United Spaniel line up 2014

Puppy Dog (No entries)

Post Graduate Dog 4 (1)

1st Ainsleys' Ziphill Thunderflash
2 year old LWT dog, there is no mistaking this dogs gender, all male but without being coarse. Loved the head on this dog, has a well-shaped dark eye giving him a pleasing expression. He has good length of neck into well set shoulders, plenty of forechest and well sprung rib giving plenty of heart and lung room, he is short in loin and well coupled. He has good rear angulation and not overdone, standing on good legs and feet, he was in good coat today and looked a picture; however I do think he needs to lay off the roast dinners as he was carrying excess weight. He moved well round a very small and slippery ring. Pleased to award him BOB
2nd Wallis' Torbeck Penrhyn Bay
3rd Booles' Arramow Adventurer

Open Dog 3 (1)

1st Wildsmiths' Trimere Time Trial With Sandiebeck
A LW and although not a big dog was put together nicely. He had a nice dark well set eye which gave him a pleasing expression. Ears set nicely in line with the eye. Good length of neck into well laid shoulders. Nicely developed chest and good spring of rib. Bend of stifle ok. In nice coat and condition. Moved steadily round a very small ring. RBOB
2nd De Carterets' Lyntonridge Loyalty Card At Derrindee
3rd Fosters Petranella Bombay Bad Boy for Shanoah

Puppy Bitch (1)

1st Booles' Arramow Aphrodite Taf
7month old very raw baby. Eyes starting to darken. She had a good neck going into well placed shoulders. She was nicely ribbed for a baby and stood on good legs and feet. She moved well when settled but had a tendency to fly her tail, but the more she settled the more it dropped. BPIB

Junior Bitch (1)

1st McCourts' Woodspa Royal Ascot
Only a youngster and I feel she has plenty more to come. This bitch had a lovely dark eye giving her a lovely expression. Lovely head and everything in the right place. At first glance because of her dark marking she looks short in neck but when gone over she clearly isn’t. Has lovely lay back of shoulder and well ribbed up giving her enough heart and lung room. Short in loin and had good rear angulation. She was in good coat and condition. The flooring did this girl no favours at all, finding it difficult to move in such a small space and slippery floor. Am sure in a different area this would be greatly improved. BOS

Post Graduate Bitch 1 (1a)

Open Bitch ( (1a)