryhard Walter Raleigh
2 Eyeingtons' Buzzing Obsession of Meadowdale
3 Corbetts Trimere Total Chaos
4 Coxs' Kingsheath Brodus Clay
5 Walkers' Lochbride Mastercraftsman at Dexbenella