'I would like to thank the committee of the WKC for the invitation, my very well-organised stewards and the exhibitors for making the long, winding trip to Builth Wells for my opinion of their dogs. It is nearly four years since my last appointment and I wrote then how disappointed I was with the movement and unfortunately, it hasn’t improved. I saw every imaginable fault – cow hocks, close rear movement, pinning in both front and rear, no reach or drive, ‘pitter pattering’ is a more apt description of much of the movement on the day. Heads were another disappointment. We seem to be losing the desirable soft, gentle expression and there were an awful lot of light eyes even in the older dogs. Skull shape varied from really broad, almost Labrador-like to narrow, domed and cockerish. There were several suspect bites. On a more positive note, size, temperament and presentation was good. My hands stayed clean throughout the day – a great compliment. It was also interesting to see that tail carriage in the youngsters was generally excellent.'

Class 1813 MPD (1 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 8159 CORBETT Mrs A E Trimere Thriller
Very appealing puppy of good size and overall shape. Most beautiful head with correct eye shape of good colour. Lovely through neck and shoulders, well-ribbed and plenty of depth in body already. Lovely bone and feet. Gleaming dark liver coat. Moved like the typical seven-month old roly poly pup that he is but extremely promising and has everything going for him at this stage. A exciting prospect for the future. Best Puppy Dog.

Class 1814 PD (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 8173 GREEN Mr & Mrs K T Kennair Owotanight
Ten month old liver and white boy of nice make and shape. Another with deep chest and good angulation. Head a little broad in skull for me and his eyes are still to darken. Very well off for bone, feet could be a bit tighter. A tad erractic on the move.
2nd: 8194 McLEAN Mrs M Carnmarth Carbon Copy
Rangier, liver,white and tan puppy of ten months. Not as mature as 1 and a little lacking in bone and substance at this stage. Would prefer more strength in muzzle and for his eyes to darken a little. Moved freely and well. Nicely presented, dark liver coat.

Class 1815 JD (5 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 8187 LAWLER, Mrs D & LAWLER Mrs C Roqfolly Ballroom Blitz
Heading a quality class, this handsome youngster reminded me very much of his paternal grandsire. Head appealed greatly with plenty of work, nice fluting, correct stop and a well shaped, dark eye. Well made throughout. Good forehand construction, short-coupled, topline held on the move, needs to fill in a little behind the ribs and through his loin. Excellent bone and feet. In super well-conditioned and presented coat. Made a really nice picture stacked and moved strongly with drive. Nice one.
2nd: 8219 TOPLISS Mrs T E Riancas In the Black at Beresford
Striking black and white boy, not as ‘typical’ as 1, presenting a more stylised and racy outline. Lovely dark eye as you would expect, but found his head a little plain and not as well chiselled as it could be. Super neck and shoulders, excellent length and return of upper arm and equally good rear angulation. Plenty of bone, feet could be tighter. In good coat and well feathered. Moved soundly and true.
3rd: 8166 EYEINGTON Mr & Mrs S Trinitas Newky Brown Of Meadowdale
Res: 8227 WARRENER Mr P D & Mrs V L Cepen Changing Places With Waterswarren
VHC: 8204 PIDCOCK Mrs A & Mr P Eastriding Armani Attitude At Ketsby

Class 1816 ND (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 8219 TOPLISS Mrs T E Riancas In the Black at Beresford
2nd: 8166 EYEINGTON Mr & Mrs S Trinitas Newky Brown Of Meadowdale
Striking young dog just out of puppy. Presents a good outline when stacked although longer cast than the winner of this class and without the angles front and rear. Pleasant and refined in head, but would prefer more strength in muzzle. Lovely bone and excellent feet. Sound mover, good topline and super tail carriage. Superbly condioned coat.
3rd: 8204 PIDCOCK Mrs A & Mr P Eastriding Armani Attitude At Ketsby

Class 1817 PGD (7 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: 8156 BASHFORTH Mrs L Alanea Warrior Of Jorobaden
Smart liver tri boy. Very short coupled with plenty of depth and good bone. Pleasant male head but eye could be darker. Reasonable neck and shoulders, would prefer more rear angulation. Good and sound on the move with a very well presented coat.
2nd: 8216 THOMAS Miss D Roqfolly Wardance
Black and white male of beautiful type. Lovely and clean in outline. The most gorgeous head with wonderful melting expression. Correct in eye shape and colour. Strong neck, fabulous angulation front and rear and plenty of bone. Thought this was the easy winner of this class on initial inspection but lost out badly to 1 on rear movement. Couldn’t overlook it, such a shame – love his type.
3rd: 8183 KIRK Mr P, Mrs S M & Miss C A Laceby Devil's Advocate
Res: 8221 TRACZ Miss J J Meadowdale Basil
VHC: 8228 WHITLEY Mr & Mrs D J Shipden Will Hay

Class 1818 LD (12 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 8154 ALLEN, Mr A C & BOTT Mr R P Trimere Talking Point Of Allenie JW
Immaculately-presented liver and white dog of correct size and excellent make and shape. Not a favourite of mine as a puppy but now he has matured into a stunner. Beautiful neck and shoulders, excellent forechest, strong, short-coupled body, well angulated rear, great bone and feet. To be critical, would prefer slightly less width in skull, but pleasant enough in head with correctly shaped eye. Super young dog, pressed hard for top honours.
2nd: 8176 JACKSON Mr & Mrs Mompesson News Flash
Another good one, correct size, lovely bone, well angulated throughout. Super eye shape and colour in a very well chiselled head. Slightly sloping topline on the stack and would prefer a little more strength in loin. Really excellent moving dog, displaying great forward reach and plenty of drive from the rear. Lovely to see a happy and animated mover.
3rd: 8206 ROSE Mrs E Rosannoch Eihwaz JW
Res: 8163 DOWNWARD Mrs M. C. Reubens Silent Reflection J.w.
VHC: 8181 JAGGERS Mr R & Mrs J Jaraina Just Inspired

Class 1819 OD (5 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 8202 PALMER Mr J C Sh Ch Roandew Dez Diddit JW Sh.CM
Fabulous liver tri dog, full of quality and totally balanced throughout. Correct size. Loved his refined, male head with such a soft and appealing expression. Strong, neck with slight arch. Lovely deep body of good length, and correct spring of rib. Moderately angled, with super bone and tight feet. Excellent presentation as always, perhaps a little out of coat at present but easy to forgive this. Really comes alive on the move, with superb front extension and drive from the rear. He is very much the ‘total package’ – everything fits together harmoniously, nothing is overdone. I loved him. DCC.
2nd: 8177 JACKSON Mr & Mrs Sh Ch Mompesson Royal Destiny
Beautiful dog of lovely size, with compact body and beautifully angled front and rear. Perhaps doesn’t appeal quite so much in head, but it is well chiselled with correct eye shape. Lovely length of neck and excellent shoulder placement. Beautifully presented and conditioned coat. Now eight years old and beginning to show the signs a little bit but still a super moving dog, so sound and strong with great drive. Carrying more weight than I have seen before which was the deciding factor today. Great ambassador for the breed, super showman, outstanding sire. RCC
3rd: 8211 SMITH Mr R J Melverly First Gold
Res: 8208 SAVELL Ms C Petranella Perfick JW Sh.CM
VHC: 8188 LILLIE Mr & Mrs J M Freeway Stormy Waters