South Wales Championship Show Judge: Eirina Green

DCC & BOB Sh Ch Trimere Trading Places with Sheledams BCC Heulyn Giselle Best Puppy Splashpoint Deep Devocean RDCC Mompesson Pickpocket RBCC Mompesson Rich Pickings

MPD (2)
1 Chynoweth's Spaggas Nice Tri. Raw youngster with good outline, topline & turn of stifle, in good coat. Moved rather erratically so difficult to assess movement. Needs time to settle down & mature.
2 Rooke's Sarzeau Lord Prince Bishop. Just six months, shown in good coat & condition.

PD (2)
1 Gregory's Arcadia Atomic. Good head & compact body in good dark coat with good feet, legs & turn of stifle. Moved well.
2 Knowes' Rushm Cruz Control. Flashier dog with good head, body, legs & turn of stifle. Good outline & topline but not as settled on the move.

JD (6)
1 Jackson's Mompesson News Flash. Excellent head with dark eye & good well feathered ears. Good body, reach of neck & good legs & feet with lovely outline & topline Coat a little on the blow. Moved well.
2 Miller's Feoriig Natural Born Winner. Different type. Excellent head & outline. Good well balanced body & good turn of stifle. Shown in excellent coat & condition as with all exhibits from this kennel. Good mover.
3 Downwards Reubens Silent Reflection.

GD (3)
1 Palmer's Roandew Dez Diddit JW ShCM. L/W/T Excellent outline with good body & bend of stifle. Good reach of neck & good ears. Shown in gleaming coat & excellent condition.
2 Downward's Reubens Silent Reflection. Third in the last class. Flashy, with good head & compact body. Moved O.K.

PGD (6)
1 Taubman's Meonstoke Make Me Smile. Saddle marked liver with Sovely head, dark eye & kind expression. Good body, legs & turn of stifle. Moved well.
2 Read's Brailea Better Believe It. Bigger mould than first. Flashy dog, with good head & eye.
3 Reynolds' Clentonian Masterpiece.

LD (9)
1 Jackson's Mompesson Pickpocket. Beautiful outline & topline with well feathered saddle marked body in excellent coat & condition. Lovely head, ears, eye & expression. Excellent mover & pleased to award him the Reserve C.C.
2 Weyman's Cherirnore Royal Connection with Spuffing. Lovely type with good body & similarly marked but not as well feathered. Lovely head, ears, eye & expression. Moved well.
3 Bryant & Cayton's Feorllg Burning Bridges.

OD (6)
1 Hales' Sh Ch Trimere Trading Places with Sheledams. Dog & handler were new to me, & see that he was sired by "SH.CH. Mompesson Royal Destiny" - my C.C. winner at Bournemouth two years ago. He has inherited his sire's excellent attributes so it was not surprising that I liked him so much. He has a super outline & topline with a well ribbed strong body & good neck & shoulders with good legs, feet & well turned stifles. I loved his head, eye & kind expression. Shown in excellent, well feathered coat & condition & moved stylishly with drive around the ring. I had no hesitation in awarding him the C.C. Also was B.O.B.
2 Mitchell's Heuiyn Flambeau. Lovely head, with good body & topline. Teeming with feathering & moved well.
3 Bjorkman's Su Ch Wongan Kadenza.

MPB (5)
1 Gibson's Calvdale Come Catch Me. Sweet young puppy who was extremely well behaved considering her age. Lovely head with dark eye & kind expression. Good body shown in excellent coat & condition & moved really well.
2 Chynoweth's Spaggas Twice As Nice. Liver tri, sister to first in Puppy Dog class & both quite a handful & full of the joys of Spring. Smaller mould than one with flashy sparkling coat. Finally settled & moved O.K.
3 Topliss' Beresford Dress To Impress.

PB (5)
1 Allery's Splashpoint Deep Devocean. Good class of lovely bitches. Very attractive solid bitch, without being at all masculine, with good bone, length of body & excellent outline & topline. Good legs, feet &turn of stifle. Beautiful head with kind dark eye & lovely expression. Shown in beautiful coat & condition. Moved well, fore & aft. Best Puppy in Breed.
2 Tain's Taimere's The Nightingale. Little to separate the remainder in this class. Lovely outline, with good head, body & turn of stifle. Moved O.K.
3 Jackson's Mompesson Rich Chic.

JB (8)
1 Miller's Feorlig Naughty By Nature. Very promising young bitch. Scored in outline & topline with good bone, good legs & neat feet. Super head & expression. Beautifully presented with gleaming well feathered coat. Good mover.
2 Saveli's Petranella Tickled Purple. Another attractive liver tri. Very flashy bitch with good head & dark eye. Good bone, outline & body. Moved well.
3 Allery's Splashpoint Deep Devocean.

GB (4) 1
Shovel's Tiverstone Dreammaker. Only two in this class. One of the few Black/Whites here today. Lovely head, dark kind eye & lovely expression. Good body, legs & turn of stifle. Good neat feet.
2 Palmer's Roandew Daisy Dunnit JW. Taller on the leg than first with nice outline, with good body, legs & bend of stifle. Lovely eye & expression.

PGB (13)
1 Jackson's Mompesson Rich Pickings. Beautiful head, with kind dark eye & super expression like so many exhibits from this kennel. Good body, bone, legs & turn of stifle. Lovely outline & moved well. Reserve Bitch C.C,
2 Saveli's Petranella Tickle Me Fancy. Another good bitch with a sweet head with lovely eye & expression. Good outline & topline with good body & shown in sparkling coat & in excellent condition.
3 Walker's Dexbenella Silver Annie.

LB (10)
1 Mitchell's Heulyn Giselle. Loved this one. Beautifully balanced bitch with a super outline. She has an excellent head, with lovely ears, kind eye & sweet expression. She excels in reach of neck, with loveiy bone & good legs & feet with well turned stifles. Well feathered & shown immaculately in excellent coat & condition. Classy bitch who moved beautifully fore and aft & in profile. I was thrilled to award her the well deserved Bitch C.C.
2 Hales' Sheledams Brief Encounter. Another beautiful bitch with a lovely head, eye & expression. Good body, well boned legs & good feet with good turn of stifle. Beautifully presented in excellent coat & condition & moved well.
3 House's Gleadsbury Whatadestiny JW ShCM.

OB (6)
1 Jackson's Sh Ch Mompesson Secret Whispers. She has a head to die for! Lovely ears, eye & expression. Excellent reach of neck, & good well feathered body. Good bone, legs & feet.
2 Miller's Feorlig Chrystai Clear JW. Gleaming Black Tri. with extremely attractive tan markings. Lovely head & expression & kind dark eye. Good body & bone with well turned stifles, with good legs & lovely neat feet. Moved well.
3 Knowles' Ir Sh Ch Wenark Carousel at Rushmi.