English Springer Spaniel Welfare

The English Springer Spaniel Welfare was formed in 1990, and is run by volunteers throughout the country.  It is recognised by The Kennel Club, and is a registered charity.


The primary aim of English Springer Spaniel Welfare is the welfare of ALL English Springers.  Our main activity is the rehoming of English Springers to loving, adopted new homes, but we are also involved in giving help and advice where there is a problem, to enable members of the general puplic to keep their family pets.


Any gundog can be boisterous, and needs a lot of exercise, but above all it needs a firm hand and to be trained in basic obedience.


Clearly, costs for this service are very high, and funds are raised by donations, and membership fees.


If you would like to support English Springer Spaniel Welfare, your membership would be appreciated.


Membership is £10.00 per year, which includes two newsletters.  



All contact details and applications forms are available on the ESSW website, the address of which is at the top of the page.


Donations are always welcome, and these too, can be made on the ESSW website.


Support is always required and if you feel that you could help in any way such as temporary accommodation, foster care, rehome checking, fund raising or help at dog show stands then please make contact.


Registered Charity No. 1154632



Photo by David Tomlinson

Just Springers Rescue

Registered Charity No. 1135424



Just Springers Rescue was started in January 2008 and became a charity in 2010, with the aim of helping and assisting in rehoming Springer Spaniels to good approved homes.


They give advice to owners having problems with their Springer Spaniels and help them to keep their dog wherever possible or rehome it where appropriate.  All dogs are assessed as to their suitability to be rehomed and they advise the owners accordingly.


Their Patrons include Phil Spencer (From TV's 'Location Location') & Jan Fennell (Author and Dog Trainer).  All dogs are Vet Checked, neutered, micro chipped, vaccinated, wormed and flea treated before going to their new homes.

Just Springers Rescue are able to rehome English Springer Spaniels in Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire and Kent areas.