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I had a lovely time at the SESSS 44th breed championship show. The committee pulled out all the stops to make my day memorable and all encompassing special occasion; from our chauffeur chairman with his kindly, helpful ways, the friendly enthusiastic welcome from all its “members” the waitress bacon buttie team, the delicious lunch, the back stage crew, the hardworking photographer and my eager stewards – not forgetting our first class roving photographer and live stream video lady and my very own P.A….It was indeed a super day.
I was thrilled with the entry of 106 and pleased there were few absentees. I am asked in my opinion as the role of judge to provide a critique and believe that this should aid others in consideration generally of future breeding and either maintaining or improving on breed characteristics that are laid down in the Kennel Club’s ESS breeds blueprint. I do not wish to offend exhibitors, but if I am honest must express my concerns.
Heads were diverse, so many with skull shapes either excessively domed or the other extreme, flat capped coupled with over trimming of ear leathers. Round yellow eyes, lean forefaces and unproportionate skull to muzzle does not convey my image of a Springer head. Neck lengths, either short and thick set or swan necked. Upright shoulders, shortness in upper arm, short leg length, falling away at croup and over angulated hindquarters. High tail carriage or carried tight to rump, choppy front action and stilted gaits, along with timidity and a few suspect mouths were all evident on the day and did not help in my quest to find the balanced, moderate features with fabulous movement our breed displays. In saying all the foregoing, there were some super examples of the ESS – kind, well worked head pieces with gentle expressions, ground covering typical action and balanced outlines. These exhibits provided hope that we have not lost the quintessentially ENGLISH Springer Spaniel.

MPD (1 entry)
1. Wimshurst's Kingsheath Regal Gold. Alone but a worthy 1st. Promising L/W/T youngster with super coat and in good condition. Best of shoulders, good width and depth to chest, decent in couplings and correct hindquarters. Free movement and exhubarant in nature. Liked him a lot.

PD (4 entries)
1. Topliss' On The Road Again Tamaam To Beresford. Of a breeding and type I have done well for before. On the stack is pleasing to the eye. Has a most attractive head piece and proportionately feels good all through. On the move was a bit all over the place, but forgave for age and overall appeal. BPD
2. Eastwood & Truman's Eastfalla Next Step. Better on the move than 1st, but make and shape still very raw. Appealing head, eye needs to darken to assist in expression and body to fill - he is of course only a baby so much can develop and I'm sure he will develop along the right lines.
3. Gray's Trimere Time Tracker
4. Glass' Gunring My Boy

JD (1 entry)
1. Dunston's Meadowdale Luther Vandross At Seaspring. Strong and substantial this B/W young man has matured since I last saw him. He need not grow in height but start to 'grow into himself' so to speak! He scores in heart room and body depth. He has a kind, alert expression and good skull to foreface. Full of himself he needs plenty of warm up running to get into his stride and settle, happy and sound free movement.

YD (2 entries)
1. Dunstdon's Meadowdale Luther Vandross At Seaspring
2. Clarke's Tigerrock Radio Gaga JW. Well turned out and in fine condition, this young male applied himself to the job in hand and moves at one with his handler. He is well constructed but lacks length of leg and thus for me lacks balance.

ND (2 entries)
1. Eastwood & Truman's Eastfalla Next Step.
2. Glass' Gunring My Boy. A young dog at a very raw stage in development. Strong all through and cannot deny is all male

GD (3 entries)
1. Trenent's Hunterheck Turn Back Time. B/W male of lovely type- a glorious head with the kindest of eyes, has super shoulder placement, nice in coupling and of correct size. Has super width to thigh and carries himself well enough, although on the day he dropped his topline and was erratic on the move. Such a shame as he's my cup of coffee.
2. Dunston's Meadowdale Luther Vandross At Seaspring
3. Clarke's Tigerrock Lets Rock N' Roll

PGD (3 entries)
1. Walker's Dexbenella Atticus Finch. Two good examples of the breed with 1st scoring today in movement over 2nd. This said I preferred the head of 2nd. Turned out well in fine feather. Good ratio to head piece and depth of muzzle. Proportionate throughout so conveys a balanced picture. Moved sound and true.
2. Topliss' Beresford Night Train. Lots of work in the head and glorious expression. He is well made all through and covers the ground with ease, but had a roll in his topline which distracted from an otherwise good performance.
3. Dunston's Meadowdale Luther Vandross At Seaspring

MLD (1 entry).
1. Whitworth's Freworth Polar Express. Not much wrong with this exhibit for type, construction and size. He has a gentle expression and moves soundly. He lacked the sparkle and look-at-me attitude which would help make him stand out from the crowd.

LD (8 entries)
1. Glendinning and Boole's Plaiglen Beaters BTrue. Have to start with his feet - fabulous! Tip-top condition and presented to perfection this B/W male provided a pleasing picture. He moved soundly and holds his topline well. He is of a good size, but to be critical would like more leg length. Came up to the mark on moving, showing himself off with style. Best B/W
2. Whittock's Merrywater Minstrel at Kingsheath ShCM. Love this B/W dog who can be overlooked with his black jacket and dark head. This head has such work and the gentlest expression. He stands four square and is well constructed both fore and aft. He moves sound as a pound.
3. Topliss' Beresford Black Tie
4. Taubman's Meonstoke Hawthorn
5. Such's Trimere Ticks The Box At Mujascal ShCM

OD (5 entries)
1. Jackson's Sh Ch Mompesson Winchester. He epitomises the breed for type. He has the best of eye and expression - made me smile when I looked into those eyes - that was the "look" - Soft, gentle and so trusting. He is well made all through and although tending to drop his topline on the move he has both reach and drive, the required action of a well made ESS Res CC
2. Bott & Savell's Sh Ch Art-Wave's Standing Ovation For Allenie ShCM (Imp Swe). Totally different package to 1st and cannot be denied overall quality. His owner gets the very best from him, but felt on this day his hind action a little choppy. He too has the desired expression and work in head for an ESS and body properties are good. As always his presentation is first class.
3. Smith's Sh Ch Melverly Top Geezer
4. Jackson's Mompesson Devonshire
5. Whittock's Kingsheath William Regal ShCM

VD(4 entries, 1 Abs)
1. Mitchell & Payne's Sh Ch Peasblossom Jester. He's like a good wine, gets better with age. He presented in good bib and tucker and goes like a train. Whatever he was asked he gave his all. He looked the part, felt the part and acted the part. Delighted to award him first, the CC, BIS and BVIS. I must add in the challenge for BIS he out moved his owner - made me LOL!
2. Glendinning's Sh Ch Plaiglen Hustle. This B/W dog is full of quality, he was also in fine fettle and has the desired classic head and moderate body proportions - just could not match the "joie de vivre" of 1.
3. Wallis & Levene's Torbeck Penrhyn Bay.

President Special Open Stakes Dog (2 entries)
1. Clarke's Beaters Baron JW ShCM.Very agreeable well turned out dog, not overdone in any department. Right for size, stands on well padded feet and moved with an easy stride.
2. Dunsdon's Meadowdale Luther Vandross At Seaspring

Brace (4 Entries)
1. Calvert’s. Overall type and in unison with handler made an easy first placing.
2. Williams & Toublic’s. Well matched but not as together on the move as 1.
3. West’s
4. Gates’