Best Dog Res. Best Dog, Best Puppy Dog

The Southern English Springer Club held an open show where BIS was Kingsheath Regal; RBIS, Petranella Gossip Girl; & BP, Cassapple Kentucky Dream at Meltarose.

After my life long association with the breed I was delighted to be offered the chance to judge the Southern Springer Club with whom I have grown up attending. I would like to thank the officers & committee for offering me the appointment. I was pleased with the entry & the quality of all dogs present. I felt that the breed was in a good place & that type was evident & the soundness has been retained the breeds reach & drive lacked in few which is obviously very disappointing. I also say sorry for the late submission of this critique but I hope you will forgive me with many personal happenings within my life having to be a priority.

MPD (2, 1A):
1. Rowlinson’s Cassapple Kentucky Dream at Meltarose
smart baby on the stance just hope he has done his growing. Well balanced head with work, darkish well shaped eye, nice neck & shoulder, level topline, nice tail, presented in clean nice conditioned l/w coat. Moved out alright rolling his topline, needs to firm up in body tone as he was carrying a little too much weight this spoilt both his topline & movement as he appeared very loose at front & rear, although once settled had a good stride. BPD & BP.

PD (3, 1A)
1. Rowlinson’s Cassapple Kentucky Dream at Meltarose
2. Millard’s Kingsheath Alberto del Rio
well marked 11 months tri smaller in build & frame although was balanced in outline, nice head well worked with nice kind dark eyes. Enough angles at front & in his quarters & stifle. Enough body but lacked depth & appearance spoilt by being out of coat & lacking feathering, moved out soundly enough not a lot of drive & needs to firm in the rear.

JD (3)
1. Whittock’s Kingsheath William Regal
presents a lovely outline this flashy 16 months l/w/t, well coated in nice presentation & condition with lovely feathering. Loved his head & balance with chiselling, lovely dark eyes & expression good dentition & super leathers. Lovely deep body well ribbed, correct angles & depth of chest to the front & with strong muscles to hindquarters a good bend of stifle & strong hocks, nice legs compact feet well boned really moved well had drive & throw & is so sound. BD, BIS
2. Happs’ Jorobaden Ballabrigas
nice balance & with good weight & nice deep ribs. At 14 months presents a nice type, has a darkly marked jacket unfortunately little out of coat, has nice legs & feet. Masculine head of nice type with darkish eye & some chiselling, good dentition. Moved out but lacked drive but was sound
3. Henson’s Melkami William’s Wonder

SYD (3)
1. Twilley’s Mompesson Royal Dreamer
very nice breed type, lovely outline with good height to length. Well shaped head fraction strong, nice eye shape, good earset. Nice neck shoulder & backline, tailset on OK but carried bit high. Lovely depth of body, well ribbed, nicely angulated front & back, well presented l/w coat, nice presentation. Best mover with nice stride & drive & sound;
2. Morgan’s Kennair Northern Star
smaller breed type, nicely coated b/w with nice feathering. Well shaped head, but a little strong for me & chiselled, good eye shape, nice expression, good neck, shoulder & backline, enough body with depth, enough bone on straight legs, lacked strength in movement as both front & rear were weak
3. Fitchett’s Neoinean Wizard

MD (1)
1. Fitchett’s Neoinean Wizard
a little fine in head but balanced, has some chiselling, nice earset & length with feathering. Good length of neck, carrying too much weight on his shoulders, topline OK, tail set on & used well. Lacking in angles, steep in upperarm & straight in stifle, good legs & feet, moved nicely not a stylish action

ND (4)
1. Cox’s Kingsheath Brodus Clay
looked nice on the stance & presented balance & was a nice breed type. Really liked his well balanced head, lovely shape, eyes & expression well chiselled, good neck & body with depth & well ribbed. Presented in lovely l/w coat with feathering. Nice legs & feet moved out soundly with throw & drive
2. Twilley’s Mompesson Royal Dreamer
3. Fitchett’s Neoinean Wizard
4. Charlton’s Petranella Jubilee Jester

GD (3)
1. Fitchett’s Neoninean Wizard
2. Speed’s Torbeck Perranwell Bay
well coated l/w/t with nice feathering, not well balanced but of a nice size. Well shaped head, nice eye expression & colour, neck looked stuffy & was very short going over, level backline & carried tail. Nice body with some depth, enough front & rear, good straight legs & neat feet, lacked any drive & action, was very loose when moving;
3. Charlton’s Petranella Jubilee Jester

PGD (5)
1. Whittock’s Merrywater Minstrel at Kingsheath
beautiful conditioned b/w coat with lovely gloss & feathering, looks good on the stance & presents a balanced outline. Super shape & development to his chiselled head, nice dark eyes with kindness, lovely earset & feathering. Good length of neck, well laid shoulder & level topline over a deep well ribbed body, super angles front & rear. Nice straight legs & tight feet, very sound driving movement. RBD & best b/w;
2. Savell, Bott & Allen’s Petranella Proper Gossip JW
I really liked this dog’s build & outline with lovely balance, I just found his head a little too strong for me, lovely eye shape, nice expression, well set ears. Good neck, topline & tailset. Well bodied with depth & with sprung ribs. Super flashy l/w coat, lovely in good condition with nice feathering. Good angles both ends nice legs & feet, very strong sound mover with good drive & forward reach
3. Wallis’ Torbeck Penrhyn Bay
4. Gates’ Gunring Ensueno
5. Fitchett’s Neoninean Wizard

LD (4, 1a)
1. Dunsdon & Woodbridge’s Seaspring Shipwrecked JW
lovely breed type with good balance. Masculine well worked head, good stop, chiselling, lovely eye shape & expression, well set ears. Good neck laid back shoulders & topline to nice tailset. Very dark l/w, well marked coat, well presented. Good body depth & well ribbed back. Nice boned legs & good feet, moved out well, nice stride & drive very sound;
2. Walker’s Trimere Trapper at Dexbenella
lovely outline this very well coated b/w, in super condition with nice feathering. Good head shape, well chiselled, nice eye, kind expression, well hung ears with feathering. Moderate neck, not the upper arm angulation of my winner. Deep & well bodied & with nice ribs, strong hindquarters, well boned legs & feet, disappointing to see him drag in his movement but he was sound both ends, moved with his tail down;
3. Lyndberry Lightning Star

OD (2)
1. Eyeington’s Meadowdale Cassapple Manhattan JW
very stylish 2 year old b/w/t, presented in beautiful flat coat in lovely condition. Nice size of good height & length, with good upper arm angulation, very firm level backline to strong hindquarters with well turned stifle. Impressive head, well constructed, dark eyes, well set ears, good neck & shoulders, deep well ribbed body. Nice boned legs & tight feet, moved close behind with good sound forward action
2. Sh Ch Jorobaden Alderniti of Emianna JW
nice type 5 year old dog of good balance, masculine well shaped head, nice chiselling, dark eye & well set ears. Nice front & rear angles, enough neck into a level topline, well bodied but today was carrying a bit too much weight which showed with a body roll, well presented dark l/w flat coat, nice straight well boned legs & tight feet. Moved well with drive a bit close behind.
VD (2, 1A)
1. Whitley’s Shipden Will Hay
I have judged this dog before & he has aged well, now 9 years old & still in super shape & condition & lovely to go over. Lovely masculine head, well shaped well chiselled, clean teeth, dark clear eyes, longish neck well muscled well laid shoulders firm backline docked tail well used. Good angles & depth of chest, lovely body depth, well sprung ribs, correct stifle with muscle tone. Well presented b/w coat in smashing condition. Great legs & feet, moved out well & soundly.

1. Warbrick’s Lyndberry Lightning Star
2. Morgan’s Kennair Northern Star
3. Fitchett’s Neoninean Wizard
4. Speed’s Torbeck Perranwell Bay

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