THREE COUNTIES Judge: Mrs Janet Richards

Best Dog, BOB & Gundog Group 1 Sh Ch Trimere Talking Point of Allenie RBD Alanea Smax Best Bitch Cobhay Bright Fuschia RBB & BP Carlyquinn Classic Line

Puppy Dog Entry 0 Abs 0

Junior Dog Entry 1 Abs 0

1st Cokell's Trimere Transition to Carlyquinn
Lovely head, ears of good length & width, would have liked a darker eye. Straight front with good bone & tight rounded feet, ribs well sprung strong quarters with moderate bend of stifle, moved well.

Post Graduate Dog Entry 1 Abs 0

1st Downwards' Alanea Smax
Head of good shape with a good nose, dark tight almond shaped eye, leathers of good length, neck flowed into a pleasing topline, tailset & quarters. RBD

Open Dog Entry 5 Abs 1

1st Allen & Bott';s Sh Ch Trimere Talking Point of Allenie JW
a super dog, it was a joy to see him take G1, everything flowed from the tip of his head to his tail, full of quality & when moving he just flowed round the ring, well handed BOB & G1
2nd Merrys' Annacapa Pipers Song for Tingvelle
pleasing outline, good bone & spring of rib. Would have liked a stronger back end.
3rd Williams & Toublics' Cobhay Sweet William
showing his age
4th Streeters' Sharoc Dark Jewel

Puppy Bitch Entry 2 Abs 0

1st Cokells' Carlyquinn Classic Line
sweet head of correct portions, ears set on line with eye & of good length, well placed shoulder, deep chest, good spring of rib, correct bone, tight compact feet, well rounded quarters, medium turn of stifle, moved & presented well. BP & RBB
2nd Youngs' Shelcasrie Dancing Queen
Still very immature, but good bone & feet, moved well.
Junior Bitch Entry 0 Abs 0

Post Graduate bitch Entry 0 Abs 0

Open Bitch Entry 1 Abs 0

1st William & Toublics' Cobhay Bright Fuchsia
has improved since I last judged her, very much a lady sweet expression, balanced head, straight front, good legs & feet, well placed shoulder, good ribs & depth of brisket, pleasing topline & tailset, strong quarters, moved well, covering plenty of ground BB