Best Dog & Best in Show Merrywater Minstrel At Kingsheath ShCM

Reserve Best Dog Kingsheath William Regal ShCM

Best Bitch & Res. Best in Show Ir Sh Ch Woodspa Royal Ascot ShCM

Reserve Best Bitch Loxbourne Disc Diva At Kinsheath JW

Beat Puppy Dog & Best Puppy In Show Roqfolly Paninaro


Judge Kathy Taubman

I would very much like to thank the South Western English Springer Spaniel Club for the invitation to judge their Open Show, the hard working Committee who made the day run so smoothly and the exhibitors who travelled some distance for my opinion of their dogs. Also thank you to my able Stewards. I really enjoyed my day.
Although not a huge entry, there were some quality dogs for me to go over and some very promising youngsters too.
The show was original to be held on the 18th March but due to the impending snow, it was postponed till 14th April. You will see therefore some puppies are over a year old but still eligible for their Puppy classes.

1. 1st Lawler & Crabtree’s Roqfolly Paninaro
9 month old B/W boy with good head and correct fluting. I would prefer slightly squarer flews but he had a decent neck into good lay of shoulder. Elbows well set, straight front, tight feet and well bent stifles. He moved out well in front but just a little eratic behind on the day, maybe due to the flooring, although he moved better in the challenge. BPD and BPIS

PD 2(1)
1 Roqfolly Paninaro

GD 2
1. Tiverstone Stirling Castle At Stormerick B/W Male with lovely head, masculine and with a kind expression. Good neck free from throatiness and decent forechest. He had good layback of shoulder and elbows tucked in neatly to his body which was deep and well ribbed back. This boy impressed with his good reach and drive on the move. Good bone and plenty of coat completed a nice picture.
2. Kenair Dreaming On A Star 2 Year old L/W boy who I have judged before. Just preferred the head of my winner but that said this lad had a dark kind eye and developed foreface with the required fluting and chiselling. Straight front and standing on the best of feet. Good bend of stifle. Moved out well in front but just lacked a little drive behind.

PGD 4 (1)
1. Roqfolly Endevour For Artycreath 2 Year old L/W/T Developing nicely with dark eye and soft expression. He had well developed nostrils and square in flew to give that desired masculine appearance. Correct shoulder, good spring of rib, bend of stifle and tight feet. I was unsure about the slope of his top line when stacked but that was certainly not apparent on the move! In good coat and condition.
2. Guinness On Tap At Woodspa 2 ½ Year old upstanding male. He had the makings of a really nice head. I would perhaps like a little more work in it but this still may come. A well muscled lad with plenty of furnishings. Unfortunately he gave his owner a hard time today and I just preferred the movement of my winner.
3. Kennair Dreaming On A Star

LD 1
1. Merrywater Minstrel At Kingsheath ShCM 6 Year old B/W dog. Stood alone but my surprise of the day! I fell in love with this boy. My notes say “Most delightful head!” Dark alert eyes and tightest cat like feet. Body well ribbed back and full of substance. Many others could benefit from being in such fantastic tone and condition which was reflected in his movement. He moved out so well with precise footfall. An old fashioned type with elegance but without being feminine I couldn’t deny him BD and ultimately BIS!

OD 2 (1)
1. Kingsheath William Regal ShCM L/W/T beautifully marked tri dog. Handsome head with plenty of work in it and a kind alert expression. Good length of neck flowing into correct shoulder placement. Out of a slightly different mould to his kennel mate but with great substance and has come on in depth of body since I last saw him. Well muscled second thigh. He used himself really well on the move covering the ground with ease. RBD

S Beg D 1
1. Tiverstone Stirling Castle At Stormerick

PB 4
1. Clentonian Pandemonium 13 month old B/W bitch. Another of old fashioned type, racy in build and already showing refinement in her head. Straight front and neat feet. Body is coming but needing to mature in spring of ribs. This will come I’m sure. She kept her top line well and gave a polished performance on the move to win this class and BPB. In gleaming coat and condition. One to watch!
2. Daenerys Winds Of Winter taf L/W bitch. Another just over a year old. Lovely bitch of different type to my winner but full of quality. Pretty head, good lay back of shoulder, good bone and compact body with substance. Really well toned for one so young and she used herself well on the move. Another to watch for the future.
3. Clentonian Perfect Picture
4. Wenark Mayzin Grace naf taf araf

SYB 3 (2)
1. Artycreath Viva La Vida 21 month old L/W bitch. Another bitch of racy build. Lovely dark eye and good chiselling. For me I would prefer a little more width of muzzle. In body she was well constructed fore and aft enabling her to move effortlessly round the ring. Good muscle tone and her furnishings completed the picture.

GB 4(2)
1. Roqfolly Artycreath Devil Made’r Do It Upstanding L/W bitch. Head of good proportions leading into slightly arched neck. She was well ribbed and short coupled with good bend of stifle which showed off in her driving movement. Could perhaps have had a little more muscle tone to complete the picture.
2. Cobhay Dazzling Azalea I preferred the head on this bitch with her dark almond eye. She was a little finer in bone with nice tight feet. She had a good body, although a little longer cast, hard condition and best jacket. Just couldn’t quite match the movement of my winner.

1. Cobhay Dazzling Azalea

LB 7(2)
1. Loxbourne Disc Diva At Kinsheath JW Classic head on this young L/W bitch. Feminine with plenty of work in it and lovely dark eye. Correct conformation throughout and so stylish on the move. Her footfall was almost perfect. Immaculately presented RBB
2. Carlyquinn Mama Mia ShCM 4 year old L/W bitch with pretty head which was balanced and well defined. A little different in type to my winner but she had good bone, tight feet, ample spring of ribs and powerful quarters. Put down in good condition she moved well.
3. Bordacity Dark N Delicious
4. Cobhay Dahlia
5. Riselawroad Miss Brodie

OB 4 (1)
1. Ir SH Ch Woodspa Royal Ascot ShCM Beautiful 5 year old L/W bitch. Full of quality with gorgeous head and eye and soft expression. Good neck into deep body, full of substance, strong quarters, good bone and tight padded feet. Moved positively round the ring showing both reach and drive to win her this class, BB and ultimately RBIS.
2. Carlyquinn Candy Kisses taf Another pretty headed L/W bitch with soft expression. Good neck into well laid shoulders, well boned, decent spring of rib and strong quarters. Moved well keeping her top line. This girl was another carrying great condition and presented immaculately.
3. Cobhay Dahlia

Welfare Stakes 2
1. Cobhay Dazzling Azalea
2. Cobhay Dahlia Solidly marked L/W bitch with lovely dark eye to match. Deep body and in good condition. Just preferred the head of my winner.

Terry Holman Memorial Brace Stakes 3 (2)
1. Cobhay Dahlia

Chairman’s Members Stakes 2
1. Cobhay Dazzling Azalea
2. Cobhay Dahlia