BV SWESS oct 15

The South West English Springer Club held an open show. Many thanks to the club & its committee for a thoroughly enjoyable day.
BIS was Spuffing Rioja; RBIS, Merrywater Minstrel at Kingsheath; & BP, Spuffing Molly’s Secret

PD 2 (1)

1 Johns Peasblossom Pioneer
lovely head with low set ears to enhance his sweet expression, obviously a baby & still needing to mature into his handsome frame, good forechest with a good return & length of upper arm, well proportioned with a really strong topline, lots of promise, just needs to be a little less proud of his tail.

JD 1

1 Machray Survival Point
super character with a lot of promise, lovely head & expression, well made throughout with good width, well ribbed with quality bone & feet.

1 Taubmans' Meonstoke Hawthorne
nice type of male, still needing to firm up a little & mature on, attractive head & expression with a strong neck & solid topline, strong quarters giving correct drive;
2 Cummings Tiverstone Thomas River
attractive exhibit, well bodied, in very nice coat & condition, nice outline, well chiselled head. Just a little unsettled on the move today.


1 Whittocks Kingsheath William Regal
smart tri, presented in super coat & condition, a really sound dog with excellent side gait aided by a strong rear, well ribbed with good depth, maintained his outline in motion. RBD

LD 1

1 Cummings Carlyquinn Come on Over to Hollysend
nice head & expression, with a solid frame & strong topline, sound on the move

OD 2

1 Whittocks Merrywater Minstrel at Kingsheath
attractive b/w with a classic head & expression, presented in super coat & condition, well proportioned throughout, masculine but maintained a touch of refinement thought the neck & shoulder, displayed good reach & drive on the move. BD;
2 Shovels' Tiverstone Chorister Boy
a lovely quality boy who pleases when handled, handsome with a kind expression aided by a correct dark eye, good boning & ribbing with an attractive outline, nice tight well padded feet, moved soundly with style.


1 Weymans' Spuffing Molly's Secret
/w, really raw & still needing to improve her confidence but a really sweet head & expression on this feminine youngster, good length of leg, super great ribbing, well developed quarters used on the move to advantage.
2 Houses' Gleadsbury This and That
liver/w, looking so good standing & full of confidence, disappointing & a little unsettled on the move;
3 Falkenbriges' Dexbenella Secret Affair with Flynwell
4 Machrays' Avonbury The Only One

PB 1

1 Falkenbridges' Dexbenella Secret Affair with Flynwell
stood alone, nicely balanced, pleasing head & expression.

JB 3 (1)

1 Shovels' Gertrude Jerkyl at Tiverstone
pleasing youngster with nice overall balance
2 Young's Canouan Jolly Holiday at Shelcasrie
stronger bitch, slightly masculine, good length of leg & short coupled but a little straight in shoulder & not straight in topline.
YB 1

1 Hughes Celgarn Magdalena with Melkami
feminine with a nice head & expression, just a little unsettled on the move today

NB 1

1 Hughes Celgarn Magdalena with Melkami

GB 4

1 Taubman/West Meonstoke Cherry Blossom
feminine with a nice outline. Pleasing front assembly. Corresponding rear, sound on the move;
2 Machray Roqfolly Gift of the Gab
pleasing head & expression, solid with a good topline. Well presented, would prefer just a touch more leg to give ideal proportions
3 Williams/Toublic Cobhay Dahlia
4 Glass' Riselaroad Miss Brodie

PG 4

1 Hughes Celgarn Next Chapter with Melkami
striking outline with a really lovely head & expression, shoulders just a touch straighter than ideal but displays a good return of upper arm & forechest. Well ribbed with super quarters;
2 Taubmans Meonstoke Songbird
quite a nice quality feminine bitch, good ribs & a well developed rear;
3 Shovels' Tiverstone Bess Pool
4 Nicholsons' Gunring Dancer at Kingsheath

LB 3 (2)

1 Taubmans Peasblossom Geisha at Meonstoke
fully mature with a lovely head & expression, long neck. Would prefer a little more shoulder angulation, good ribs with good depth. Well boned with nice feet. Short coupled with good tailset.

OB 3 (1)

1 Weymans Spuffing Rioja
top quality liver with appealing head & expression, solidly made & yet clearly feminine. Her classic type & obvious quality standing & on the move gave her the edge for BIS;
2 Williams/Toublic Cobhay Dahlia
very feminine with a sweet head & expression, moderate rear angulation, well made in front, sound on the move.

VB 3

1 Youngs Shelcasrie Silver Rainbow
grand old girl of lovely type, so well made & solid with a classic outline & proportions, showed & moved well. BV & RBB;
2 Williams/Toublic Cobhay Precious Polyanthus
super character, would prefer a little more feminine


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