Puppy Dog (5,1a)

1st Glendinnings' Plaiglen Hustle
liked the style of this 7 months B/W, still pretty head with moderate stop which I prefer to much more masculine 2 at this stage, correct eye shape & lovely colour, without throatiness of other puppies in this class, good bone, neat feet, good depth of body, topline rising slightly over croup, excellent tailset & carriage. Moved steadily & happily with drive here and later in BIS ring, BP, BPIS
2nd Morgans' Plaiglen Dream Dancer
3rd Callaghans' Alanea Shogun at Laoirebay
4th Furness' Shelcasrie Flint

Junior Dog (No entries)

Post Graduate Dog (4)

1st Happs' Jorobaden Alderniti of Emianna JW
have judged as puppy & still love his overall shape, nothing overdone here. Attractive, typical head with nice mouldings, correct eye shape but eyes still need to darken, good muzzle width & depth, decent reach of neck into great forechest, deep chest, round, tight feet on well boned legs, excellent muscle tone & well angled quarters used nicely on the move. Feel his handler could get more from this boy both stacked & moving. Lovely height to length proportions made others in this class look very large, BOB
2nd Thornhills' Chelmeress Peter Pan at Inthor
3rd Addisons' Peasblossom Eclipse
4th Joyces' Shelcasrie Head Over Heels

Open Dog (4)

1st Eastwoods' Plaiglen Memories at Eastfalla
liked this lad’s overall shape & balance, won over soundest of B/W in 2 for his quality head without heavy backskull , lovely eye & expression, good length & depth of muzzle, reachy neck, nice forechest, good feet, excellent bone . Beautifully presented. More than moderate angulation appeared to weaken rear movement on this unyielding surface & lost him the challenge for RBOB
2nd Whitley's Shipden Will Hay
3rd Reynolds Clentonian Masterpiece
4th Happs' Beresford Beat The Clock with Emianna

Puppy Bitch (2)

1st Eastwoods' Eastfalla Bright Smile
difficult decision here as both puppies had differing qualities & this 6 mths baby needs feeding up! Won on overall shape & style. Very pretty feminine head, good eye shape & colour, length & strength of muzzle, very reachy neck, good forechest, decent bone & feet, no depth or spring of rib at present which 2 had in abundance
2nd Youngs' Shelcasrie Carnelian

Junior Bitch (3, 2a)

1st Glendinnings' Plaiglen Pandora
thought would be my BB when entering the ring as best mover of the day but could not repeat in the challenge. Lovely head, quality eye shape but colour could still darken, more throaty than I need to have seen, excellent angulation, bone & feet, deep chest, broad thighs. In sparkling coat & condition – could smell the fish oil!

Post Graduate Bitch (3, 2a)

1st Joyces' Shelcasrie Lovers Leap
kind-headed bitch with soft, trusting expression, would have preferred a slightly more almond shape to eye, good neck & shoulder into strongly made body, excellent topline, would like to have seen more length of stifle but sound as a pound on the move -. a very honest girl who could do a day’s work & not tire. In good condition but would also like to see a little more rear furnishings. BB, BOS, RBOB.

Open Bitch (2,1a)

1st Youngs' Shelcasrie Silver Rainbow
similar remarks re head apply to previous winner as turned out to be litter sisters. Another pretty headed bitch with gentle expression still returning to full fitness after a litter & which showed in topline & girth. Slightly less front angulation than her sister who also had better feet. Moved out strongly but without enthusiasm.