United Spaniel Open Show Judge: Ms. Teresa Dunsdon (Seaspring)

'Absentees were disappointingly high. The small ring hampered movement on some exhibits.'

BD, BOB & BP Wadeson New Tricks BB & RBOB Jaraina Just Bedazzled

Puppy Dog (6,2)
1st Woodwards' Wadeson New Tricks
L/w, at nine months is clearly not yet the finished article, but was impressed with his smart outline and balance, pleasing head, kind eye, good length of neck, well-angulated front and rear, outgoing and happy, moved steadily. BD, BOB & BP over another lovely puppy who just didn't want to play the game today.
2nd Jaggers' Jaraina Just Inspired
3rd Downwards' Reubens Silent Reflection

Junior Dog (5,3)
1st Pattendens' Ketsby Krusader at Berina
L/W, correct size, handsome young man, attractive head, gentle expression, good length of neck and deep chest, just needs to fill out in body which will improve his overall balance, well handled but not moving at his best here.
2nd Downwards' Reubens Silent Reflection

Post Graduate Dog (4,1)
1st Reads' Brailea Better Believe It
L/W, would not want him any bigger, has to be handled to appreciate his good points, masculine head, kind eye, tremendous bone, powerfully built body, tight feet, movement was okay but could not get going in the small ring.
2nd Youngs' Shelcasrie Flash
3rd Harris' Graftonbury Quantum Leap

Open Dog (5,4)
1st Grants' Canouan Viking Flagship
B/W, have often admired him from the ringside, attractive head with dark eye, deep chest, well-boned, compact shape, short-coupled, looked a little heavy in neck and shoulders today which spoiled his outline, moved with typical enthusiasm.

Puppy Bitch (7,5)
1st Jaggers' Jaraina Just Quizzical
L/W, what a sweetheart, correct size, pretty head, good length of neck, clean throat, beautifully constructed and balanced throughout, pleased to see she moved as well as she looked, her puppy enthusiasm unfortunately got the better of her in the bitch challenge.
2nd Harris' Shipden Xantia,

Junior Bitch (6,4)
1st Stowes' Stowequest Merry Berry
B/W, pretty head although would prefer more depth of flew, dark eye, nice neck and throat, straight front and strong rear, looked rather heavy in body but this did not detract from her balanced outline, her steady movement gave her the class over another pretty B/W.
2nd Grants' Canouan Howizthat

Post Graduate Bitch (5,2)
1st Jaggers' Jaraina Just Bedazzled
L/W, very smart lady, feminine head, dark eye, clean throat, good length of neck, very well angulated front and rear, moved with drive, would prefer a better topline but stood better in the challenge, where her steady movement won her BB over her younger kennel mate, BOS & RBOB.
2nd Youngs' Shipden Panama Hattie
3rd Reads' Cleavehill Bijou Noir