The Service Dog

It is a well-documented fact that the English Springer Spaniel has been used for many years by the armed forces, police, customs and excise and other services, as sniffer dogs.  These highly trained dogs perform a vital role in the crackdown on dugs and illegal substances, and also explosives, including guns and ammunition.  Recently, a Springer has been trained by Her Majesties Prison Service to sniff out mobile phones.  This is yet another side of our breed’s versatility.

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Customs & Excise first started to use dogs for the detection of drugs in 1978 and there are now around 65 dogs based at major ports and airports througthout the UK.


English springers are used in the main because of their intelligence, keen sense of smell, size and agility.


It takes about 9 - 12 weeks to train a dog to the required standard. They have NO physical contact with drugs and NEVER become addicted.  They search pruely for pleasure knowing that their reward will be a game with their handler and favourite toy.

The London Fire Brigade, use two dogs as part of their Arson Response Unit.  'Simba' an English Springer and 'Odin' a black labrador.  They have been trained to detect the presence of accelerants at the scene of a fire.