Thank you to the Committee for inviting me to judge at this prestigious Venue, the hospitality and memories that will last for ever, also for the amazing entry. To my two fabulous stewards who helped keep me on track and to the Exhibitors for providing a fabulous entry and excepting my decisions gracefully, also for being patient as we were third in the ring. It made for a long day for the dogs.

Class 362 VD/B (7 Entries) Abs: 2
What a class to start with, two dogs which I have admired for a long time,
1st: 1510 WALKER Mr S P & Mrs W M Sh Ch Dexbenella It's About Time JW Sh.CM
7yr Dog LWT, Stunning all male from the tip of his nose to the end of his tail, Striking head with correct fluting, his eye is the darkest in colour and of correct almond shape giving that honest ready to please expression that just melts you, strong neck leading to well placed shoulders, good width of chest, lots of heart room, well boned limbs leading to tight feet that were well padded, elbows tight, ample depth to body, thighs broad and well muscled, he moved out with reach and drive covering the ground effortlessly while holding his topline, shown in excellent hard condition and presented to perfection. BD, BOS, BVIB and later Veteran G2.
2nd: 1519 WILDSMITH Mrs M & Mrs Trimere Time Trail With Sandiebeck
. 8yr Dog LW, Slightly different type to class winner, Masculine head although slightly finer than 1, correct fluting, dark almond eyes, strong neck of good length, shoulders good leading to straight nicely boned fore limbs, another standing on well padded tight feet. Great depth to body and spring of rib, level topline, hindquarters well toned and broad. Another well muscled Veteran shown in pristine condition, just preferred the back movement of one on the day.
3rd: 1488 HIPGRAVE Mrs L Ir Ch Ternspringer Melody
Res: 1481 DUNSDON Ms T M Seaspring Spring Tide
VHC: 1480 DUNSDON Ms T M Seaspring All At Sea


Class 364 JD (2 Entries) Abs: 0
Two smashing youngsters who could easily change places and probably will,
1st: 1524 WOODBRIDGE Mrs C M Crackerjanne Court Jester
15mths Lovely well chiselled head, eyes of good colour for age, but I am sure will darken, ample neck length, well placed shoulders, strong straight front limbs, tight feet, broad chest, good spring of rib allowing for plenty of heart room, strong hindquarters, good width of thigh which was well toned, moved with drive covering the ground easily. Presented beautifully.
2nd: 1498 SAVELL, Ms C & ALLEN Mr A Plaiglen All That Jazz With Allenie
14mths, love this young man and preferred his eye shape, colour and length of neck, today he was just a tad finer all through. He has a lovely melting expression that you can’t ignore, he has ample chest room and a good spring of rib, good solid top line which he held on the move and stacked, broad well toned thighs who also used them to his advantage on the move, today he seemed a little distracted and gave his handler a good run for his money, another that was presented to perfection.

Class 365 PGD (6 Entries) Abs: 1
An interesting class that gave me some thinking to do, thank you.
1st: 1507 TWILLEY Mrs R & Mr M Mompesson Royal Dreamer
4yrs I’ve always liked this young man, he is handsome and all male, he has a stunning traditional head with that eager to please expression, correct dark eye colour of good shape, good strong slightly arched neck that was well muscled, good shoulder placement, enough bone straight front limbs, well padded tight feet, he dispayed well sprung ribs and good depth to body, he moved out well, nothing exaggerated but with good reach, he was presented to perfection.
2nd: 1504 TOPLISS Mrs T E Lordsett Unforgiven At Beresford (Imp)
2yrs, another I have watched with interest from the ringside, a different type to 1, he is well made all through, I preferred the head of 1 on the day, he has a good dark eye and shape, correct fluting, his shoulder placement is ok, he is well of for bone, great depth to body, slightly longer in body to one, once settle he covered the ground with plenty of reach and drive.
3rd: 1498 SAVELL, Ms C & ALLEN Mr A Plaiglen All That Jazz With Allenie
Res: 1493 MCCOURT Mr K & Mrs L Guinness On Tap At Woodspa
VHC: 1496 PITTINGALE Mr B & Mrs D Beresford Cut To The Knight

Class 366 LD (8 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 1473 BOTT, Mr R P & SAVELL Mrs C Art-wave's Standing Ovation For Allenie (Swed Imp)
), 2yrs, My surprise of the day, he is compact in shape, well muscled, all male and so well proportioned all through, A masculine head with good fluting greets you, his eyes are dark and almond shaped, his expression melting, his neck is of good length, well toned and slightly arched, shoulders good, he stands on strong well boned straight limbs, ample chest width, enough depth to body, level top line, strong muscled thighs which this young man used to his advantage so well on the move covering the ground effortlessly, as always this young man was presented to perfection . RBD
2nd: 1516 WHITTOCK Mrs K W Kingsheath William Regal Sh.CM
4yrs, well presented, he has a stronger head piece than 1, fluting is present, his eyes are dark and correct in shape, he has a strong well muscled neck of good length, he is so well boned throughout, his body is strong and good in depth, he has ample spring of rib providing plenty of heart room, broad strong thighs, shown in hard condition, today I think his mind was elsewhere as he didn’t show his usual strong purposeful stride.
3rd: 1497 ROWLINSON Mrs E Cassapple Kentucky Dream At Meltarose Sh.CM
Res: 1474 BULLOCK Mr J E Trixhund Talking Obsession JW Sh.CM
VHC: 1518 WHITWORTH Mrs Freworth Polar Express

Class 367 OD (3 Entries) Abs: 0
Three very different type’s, that gave me plenty to think about, thank you.
1st: 1471 AKERBOOM - VAN DER SCHAAF Messrs J & K NL Ch Trimere Total Mahem
, 3yrs, you need to handle this dog to appreciate his qualities, the first thing you notice about this dog is his head, stunning, he has lovely dark correct shaped eyes, that just draw you in, his neck is of good length, strong well toned and slightly arched, he has ample depth to his body, ribs are well sprung, he is broad in thigh, and so well muscled throughout, which enabled him to move in true springer style with drive and vigour, shown in glorious condition.
2nd: 1475 CASEY, Mr E & CAVALLO Mr C Aust Supreme Ch Sh Ch Sandicam The Look Of Love (I
5yrs a different type to 1, there is no denying he is all male, I preferred the head of 1, his eyes are a dark colour but I would prefer a better eye shape, he has a strong neck, and stands on strong well boned straight front limbs leading to tight well padded feet, his body is compact, and has a level top line which he holds both stacked and on the move, he is in hard condition throughout, today I thought he moved a tad fast, which affected his movement and ability to cover the ground with reach, he was presented to perfection as always.
3rd: 1486 GATES Ms D C Gunring Ensueno Sh.CM

Class 368 GCDorB (3 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 1490 HUGHES, Mr & Mrs J & M & HUGHES Misses A & K Celgarn Next Chapter With Melkami
6yrs (B), feminine head, with a lovely melting expression, good eye shape and colour, neck of ample length, level top line, good width of thigh, today for me she was carrying a little too much weight, well presented.

Class 369 PB (3 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 1500 SHOVEL Mr M J & Mrs J V Tiverstone Honeycrunch
10mths, what a little cracker she is, she has an Ultra feminine head, lovely dark eyes for one so young, correct shape, good fluting, compact neck, shoulders well placed, she is compact throughout, well made limbs, tight well shaped padded feet, ample width to chest, and spring of rib, level top line, good broad thighs, she moved out so well, will watch her progress with much interest, well presented. BPIB.
2nd: 1508 TWILLEY Mrs R & Mr M Kingsheath Asuka
10ths, different type to 1, slightly larger throughout, preferred the head if 1 at this stage, although saying that she does have a nice head piece, eyes need to darken but this will come, she has good depth to body, level top line, today I think she was just a little overwrought, but I’m sure time will help her.

Class 370 JB (1 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 1512 WEST Mrs D Grosbreuil Abricot Regal
16mths, lovely feminine head with enough fluting and dark eyes to give that true springer expression, neck of good length, if I’m honest I would like a little more width to chest, but saying that she has good depth and spring of rib, she moved true coming towards and moving away once settled, well presented.

Class 371 PGB (17 Entries) Abs: 1
Wow what a fabulous class, which gave me a lot to consider and many went without a placing,
1st: 1478 CORBETT Miss S J Trimere Ticket Maid
17mths One I have admired from the ringside and was honoured to be able to go over her, I wasn’t disappointed, she is Ultra feminine throughout, with the most exquisite head, showing correct fluting, she looks at you through the most darkest of eyes that are almond in shape, she just melts your heart, her neck is of ample length and slightly arched, it is well toned, this leads onto correct shoulder placement. She stands on strong limbs and tight feet, great depth of body giving ample spring of rib, level top line, strong hindquarters, which she used so well to display that true springer movement covering the ground so well. Presented to perfection. RBB
2nd: 1511 WALKER Mr S P & Mrs W M Dexbenella Serendipity
2yrs, Another young lady I have admired from the ringside, if honest I preferred the head and expression of 1 today, although her head is of good equal proportions, neck is strong, she has enough bone to compliment her build, she has plenty of heart room, and holds a level top line both stacked and on the move, she has strong broad hind quarters that enabled her to move with drive, another presented to perfection.
3rd: 1509 TWILLEY Mrs R & Mr M Mompesson Gypsy Queen
Res: 1514 WEYMAN Mrs J Spuffing Molly's Secret
VHC: 1505 TOPLISS Mrs T E Lordsett Uptown Girl At Beresford (Imp)

Class 372 LB (6 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 1479 HILL Mrs A Trimere Ta Dah
3yrs, Another surprise for me, this young lady needs to be handled to appreciate all her qualities, her feminine head meets you with dark eyes giving that eager to please expression, her neck is slightly arched and of sufficient length, shoulders are correct, leading to straight limbs with enough bone, if I am being honest for me I would like a little more width throughout, but saying this she has a good spring of rib, level top line, she is shown in hard condition which is shown in her movement , which is strong with plenty of reach enabling her to move effortlessly, well presented as always.
2nd: 1482 DUNSDON Ms T M Seaspring Becalmed
B/W 3yrs, no denying this young lady, she is so feminine from head to tail, dark eyes of correct shape, good fluting and chiselling, strong neck, shoulders good, strong well toned compact body, level top line, broad thighs, good tailset, moved well going away and coming towards me, just preferred the strong drive of 1.
3rd: 1515 WEYMAN Mrs J Spuffing Rioja
Res: 1523 WILSON Miss Z Peasblossom Luna At Zawspring
VHC: 1490 HUGHES, Mr & Mrs J & M & HUGHES Misses A & K Celgarn Next Chapter With Melkami

Class 373 OB (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 1506 TOPLISS Mrs T E Sh Ch Calvdale Duty Calls
B|W 4yrs, Wow, this young lady has to be my favourite bitch in the ring at the moment, she is an Ultra feminine, honest classical springer, her head holds correct equal proportions, she looks at you from the most amazing dark almond shape eyes, that draw you to her, you cannot ignore her expression which just oozes honesty. Her neck is strong and arched, shoulders correct, limbs well boned standing on tight well padded feet, she has width to her chest and depth to her body and super spring of rib, her top line is strong and level both stacked and on the move, broad thighs enable her to move with purpose, drive and determination, she is so well muscled throughout, if I was being picky I would like a little more tail action when on the move. Shown in tip top condition. BB & BOB
2nd: 1494 MCCOURT Mr K & Mrs L Ir Sh Ch Woodspa Royal Ascot Sh.CM
4yrs, another one I have watched with interest, and needs to be handle to appreciate her qualities, she has a slightly stronger head than 1, but no denying her femininity, lovely dark eyes, giving that lovely eager to please springer expression, good fluting and chiselling, strong neck, preferred the shoulders of 1, she is strong in body, well toned with depth, she holds a level top line, strong broad thighs, today I thought she lacked her usual sparkle on the move, shown as always in pristine condition.